My cravings for candlelight is really not normal. I always have at least one candle burning every evening. Yes, even in the summer. As you can imagine I spend a lot of money on this obsession. I have made candles before with those kit`s you buy, but those and not particularly cheap. Therefore I now have been experimented with a new way to make them.
This is my first try and the first candle turned out amazing.
I scented the candle with jasmine and vanilla, soo good. I also made a label to make it more personal.
All I have to do now is to dig in second hand stores for more pretty containers to fill and wait for more fragrance oils to arrive in the mail.
What do you guys think, do you like my candle?
To bad you can`t smell it through the computer/smart phones,



So much absolutely irresistibly and beautiful stuff and so little money...

Silky skin

Last night I finally took some time to make more body butter. I have tried a couple of recipes before and this time I simplified it as much as I could.
Instead of melting a bunch of different butters together (shea, jojoba and such) and then whip them when they reaches exactly the precise consistency I only used coconut oil.  Coconut oil has in normal room temperature a soft buttery consistency witch is perfect to whip. The other recipes made a hard kind of butter that you had to rub a bit to melt. This one is much softer and melts mediately. Perfect!
You add some essential oils for fragrance if you like or let it be and it will smell just coconut. And then you just give it a go with a hand mixer or an kitchenaid! I think this stuff is brilliant for my dry winter skin. I use it after my showers in the evening and let it sink in over night. It is really good for your hands and feet too.
For now I will keep it in the fridge and when fall and winter is here I don`t see any troubles with having it on my nigh stand or in the bathroom. If it melts you only have to whip it again to fix it.
 Let me know if you test it and what you think about the result!


Last night I finally got to snap a picture of two new findings.
This super nice dome was half off the already reduced price in a store called Åhlens. I have been eying it for a while but I didn`t feel like paying as much as they wanted for it. Feels like a small victory to finally own it for so few coins.
Inside I have displayed a skull, an old feather and my new beautiful bottle. I found the bottle when I was in Stockholm in one of the best vintage stores I have ever visited.
The owner told me it may not be super old but the prettiness made me want it so bad.
I really don`t know what it was used for, but my guess is that it maybe have been a perfume bottle?
It suits my book case very well and even my other half noticed it and complimented it.
The precious bottle. I really have grown an even bigger passion for pretty vintage things after finding so many to my liking this summer.

Moth Moon

Hi guys. What a stressful time I`we had. Ugh. Not only at work but we have had a lot of stress going on at home too. The stress have even made my lip break out with a nasty lip sore :(  But finally I now have the weekend off work and I plan on a slow pace at home. Soon I will be back to normal. At the moment I am sitting at home under a big cozy blanket still i my pajamas and It feels awesome. Not much other than working, eating & sleeping has been going on but one project has at least been finalized.
I don`t know if you remember my jacket that I fixed up with a pentagram of pyramid studs. ! LINK ! It was cool for a while then the studs came falling out one after another because of the stretch in the fabric. So this year I finally dealt with it and with some patches from Poison apple print shop I now have a brand new jacket.
I just love it . It looks so great and I feel that the patches suits my style much better.
The Poison apple print shop has so many amazing prints I had a hard time choosing. And I think the prints I got looks very professional, it was well worth the coins I spent. What do you think. Did it turn out good?

Some things are not meant to last forever

I don`t know what`s up with me. My body will not cooperate with me at all these days. Today I have felt a bit under the weather with headache and nausea topped with sweating without reason! I have had a very low energy level too lately but that I cured with more iron in my diet. Hopefully this will just go away soon so I can be the normal me again and start living the way I was supposed to. Maybe then you will get more inspiring and fun updates too. At this moment It just feel a bit frustrating.

My nightstand at the moment. The apple I made myself. It`s dipped with wax and have a ton of black glitter glued on it. It`s so amazing in the dimmed light I hope it will never go bad and rot.

