Stockholm: Day 4.

This morning was just perfekt. The sun was shining and the weather forecaster promised sun and heat all day. The night before we had decided on a amzing breakfast. Not far from the hostel a awarded pastry cook had opend a little cafe and we felt it was our duty to check it out. So we jumped in our summer clothes and went out. 
It was really hard to choose!
If I could I would have tasted all of it!!!
I had a chocolate muffin with caramel and pecan nuts & a pistachio macaron.
Christian enjoyed himsef too^^
After the best breakfast ever we walked around as usual. We visited some shops and ejoyed the weather. Then we saw this poster. I had totally forgotten about this even though we had checked for conserts before going on this trip. We where so happy to be reminded and decided to go to the consert.
We found our selves a nice cafe again and had coffee with som crumble pie. 
We love vacation! And coffee and somthing sweet to go with it ;)
Then we stubled on a shop filled with Moomin stuff. Yay! I bought 3 cute prints and a fridge magnet. If I had tons of money I would have bought coffee mugs and lots of other stuff. The shop had so many adorable things.
I soon started to get blisters on my feet and the weather did not feel as warm as promised because of some wind so I had to get to a shop with clothes  and shoes. Luckely H&M had a sale and I found myself a simple black cardigan and a pair of leopard wedges. I have never been so happy about blisters before haha. The wedges only cost me 99 sek. Hot! & comfy grr.
 After lunch at Mosebacke again we went back to the hostel for some well needed rest before we headed out to the consert.
It was located at a amusement park (Gröna Lund) and we had people swooshing over our heads while we had our beer in the bar..
Cutest couple in the park
the consert was really good and they even entertained well between the songs. We had a blast. Some of the other guests seemed suprised and botherd by the music haha... They had their fingers in their ears. 
Afterwards we had some more beer and Christian even bumped into an old friend. We had the opportunety to tag along to a afterparty but we felt it would not be an good idea ( I didn`t want to get a bad hang over) and went to the hostel instead. But first we had some junk food at Burger King ;) 

Stockholm: Day 3.

The weather was not at it`s best but we didn`t care and went outside just as happy as the other days. We had no plans and just went for whatever we felt like. Thats vacation! We walked aroud town and located some more second hand shops. And after a while we started to get a bit hungry. We decided to have our lunch at Mosebacke. A resturant on a little hill in Södermalm. The wiew is quite good.
They had some diffrent chairs by the bar located there too.
I just had to try them out. And when we had luch we could see that they where very popular. Not only by kids but by people of all ages^^
The lunch just blew us away. Amazing food and a crumble pie with vanilla sauce to die for. I tried to figure out what it was made of and promised Christian I was going to make it for Midsummer celebration.
The plates where ridiculous small ;)
Well stuffed again we went for some more walking and shopping. It was no problem eating much when you think of how many calories we burnt by walking every day. 
Here is Christian shopping for some more comics.
Christian was in music stores while I was trying on heels... I had no time to take any pictures but he did. 
I did not buy any heels but a pair of bird-skull studs. Some hair treatment fron Lush.
 Haven`t tried it yet. Hopefully just as good as the last one I bought from them that smelled like mulled wine^^
I`m looking throug some vinyls.
This shop we found in the old town part. I we could only be two persons at the same time in here. It was just stuff piled on stuff piled on some more stuff. Too bad because when I look at the picture I see some cool things. When you where inside you just got too overwhelmed to even look at the things. I wonder how the shop owner even got behind the pile. Do you see him?
The weather started too get really sunny and warm. So we went back to the hostel to relax a bit and get ready for some dinner. First we checked out the small beach and the cute ducks.
We had pizza for dinner. But not just any pizza! It was the best pizza I have ever eaten. (except the one my father makes, deep pan type. *drool*) Afterwards we went to the hostel bar and had a beer and a glass of wine to top of the super nice day. The bartender was rude so we felt sorry for the idiot and didn`t buy anything more from him. I actually put the story on the hostel recommendation site. Hopefully someone will talk to him about his poor customer service.
Here we said good night to the world and got to bed.

Stockholm: Day 2.

Super happy and stoked we woke up and went walking in all the parts of Stockholm we found intresting.
The weather was nice and we enjoyed ourselfs. I got myself a couple of cd`s.
Here is Christian working himself through all the extreme metal vinyls. 

This cd`s was all I shopped this day except from candy, food and drinks ;)
Christian found some vinyls and old cartoons.

We had lunch at a place where the waiter was overly friendly and almost bugged us after we had our meal. The pizza was good though.

 We went to the "old town" and found ourselves a very nice place to eat some dessert. Oh my.. It was hard to decide what to get. We went for the chokolate fudge/brownie with caramel. As you see I just went for it direct. Lucky Christian got it on camera;)

The weather started to get worse but we ignored it and went on with our walking and shopping. Here we stopped for a little break.under some beautiful trees.

Sadly the rain got closer and closer....

We had to take shelter from the rain and went to a bar to dry up a bit before we went to a movie.

