OK, so I have decided to try out henna hair coloring. I just feel that I must give it a try. Even if the hair color I use now is one of the better I feel it still has a lot of crap ingredients. I just ordered from Lush because I felt that it was the safest way to start and they have it mixed with cocoa butter witch I think must be a good thing.
I want black hair still so I got noir. I read that it may get you a blue tone too, this is a plus in my opinion. I feel quite nervous and hope it will work well on my thick hair! I also got myself the H´Suan Wen Hua hair treatment which I know is awesome.
Have anyone of you any experiences with henna coloring?
By the way!, I have removed the thing where I have to inspect all the comments before I publish them. I thought it might be a solution to the problems we have had here with comments not showing up. Now you can see for your self straight away that your comments is published...I hope! And I haven`t had any troubles so far with rude and nasty comments so far so lets hope it will stay this way.

New year resolutions

 I usually don`t make new years resolutions, but I have things in mind I want to do so here we go!

  •  I would love to start running. I have this picture in my head that this will be the greatest thing ever for me. Last time I gave it a go I really hurt my knees and had months with pain. This time around I will invest in shoes fit for my feet and study running techniques to avoid the same result... if that don`t work I don`t know what will.
  • I want to get my creativity going again. I used to be super productive. I will do my best and prioritize this again. I really feel like sowing again!
  • Spend more quality time at the computer. I usually get stuck in some random sufing around and waste so much time doing nothing.
  • read more books!!!
  • Listen to more metal!!! lately I have been only listening to soft easy going stuff, I want to get back to my roots and love for metal.
  • Lose some weight, a classic new year resolution, but I need to fit in my  fucking wardrobe again, no kidding. My love for chocolate, being lazy and having a hard time limiting myself is no good combination.
  • Save some money. Seriously, I think I have enough eyeshadow for the next 10-20 years now.
  • I want to watch American Horror Story. Chris has a thing against TV series so I will have to watch it alone. I have seen the first episode and I was so scared!!! Ugh! I will have to watch it in daylight and Chris will have to be home. It may take me some time to get through all seasons.
  • Buy a new home, preferably a house. I desperately want to move on from our tiny apartment and get started on my dark garden dreams.
  • Get a new job. I`m feeling it`s time to move on from my apparently dead end job. I want to get a more steady pay cheque and have more fun.

Do you have any new years resolutions?
Tonight I think I will try this this project that seems super easy! I have lots of t-shirts I don`t use and I really need something something else than plastic grocery bags carrying my lunch in when walking to work.



Hi everybody. I have a little question for you. It was put to my attention that some of you can`t comment on my blog. I had a lovely lady on Instagram informing me of this and I would like to know whom else this has happened to. I would appreciate you letting me know on my Instagram. You will find me by searching for miss666anthropia.
Maybe I could get a better understanding of why it`s happening, if it`s a problem in certain country's or depending on something completely else. Hopefully knowing what the problem is I can go ahead and fix it.

For new beginnings

I hope you all have had a cozy Christmas and a really fun new years celebration. I like the feeling of a new fresh year. Like blank pages in a book ready to be filled with new adventures. 2014 was better than 12 & 13 so if 15 can be even better I think I`m am on a steady course to how I want my life to be lived.

I really didn`t post anything in December and I have had several rounds with myself to weather I want`t to keep the blog or not. In many ways I really like having it and use it as a kind of diary to look through from time to time but sometimes I just think it`s a shame one doesn`t even get one single comment on most posts. I guess that`s why my posting have slowed down and almost stopped. To much work for no response at all. It`s so much more fun to post a pic on Instagram and get tons of likes and a fun comment or two. I wonder if blogging and reading them is about to die out.  Or is my lack of readers depending on something completely different? Is it that I don`t comment enough to others blogs. (I hate commenting just for the sake of showing on blogs that don`t appeal to me!) or don`t I write about interesting enough things, am I to private, don`t I post enough selfies and Ootd???
I would love for you beloved readers that still are peeking in here to speak your mind about why you like to come here. What do you think is fun reading, is there something you would like to see more of? Is there posts that are completely uninteresting? Do you miss something?
I don`t have any pictures to go with this post but thought I´d post some random pics from the passed year that didn`t make it to the blog!
I tested black lipstick and realized I could pull it off on crappy/blurry selfies but never ever use it in public. Sadly.
Visited an American diner nearby and had super yummy milkshake
I grew beautiful Black Dalihas on the balcony
I attended the most beautiful Halloween wedding♥
I applyed for a new job and didn`t get it. Maybe it was my unproffessional picture that made them not want me! :P
Went on an amazing and very needed vacation.
We tried to buy a house but lost it to someone else. Still stuck in the tiny apartment trying to make the best of it.
Still crazy in love and happy with my Chris. We always look so good ;)