Dancing fire

And then there was December. This weekend flew by so fast I have no idea what happened. Or, ..well I was working, watching Netflix and making some Christmas decorations. But that´s all...
This passed week I held a course in making your own wreath at work for about 20 customers. I was so so nervous about talking in front of people. It must have gone well because in the end everyone seemed to have fun and enjoyed themselves making their own Christmas wreath. I even showed how to put together a "Christmasy" group of flowers. I have no idea whats it called in English!
I had put together some examples for inspiration. I designed them a bit different from the traditional ones because our store is swamped with those anyways.
This one have lights wrapped around the ivy. Birger at work told me he hated it but Björn loved it so much that he asked if he could bring it home. And a couple of ladies actually bought some lights of their own to make something similar at home. Funny how different ones style can be.
Sorry about the unglamorous background. The photos are from work. 
This one Birger loved! And this one I think was more my style as well.
Lots of moss, cones, natural decorations and white flowers. A lot of the flowers is still green, it will look even better when they bloom.
I made two different wreaths for them to get inspired by as well.
Also here I tried to stay away from the more traditional because people have seen them a thousand times anyways.
Here is one with berries and poinsettia. This I brought home and decorated a bit more with stuff we don`t sell at the store..
And here is one I did in green moss. Everyone seemed intrigued by the fact that you could put live Hyacinth and Echiveria plants on it.
Here you have the wreath I brought home and "re-decorated". To bad we have such an ugly door. It would look so much better on a white or black door...
This Christmas I am obsessed with deers and the colors red & white in combination... I bought some other flowers too in this color combination. Maybe I can post a picture later when they bloom. That if I can remember to do it.
Here is my own little group of Christmas flowers planted with lots of moss, cones and stones. I have them in a glass bowl because I love to see their white rots run through the moss. so pretty. The flowers are hyacinths yet to spring out in bloom. They have a amazing scent that really smells like Christmas to me. I bought mine in blue and white. They also come in pink but that really isn`t my color. The white deer antler in this are of course not a real one. Cruelty free all the way.
I just love these dark December nights. It`s so cozy and I have my pretty black star up in the window. Here you also can see my new little elf, he looks just like the little trolls living under the tree roots in Ronia the robber`s daughter by Astrid Lindgren.
Isn´t he cute?
I also have a little hiding place in my ivy. Do you see the little Christmas egg hanging in the middle? You can open it and put tiny treasures in it! And of course a little sparkly deer is jumping around in the leaves!
And this new lantern is my absolute favorite new thing this winter. I don`t have a fireplace in my tiny apartment, but I have fire!

You need darkness to see the stars

How about it!!! A new blog design!!! Do you like it?
I was so very tired of my old and when I finally had a new picture for my header I felt inspired to fix it. I think it feels so much more relaxing and calm.
The header picture is one of the pictures I have gotten from the weekends foto shoot with the very talented Rasmus Fredriksson.
I changed it a little bit so it would fit my design.
In this post you have the original. Shoot and edited by Rasmus.
I love it so much♥ It really is better in color and it makes my eyes pop.

Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night

This passed weekend was so much fun. The time of my much longed for Halloween party was finally here!
I had planned this party since august when I got a really bad case of "Halloween longing"
We don`t have much room in our apartment so only three couples we hang out with could be invited. I would have been fun to invite all our friends but it was sadly impossible.
I worked so hard for this to happen but I wasn`t even ready when the first couple knocked on the door.
If I had had some more time on my hands I certainly would have been able to present more pictures of better quality. But not all pic where crap, you will get to see them all, good or bad.

I had sent out invitations too in good time so everyone would have the time to plan their costumes.
I also forgot to take pictures of them before I sent them out. Luckily I had the template left on my computer.
The invitation itself was printed on glossy paper and glued on thick black cardboard.
It also came with this little rhyme. I had it cut out in a coffin shape and glued it on the front of the invitation.
Sadly I can`t take credit for the ideas. Most of them I have found on Pinterest. I love that place. I can easily get lost in that world for hours and hours just looking around.
Here are some creepy finger cookies I baked. Also an idea I found on Pinterest. They turned out so damn good don`t you think?
I also made a graveyard. It has little tombstones with everyones name on them. The base is a brownie and I made a fence with broken kitkat chocolate. Yum.
Some of the decoration I had on the table to set the mood
Of course we had a jack o lantern
The snacks was a hit. Everyone was nomming away, some of us all thrugh the evening..
We also served Sangria from a big carved pumpkin.
And here you have me with the sangria pumpkin! Looking a bit stupid^^
I was dressed up as The Bride Of Frankenstein.
And oh did I struggle with my hair, but it turned out super well in the end.
I bought the dress on ebay. Even though I had tons of time I just couldnt find anything suitable in any of the second hand shops I usually visit! I never seems to find anything good there anymore. And I didn`t feel like sewing either..Lazy me.
If you don`t know who/what Bride of frankenstein is, take a look at this video clip.
We decorated with a ton of spiderwebs to get a atmosphere. It is already a bit scary with all the Chucky dolls, Jason merch and Predator stuff but we needed something extra.
A little raven is sitting on the windowsill and the japanese lanterns makes a good company with the pumpkins. There is a skeleton hand in the ivy and we had a couple of skeleton feet sticking out from the bottom of the cutain.
Me and my love
More posing. We are making the worlds biggest "devils horns"
Johnny and Ninni with super scary clown make up. Ugh!
Next to Ninni I don`t look a bit scary...
There where more scary clowns!!!
And skeletons
Just a few more...
The trio
  I am a bit sad the whole thing is over. It was so much fun.
Tomorrow on the real Halloween I will be working but I have at least the evening off. I will certainly watch a scary movie and light up the jack o lantern again♥

