This week started with an sore throat and it quickly escalated into a cold. Ugh. Damn you viruses. Tons of blankets, warm tea and fun series to watch made it bearable when my sinuses decided to give me hell.
In all my misery I found distraction in this awesome TV show I never knew existed, I can`t believe I have missed this! It`s called Oddities and is about a weird antique shop in Manhattan. The things you`ll see in this series is super fascinating, weird, disgusting, beautiful and macabre. I just love it.
För oss i Sverige: Den finns på tv4 play premium, första månaden är gratis utan bindningstid, så det hoppade jag på för att bara börja se direkt,Yay!
When I was feeling better Chris and I decided to roam all the thrift/antique shops around us. So much fun. I only bought a little brooch and the Black Swan on DVD but I could have spent a fortune. I found so much beautiful furniture you could not believe it. I better start saving up. I am sure one of the cabinets will hunt me for the rest of my life if I don`t get it. To bad I don`t have anywhere to store it until I get an house. I would probably put it on my credit card and never look back if it was possible♥

The Revenant

It have been ages ago since I posted a movie tip here! But last night we saw a movie I feel like recommending.
It`s called The Revenant and is a comedy/horror movie about a guy that rises from the dead.
Here you have the trailer if you want to spoil it a bit for yourself! And it`s rated 6.3 on IMDB if you care about that stuff.


Ok. So I work and workout. Not much fun to blog about. And since Christian is in the studio growling his heart out I try to make whats left of the evenings when I get home not to boring. Thank you Ninni for reminding me to watch Metalocalypse. It`s the perfect series to make time fly^^

Random ramblings

Hi! I have not been in the mood to blog even though I have had the time. I had the weekend off and have been all alone having some me time :) Christian have been in Umeå with Miseration at House of Metal. Of course I would have loved to go there to see them but It would have been way to much money for one night with plane tickets, hotel, food and alcohol. And right before the weekend we also got a not so fun answer to what some car repairs will cost us. 8000 Sek. Ugh..... 
So instead this weekend I used my time off to workout, sleep, see a couple of movies, and some sowing. It was really nice.
The sowing project is not ready yet but you will get to see it in time. Today I will not have the time to get it ready because I am soon off to a looong ay at work. 10 hour day "yayy..."
I am a bit tired of work and I am not sad to say that it is the only day this week I will be working. Christian and I leave for a little vacation in Stockholm <3
This was one the movies I saw. A wonderful old movie I heard about on one of the blogs I follow.
The trailer is really awful though...

Cozy, cute and with monsters!

Yesterday I worked late and my love was off to the night shift as soon he got home from the studio. I did not feel like doing anything but curl up under a blanket and watch something. I had forgotten about this movie until my friend Ninni reminded me of it and it seemed perfect. And it was. Super cute monsters, a cute story and it made me laugh.


I am so happy right now!!! I had trouble with my new computer these two past days. I haven`t been able to surf properly. The pages have freezed up and it hasn`t been possible to stay on one page more than a few clicks! Very frustrating I tell you. I have been trying to fix it with virus scans, cleaners and so on. Then it hit me! It may be the web browser. I tried to surf with Explorer for a while and I had no problems at all! So now I have uninstalled Google Chrome and installed Mozilla Firefox instead. ( Can`t stand Explorer ) Everything works super smooth now. Very thankful that my new computer was alright and that the problem was easy to fix. Feels like I dodged a bullet! Phu!
I would like to recommend a really good movie too! I love Quentin Tarantino`s movies and the new Django Unchained is no exception.
Just see it!
Now I am going to relax and eat some ice cream.Totally allowed because my throat hurts. Have caught a stupid cold again. Bohoo, poor me.


Yesterday was Lucia. We got up early to watch the celebration on tv and had Lucia buns & gingerbread cookies for breafast all curled up in the sofa under the blanket. It was very cosy.
Afterwards we decided to go for a walk. It was seriously cold -18 Celsius to be precise. But so absolutely breathtaking beautiful. The frost coverd everything and the sun made it all glitter. A magic wonderland.
animate a gif 
But yesterday wasn`t all about snow and Lucia. We had tickets to see The Hobbit. I almost never thought the day would come! And I of course loved it. I didn`t remember too much from when I read the book long, long ago. But it didn`t matter.
I wish I hadn`t seen it in 3D though. It just gave me a hard time focus and I had to take off the glasses several times because the where so heavy and made my nose hurt really bad. When I did, the movie was so much brighter and so much easier to take in as a whole. If I was to see it one more time I would definitly not seen it in 3D. Just a thought for you who haven`t seen it yet.

The Dark Crystal

Christian and I watched the movie The Dark Crystal tonight. And I loved it. It`s kind of like the Never Ending Story but better. It gives my a fuzzy varm feeling^^ It`s from 1982 and is made with humans in puppet costumes! It have gotten 7.1 rating at IMDb if you care about that. Just a tip!

Ginger Snaps

Ginger snaps is the movie Christian and I watched this Halloween. A classic that I had not seen before. 
I liked it a lot and wonder why I haven`t heard about it before!?