I really love this time of year. Tons of cozy lights everywhere, cold and crisp air outside, saffron buns and mulled wine, dark dark days and nights. Even the shops are filling up with my kind of clothes in dark colors and fabrics like lace and velvet with a luxurious feeling. Now I am only awaiting the perfect amount of white snow to fall.
On the other hand I am soon off to something completely different but just as lovely. I only have two more work days before I am going on a little vacation and flying to a hopefully sunny and warm Furteventura. It has been planned for so long I almost didn`t think it ever was going to happen! It feels a bit weird to dig out the bikini and sunscreen again. But oh how lovely it wil be with some sand between my toes and sun on my nose. I haven`t been on a "sun vacation" since I was eighteen so I will enjoy this a LOT!

Opals and age

Happy birthday to me! I have always felt a bit old and now I feel i`m finally catching up. In high school my teacher was a bit wondering to what my age really was. She thought I had such wise thing to say and that I acted much "better" than my much older classmates. It haven`t always been the case though but I have always felt I have a old soul. Today I turned 32 winters, hopefully I still have many more to come!
My day didn`t turn out anything like I expected but that just shows me that you never now whats around the next corner. It still was good and I have gotten such amazing presents I can`t believe it!
With my parents I am going to get a combined birthday and Christmas present. It`s a winter coat sewn after my measurements in cashmere, lined with silk! Can you imagine. I have never ever owned such a luxury item. I will treasure it and hopefully you will see it when I get it this Christmas.
With my parents in law I got money so I could order the Illamasqua Freak Scarab perfume I have been drooling over for so long.
With my beautiful friend Ninni I got a day at the SPA. And with my love Chris I got a vintage 8-bit NES console with games! I feel spoilt rotten and are not really sure that I have earned it.

Just a couple of days before my birthday I decided to treat myself to something too. I went online on Etsy to find a antique ring. And ended up with something else! I fell in love with a opal ring in an amazing sterling silver setting that turned out to have a special story behind it.
From the page:
After World War 2, Guy James opened a jewelry store in East Tennessee. It was in a small town with mostly farmers and some factory workers. He was unable to sell much gold jewelry or his favorite...antique jewelry because most of the folks he dealt with just didn't have the money. So he began to take beautiful antique gold jewelry and make molds of them and then recast them in sterling silver. He became known for his beautiful, quality and unique pieces. Mr James died in 1991. After his death, his wife just closed the shop. The jewelry just sat. She passed away in 2011 and I have been commissioned to sell the contents of the store. When I asked the son why none of this had been sold before , he told me that his mom would not allow it because she said there was a piece of their father in each piece.

I probably will feel it`s more OK to wear this on a everyday basis than a antique ring because it is a bit lower priced.  And I didn`t even have to give up on antique look I was searching for.


Hi little darlings. My blog lust has been low and so much have been going on so I apologizes for the lack of posts here.  I have been so occupied with work, hanging out with friends, watching memorizing things on my computer, road tripping with my love to second hand shops everywhere and searching for a house to live in.
Other than that my lust for creating stuff is back and I have some projects I am going to start soon♥
I also have been selling some stuff I just have had lying in boxes on a Facebook page and have now bought a super extremely unnecessary luxury item with some of the money I have gathered. I could not have bought it with my hard earned money from work. I could not have justified it. My little luxury guilty pleasure is this gorgeous candle from Voluspa. I hope it will arrive before the weekend. Just look at it`s pretty ceramic packaging, im dying here!
Another thing I have bought this month, but for a much better price I must say, is this super pretty & witchy kimono. I fond it on sale i H&M. I just cant get enough of it and wear it all the time. Perfect for this time of year.