Seashell Spells

I have as you may remember a list on creative stuff I was going to make this year. ( The List )
1 assignment for each month. Well, this spring a lot happened on a personal plan and this list was no longer a priority. But I have not given up on it. So here you have Make a pair of earrings!
I bought these earrings on vacation this summer because I just loved the seashell so much. But they didn`t look right to me, rather unfinished on the long boring chain. So I just had to give them a new look. Now they look more my style with black satin bows, pretty silver studs and a pearl to top it off with.
I am really happy with the end result. I wore them out to dinner yesterday and felt great! I love how they make me think of the summer I had together with my Christian and memories of our vacation springs to mind.
I am also going to throw in the picture I posted on my Instagram. Feel free to stalk me there too. I am miss666anthropia.

First aid for dry skin

Hi guys. So sorry I haven`t updated my blog in a while. The days just keep slipping trough my fingers like water. I have been working as usual and last weekend we had my family visiting, I even have started to make use of my new gym membership. It feels good to be back in normal routines but it sure don`t leave much time for blogging.
I thought I could show you my newest member on my bathroom shelf!
My home made whipped body butter!
As we move towards colder weather my skin is needing some extra help to keep soft and moisturized. I usually buy Body butters from different shops on Etsy but I always have to pay such incredible high shipping costs. So I got the idea to try to make some of my own. Guaranteed cruelty free and better for my economy. I searched the internet for some recipes and where to buy the needed stuff. I found a little shop where I could get the hold of the basic ingredients to a fair price and everything is also fair trade, cruelty free & vegan friendly. They even had been cutting the middle hands so the producers get paid more for their work. Could I have found a better shop or what!? The shop is called Sheabutter Cottage. To get there just click the picture below.
The almond oil I got at my local drug store and the Coconut oil Is from my nearest grocery store.
The essential oil was not as strong as I had liked so my body butter didn`t smell as much jasmine and vanilla as I had planned, actually there is a lot I will change next time I make this so I will not share the recipe I used. But as I said there is tons of recipes just a google away. Also to keep in mind is that the cocoa butter smells quite heavy (but yummy!)
Here is my jar! Got a regular jam jar and printed out a lable also found online.
 I have of course tested it out and I love it! A little goes a long way and it also feels good to know that there is nothing harmful or bad in it. Is this something you would want to try yourself?

A somewhat late contribution to The List!

After a all time high in readers we are back to normal... I guess not many of the new visitors liked my blog. But it`s all good. It would only have been weird if my blog grew to be a popular one. lol
Today I finally had the time to finish the April contribution to my list (ClickClick)
I chose the:
Alter a pair of boring shoes into something beautiful, weird, cool or tough!

Not that I think my spine heels are boring or anything but sometimes one just wants something extra special.
As usual I used crafting supplies lying around home. Scraps of chains, clasps, jewelry making stuff and a bit of an old belt. The only thing I bought was the two small pentagrams.
I made bootstraps that I can use on my high heels. And they turned out so fucking cool♥
I tried them on a different pair of heels I have too.

The List: March

The list --> ClickClick <--
Yesterday I felt like making something out of my list. I had so many ideas but not so much material at home, so I had to work with what I had lying around.
I decided on the point: Make a necklace.
And with a little bag of left over Swarowski crystal beads and two old necklaces I never wear I put together this Gothic looking necklace. Red and black can never go wrong.
All the red crystals are Swarowski and the black beads are glass. I prefer working with Swarowski beads only normally because of the stunning sparkles they make, it brings the necklace alive somehow.
I am quite pleased it turned out this good with only old scraps to use. Do you like it?

Spiked Bun

This month I had a really hard time deciding what to do from my list (The List).
And today I finally went for :Pic a Pinterest DIY project and do it!
This was the picture I had pinned in my DIY board. A spiked hair thingey that I think looks cool!
And here is my version. With a bit larger spikes.
It turned out really great and this is probably something I will wear from time to time. Every now and then it`s just a relief to get all hair out of my face.
What do you think about it? Do you like it?