So, now Christian has left for his trip to USA and left me home alone. Hope he will have a shit load of fun and that the consert at Prog power will be awsome. I would have liked to go with them but It just wasn`t possible this time. And I am a bit lucky that I hadn`t tickets and hotel when I got injured like this.
I think the swelling on my ankle has gone down a bit today. It`s still big but It feels like I may be on my feet again in not too long a time. I did not feel that at all yesterday. I was really down and sad.
My shoulders ake though, it`s because of the long way I jumped with the crutches til and from the x-ray monday night. Bohoo, poor me ;)
Also today my kind father in law helped me by driving me to the store so I could buy food and pick up a parcel. It went suprisingly well to shop. I hung on the cart for support and he was kind enough to carry the bags up the stairs to the apartment. My foot did not feel too bad after. Such a good sign.
I saw the Snow White and the huntsman movie last night. It was a really good except that I can`t stand the lead actress Kirsten Stewart. Too bad, she ruined the move for me.
Charleze Theron was amazing though, I have loved her ever sice I saw Monster. 
Such a good move. Watch it if you haven`t.
And What the hell...My nails fucked up when I removed the nailpolish I had on. The top layer just  kind of shrinked and made lots of wrinkles. Do any of you know what happend??? Acrylics are supposed to manage that aren`t they??? It makes me so sad. I pay lots of money to have them to do nail designs on and than they do that :(
And with my foot I can`t go down to the nail center and complain.


Finally I have a good movie tip for you. I love vampire films but there are so much shit out there that I can`t stand. Like Twilight * shivershiver * Hate hate hate!
Are you like me allergic to that kind of vampire movies/series, Stake Land may be something for you too.
Christian and I watched Priest last night.
It was ok. A vampire action movie you may call it. I am not a action kind of girl but this was good enough to watch a boring evening^^
And finally I now have seen Tim Burtons Dark Shadows. I had high expectations. The movie was really slow in the beginning but picked up at the second half. I think I felt it a bit slow because It didn`t feel fresh. I think Tim Burton need too reinvent himself a bit and come up with something we haven`t seen before. I usually love Johnny Depp but It gets to a certain point when him in Tim`s films feel old and used... Too bad. But still I recommend Dark Shadows. Cosy movie and I giggeled a couple of times.
Have anyone of you seen this movies? What did you think of them?

Good morning

I started my day like a true health junkie with 45 minutes of spinning. I will keep figthing my lazyness and hope one day I will be as fit as I dream of. I was unbeliveble tired this morning and I give myself a pet on the back for just getting up from the bed. It hurts getting fit but no one told me it would be easy...
Last night Christian and I watched a movie called The raven. It is about Edgar Allan Poe an his last days alive. We both really liked it. It had a great atmosphere, dark and gothic, and was enthralling.
Click the picture to get to the official trailer on you tube.
I still haven`t figured out how to embead videos after the blogg.se newest update. If anyone knows how to do it please let me know!!!
I am off to work soon again. Today I work late and tomorrow I have to get up early again. -.- Hopefully I will have the energy to get out and test my new running shoes friday afternoon.
I am thinking of starting a running program that with small steps will make me able to run 10 km without stopping and looking like I am dying every second. Anyone out there who would like to join me in this journey?? It would be much easier to have someone suffering together with me^^ Any takers???

Cry baby

Tonight I`m all home alone. Poor Christian had to work the graveyard shift at his birthday!. To ease the pain and boredom I watched this awsome classic.

Im alive!

Hi! Pardon my bad blogging but my life is just now super boring. All I have done this passed days are working late and working out! I have been at the gym for both spinning and lifting weights. I also have been better at eating healthy. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Summer is near and I don`t want to feel like the blob^^
The other night Christian and I saw the movie The perfect host. I liked it a lot and had it had some nice twists to it. Just a tip!

Tonights movie

Inspired by the movie Fritz the cat Rob Zombie made The haunted world of El superbeasto which Christian and I have seen this evening.

I was free..

I was supposed to have the day off but work needed me.. So soon I will be off to spinning class and then work. Typical when I had so many nice plans. Like fixing up the balcony after winter and blog some! Well I need the money I guess.
Last night Christian and I watched the Steven Spielbergs movie War horse. A very beautiful movie but also predictable and slow in the middle. Clearly a movie you can watch with your family.
And I need to share this!! Freakin funny ^^

Zombie Love

I♥zombies. Do you? If so I might have a movie tip for you!
I`s a German movie but with english subtitles there where no problems understanding. It`s quite well made and don`t have any fancy Hollywood actors which makes it all more believable. I will put up the trailer but it`s more fun not to se it before the movie. It will kind of spoil some details. Minor, but even so...


I bought this movie in Gothenburg the last time i was there. The crazy good classic Beetlejuice by Tim Burton. I watched it the same night as i got home. I love it!
And after having watched it i felt the need for black and white striped chlothes even moore than i have felt before.
I could really use this pair of Black Milk leggings
I really love this skirt from them too...
I wouldn`t think twise about buying this Donna Karen dress if i had that kind of money lying around.
I guess i will try too look for nice affordeble ones instead^^
If you know som nice alternatives, please let me know!


Höll på att svimma av lycka när jag såg trailern! Blir jobbigt att vänta helt tills nästa år! Gaahh!

Hett filmtips

Sugen på en annorlunda julfilm? Kolla upp finska Rare Exports. En annorlunda, tuff och oväntat julfilm. Riktigt sevärd. Ni kan gott titta på trailern då den inte avslöjar allt^^


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