Never ending

My everyday life is filled with happenings at the moment. I am super happy with some parts and really unhappy about others.
My work is downsizing and I am not certain I will able to keep my hours. I already work less than I want and fell really unappreciated for all the hard work I put in. To top it off they changed my schedule for the worse. Thanks a lot...
On the other side we are making progress in our house hunting. We have one in mind that we may make an offer on. It`s not perfect but it have almost everything we are searching for in our price range.
Meanwhile I spend some time on Pinterest searching for house decorating ideas and dream about all the pretty flowers and yummy fruits and berries I wanna grow.
Maybe I will have my garden soon♥
All the pictures are found on Pinterest

Black velvet & red wine

Yesterday evening turned out alright. Not an epic evening but those are quite rare.
I actually made Chris take outfit pic of me for once. Wet hair and posing in the tiny bedroom where there still was some light was not the best ingredients for an awesome picture, but oh well.
My new Gothic cross tights sadly got a rip the very moment I put them on but I still used them.
And I finally got an opportunity to use my beautiful vintage kimono like jacket, it matched my velvet shorts perfect. I was very happy with this outfit and sure got a few looks when I arrived at the party. But I usually do get that when I meet new people.
My poison of choice for the evening was this bottle of red wine.  I have switched to organically grown wine after I realized how much pesticides there are in most wines out there. I am not the only one that have realized this lately and It really shows in the shelves. Almost every "green" wine was sold out and I bought mine in a really large shop in Gothenburg last time I was there. Maybe we will soon see more and more organic in the shelves and not only in the liqour stores. I would love if all the vegtables and fruit available was organic too. Maybe then it will not be so pricy and I could buy it all♥


Waking up with a headache just tells you to wire down and start the day slow. Witch is just what I did today. A huge coffee mug, my best breakfast granola and the lap top, just the way I like it.
It`s been a lot of work and no play this week but now It will calm down for me. Next week I am back on a "low season" schedule and it at the moment it feels good. I probably will cry when the pay check comes though.
Later I will try to get an hour on my cross trainer., change a connector in my new old Nintendo 8-bit console, vacuum and clear up some mess before putting on some gorgeous clothing, makeup and jewelry for a night filled with red wine and hopefully some fun people. Maybe I can manage to snap an outfit pic this time.
This week I had planned to buy some fresh cut roses for the weekend but I ended up buying this beauty instead. It`s a Gardenia. It has dark green glossy leafes and  velvety white flowers that smells divine. Kind of dark mossy woods with jasmine blended in. It`s just pure magic. Run to your nearest flower shop and sniff it!
Hope you all will make sure to have a great weekend.


Some days just don`t turn out the way you plan. And today was one of them. I just have been doing a ton of stuff I needed to do but not the ones I wanted to do.  At least I managed to get on my crosstrainer for an hour.
Eating healthy is a really though nut to crack. I have zero cooking inspiration witch leads to me eating the same stuff over and over again and I am getting sick of my food. wish I could hire an private chef to fix all my problems.
I know I will get me some sushi this weekend at least. Yum. But for now I will have to manage.
Had a cup of lovely cherry tea to wire down tonight and I plan on jumping to bed very soon.


Going back to work was even more horrifying than I thought. Not my actual work but the heat!!! I work in a greenhouse without AC... Humid and horrible. I find myself longing for autumn the days I work and enjoying the summer fully on my days off. Yesterday I was with my mother in law at the most wonderful beach. I guess I will be dreaming about the crystal clear and cool water at work soon...

Darkness is closing in

So this is first day of work again for me. Oh the horror! Not really but I sometimes think that something new and fun would make me grow more. Soon I have been working with the same things for 10 years and that makes you think about the situation and what you get out of it besides a living of course.
Yesterday was lovely though. My dear friend Ninni and her tiny little daughter went searching for a nice place to take a swim. We found ourselves a pretty place with no other people around. The water temperature was so lovely. Hopefully if things turn out well I will have the opportunity to go swimming tomorrow too. It`s going to get hot so it`s either that or staying in hiding in front of a fan.
How is summer treating you? Is vacation over for you like it`s for me?