Happy weekend

My "weekend" just ended. I am working the next days but I don`t care that much as Christian is going to Gothenburg for some rehersal.
We are having ourselves some beer and are doing cosy stuff like joking around, listening to music and some creative stuff as well. Chistian with his music and I have been practising my poor drawing skills. 
What are your weekend plans?
create an animated gif


Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland inspired collage.
Dress from LaRedoute
Stockings from
White rabbit necklace from the spangled maker on
Red heart earrings from Red truck designs on
Latex gloves from Lady Lucie on
Barry M cruelty free nail polish found at
Shoes from the brand Lola Ramona
Red heart purse from

Scrub it all away

I am still not well from my stupid cold... Yesterday I was super happy that I didn`t feel the fever anymore but as the dark evening sneaked up on me so did the fever and lots of snot! Ugh! I had not been snotty until now!
Today I have put on some make-up and dressed myself in normal (but comfy) clothes. I want to get back out in the world. I get crazy just lying on the sofa not doing anything. So later I think I will get myself out and shop for some necessities.
I have been thinking hard about what I want to do from my list this month and I decided on the
" Make your own cosmetic or make-up product ". I have been drooling over the bubble gum lip scrub from Lush. ( Found here.) But as I don`t have a lot of money left this month and I need to save up I thought I would make my own. It for sure is a product I need right now considering my lips are dry from the cold weather outside. 
After searching the net for good recipes I decided to make one for myself.
If you want to test it out yourself you will be needing this:
  • a small container
  • Sugar. Normal or brown. (I used the normal one because my brown sugar had turned itself into a brick in the carton!)
  • Honey. (You can use oils of different kinds too, like almond or olive oil)
  • Food coloring. You don`t need it. It`s just to give it some nice color. (Just guessing it will look best with the normal sugar ;))
I didn`t measure. Go with your gut feeling and how big the container you are using...
Blend until everything looks nice and even.
Finished! This is so simple and don`t take any time at all. I just saved myself 89 Sek as the bubblegum lip scrub costs at Lush in Sweden and I had all the stuff I needed at home. It works super well and tastes yummy too.
Next time I think I will make a vanilla lip scrub instead.
I will do it like this:
  • Make some vanilla sugar. Put a piece of vanilla pod in a container with some white sugar and let it stay there for a couple of days until the sugar smells and taste of vanilla.
  • Blend it with some almond oil
  • color it with a tiny bit yellow food coloring to get a light yellow color.
I didn`t make it like this today because I was all out of vanilla pods! But it sure do sound quite good don`t you think! Will you try any of my recipes?


This post is from my new lap top. I am so happy. Everything runs like a dream♥
I think all important stuff now is dowloaded and everything seemes to be in order. *content sigh*
These recent days not much have happend. I have been working and tried to relax a bit with Christian. And two weeks ago we had a little one day trip to Gothenburg. I shopped some stuff on sale and from second hand shops. 
This tank top was half off. If I had a bit more money to spend I would have bought the Bathory hoodie they had too. 
A stop at Lush was of course necessary. A pice of the Northern light soap and a small bottle of Snow fairy shower gel on 50% off was the goodies I brought home with me. And they both smell amazing. Yum. Lucky me are going to lift some weights tomorrow and will be needing a shower!
The spikes you see on the pic abowe is the headband I made last year! (weird it`s 2013)
I kind of like it but Christian thinks I look like the statue of liberty. I guess I need to style it in a way that don`t give those wibes...
Do you like this kind of headband?
So...I ordered a new mascara again. But more about that later. I got a new lipstick too! It`s from Sleek and called Vixen. Bright red. It`s light and nice on the lip and what a color. Me like! This one I will be using a lot. So nice to find good, cheap & cruelty free products. 
I caught some daylight and snapped this photo of me wearing it today.
I had a super nice new year´s eve too by the way. I went to Ninni as I have told you before. There we did nothing but eat gooooood food, drink wine & drinks, lie in the sofa wearing comfy lounge pants and watch old cartoons and a baking program on the tv. We even saw some fireworks. Thank you Ninni and Johnny.
Now I have started detox after christmas and all the sugar that comes with it. I am on day 4 now. It`s going fine. It`s almost worse that I have gotten used to bigger portions of food because I am so much more hungry now... Nothing more to do but push through these next weeks until I am on the right track again.  


We do the same picture once again here! Just because my blog is my little realm to rule over^^
This time the pic is a little bit lighter with a little bit varmer colors. 
photo and editing by Johnny Olsson.
Models: Ninni Sjölund/ Metal Rose, To the left.
To the right: Me! Miss Anthropia

What my best friend and I do on a Saturday night!

Yesterday was lots of fun and we even got some awsome pictures. As always when we do photoshoots it is freezing outside^^ But We had some fortune with the weather anyways because the rain poured down before and after the shoot.
We had a little walk in the woods to decide where to put our table. It must have looked funny.
Two girls wearing frilly skirts, pretty stockings, lots of make up and not so appropriate shoes lead by a guy far into the dark woods under tall pines on soft,wet moss.
My photoshop is down again but Johnny who was our photographer has fixed one of our pics over night. 
It looks amazing. I love the feel of it. Kind of Tim Burton-ish, dark and mystic.
I`d love to hear your opinion on it! Do you like it or is it just not at your taste?


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