See you soon

In just a few hours my love and I are on our way to Stockholm. We are going by train so we are crossing our fingers and hoping there is no big delays or long stops caused by wrong light signals and such. It looks like the weather gods not are going to be kind to us this weekend but we are in good spirit anyways. Maybe if the rain really comes down we can visit a museum or something like that. If anyone have any nice ideas or tips on what to do in a rainy Stockholm please let me know.

This is now, try to take it all in before it´s only a faint memory

I am now in the very beginning of this years summer vacation. Just knowing how much fun me and my love will have shortly gives me goosebumps. So far we have celebrated midsummer with some lovely friends and relaxing have been a top priority.
This Wednesday we turn our noses north and head towards Stockholm. I can hardly wait to walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, indulge on yummy cakes, look for books and other perhaps laced vintage treasures in all the secondhand shops and stop for a glass of vine and rest our feet at some cozy place.

Such a handsome gang^^
My Cosmos finally started opening it`s pretty little black buds into these chocolate scented beauties. I wish you could smell them too. They look very red in the sun, but actually they are more black/brown in real life.
I eat cherries as often as I can in summer. Suddenly you can`t get a hold of them any more and I plan of have eaten so much of them that I am sick of them until that happens.
The summer have turned a bit colder over here and I take the opportunity to wear as much pretty lace stocking as I can. The only troublesome about this is that I am running out of them!!! and the stores seems to have sold them all out. Maybe I can find some pretties when visiting Stockholm.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

My countdown continues. 5 days until vacation and the freedom that comes with it. I am working my last weekend in a month and it feels so good.
I am off to work soon again but thought I could leave a few random pictures from my phone here.

From our road trip this week. Our goal was a place with water.

Got to dip my warm feet in the cool water. So refreshing after a long drive.
A newly found favorite.
These begonias have such stunning flowers and thrive in the shady spots on my balcony. Pretty pretty
My favorite food is at the moment strawberries, raspberries, cherries and water melon. I could easily live on this stuff in the summer.
A second hand finding that I am so very pleased with. Super pretty cake forks.
We found a beautiful place to get some refreshments before we had to head home from our road trip. I am pretty relaxed here.

Current loves

♥soft breezes on sunny days
♥skin against skin
♥my dark chocolate cosmos breaking out in bloom
♥reading under the parasol
♥my best friends beautiful baby
♥soon vacation with my love
♥my new black chiffon maxi dress
♥putting on Bloodletting with concrete blonde

Everything that is casts a shadow

Oh my what wonderful weather we have. With every chance I got I run to our balcony and get myself comfy under the parasol with a book in my hands. I don`t ever seem to get as relaxed as I do in the summer when I can sit between all my flowers just emerging myself in another world. Sadly work does take up almost all my time. I usually start working at 11 so I sleep away most of my free time. When I get home in the evening its food, some working out and other household projects before I dive back to bed. Oh well. It`s just 18 days until vacation now. I will survive.
Reading and edmirering my newly painted glitternails.
Some of my flowers. Love the velvety look on the Osteospermum.
My new cat eye glasses are super cute <3 A bit big on my face but I don`t care.

High Season

Hi guys.
Just popping by to tell you that I haven't forgotten about you and my blog. I just have so much going on and work is incredibly stressful now. When I finally get home I just die in my chair and don`t move until its time to go to bed again. UGH! Wish I had some more time of to relax in the pretty summer weather and do stuff but this is the most stressful time of the year for me.

Moth Moon

Hi guys. What a stressful time I`we had. Ugh. Not only at work but we have had a lot of stress going on at home too. The stress have even made my lip break out with a nasty lip sore :(  But finally I now have the weekend off work and I plan on a slow pace at home. Soon I will be back to normal. At the moment I am sitting at home under a big cozy blanket still i my pajamas and It feels awesome. Not much other than working, eating & sleeping has been going on but one project has at least been finalized.
I don`t know if you remember my jacket that I fixed up with a pentagram of pyramid studs. ! LINK ! It was cool for a while then the studs came falling out one after another because of the stretch in the fabric. So this year I finally dealt with it and with some patches from Poison apple print shop I now have a brand new jacket.
I just love it . It looks so great and I feel that the patches suits my style much better.
The Poison apple print shop has so many amazing prints I had a hard time choosing. And I think the prints I got looks very professional, it was well worth the coins I spent. What do you think. Did it turn out good?


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