We saw Prometheus. We both liked it really much. Perfect to see at the movies.

The weather was nice again when we got out so we could take it nice and slow and not run back to the hostel.
We felt a bit hungry and stopped for some sushi on our way back. How can healthy food taste soo good?!!! Nom nom nom

At the bridge again. Funny how the days just go so fast when you have fun.

Stockholm: Day 1.

I`m so sad the trip is over. It was super fun and we didn`t want it ever to end. The weather was a nice blend of sun, clouds and some rain. We walked and walked and walked everywhere. We searched for music-secondhand shops and found them all. We ate so much good food and drank som much good beer that I got ill when I got home again. I guess my body didn`t like the big change in types of food stuffed in my face... 
The hostel was super cosy. As I said before it was a renovated prison from the 1800 century and we lived in small cells.
The entrance

Nice bathroom too


Our door

You can imagine the police officers walking up and down here. Actually you could feel the history.The first night I dreamt I was afraid they would come into the room to do a raid and take my stuff.!?

This is the bridge we walked over every day. The hostel is located on a island.
On the way to the hostel we stumbled over a music-secondhand shop and I found the Supertramp vinyl, Breakfast in America for almost nothing and when we went out again to explore some more and get a beer I found myself a pair of Iron Fist sneakers on 50% off.

Nice or what?

The first beer. Nom nom

Later we went to the Old Beef Eater In and ate some super yummy food and watched how Sweden didn`t win a important game in EM... Newcastle of course was the bewerage we drank.

Kiss on the bridge

End of day 1

On our way... Almost

We are on the train but are now 25 minutes late already. Typical Swedish train company Sj... Good that we don't have a connection to catch!
I have a picture for this post but the crappy blogging App doesn't work....:-p

Last measurments

The Femme Fatale program is done and today I did the last measurments. I have lost 2,7 kg and 16,5 cm in total. I think that is pretty good in 4 weeks. I have managed to lose fat and build my mucles at the same time. I feel great and probably just as pretty as I felt when I was about 7 kg lighter^^ Even if Femme Fatale is done I still went to the gym today. I plan on keeping this good lifestyle and tone my body into what I never ever thought I could be. But first I am going to have a great and relaxing vacation together with my l♥ve Christian. It`s not far away now. Tomorrow we will travel by train to Swedens capital, Stockholm. The hostel we will stay on is an old renovated prison from the 1800 century. It actually looks cosy in the pictures and it has a garden we can relax in if we want/have the time to. We will probably run around everywhere and locate the best stores. (second hand music;)) Fun fun fun!
I`m almost done packing...It looks like I have packed half my wardrobe but it`s bed linnen and towels there that takes up half my trunk.
I have no idea if I will blog when I`m away. Probably not, the blog app doesnt work that well...

The last Femme Fatale workout!

Today I did the last Femme Fatale workout. Feels good to have accomplished something I wouldn`t even think about putting myself through 6 months ago. Tomorrow I am doing the last measurements and I am going to take some "after" pictures. I won`t show them here on the blog though ;) I already feel it has been worth it. I feel som much more comfertable with myself and I have absolutely gotten stronger. Tomorrow I am going to the gym again and this time I will decide for myself what I will work on. I`m defenitly going to use a lot of the exercises Silje Mariela had on the Femme Fatale program.
Today I feel very tired. Guess It`s because I ate a lot of carbs yesterday and only protein and vegetables again today.
Me the other day. Sweaty and tired

A kick in the ass

Finally, last day at work before vacation!!!!!!
Lets celebrate that with the newly posted song from the upcoming album of Miseration.
Good stuff, so enjoy.
Miseration with On wings of brimstone

Burlesque Lounge & Koffin Kake

I found this shop on Etsy and couldn`t let it go. The amazing, beautiful packaging and diffrent scents on the produkts just commanded me to try them out. I decided to try a body butter and a hand lotion.
The description from the shop:
Enjoy a mouthwatering fresh baked pumpkin pie with notes of cinnamon and clove covered with a delicious streusel topping as you luxuriate in the scents of Koffin Kake.
Cruelty-free / No animal testing
No Animal Ingredients
No Alcohol
No Mineral Oil
Sound good or what? The scent is lovely. Sweet but kind of dirty at the same time. And it will look nice on my night stand. It is light so if I`m real dry I don`t think its going to work very well. But for everyday use it will be perfect.

The Body butter is called Burlesque Lounge and is described like this in the shop:
True to its name…this musky combination of Patchouli, black leather and tobacco with a floral hint of Frankincense, violet and amber is perfectly blended in fresh lemon, mandarin, juicy plum, red apple, cinnamon, blackberry and fresh clove, dipped in vanilla and cherry cordial. Let the intoxicating scents of a 19th century Burlesque Lounge tickle your senses and take you back to another time.
Cruelty-free / No animal testing
No Animal Ingredients
No Alcohol
No Mineral Oil

Oh my! Diffrent from any scent I have ever tried. I love cherry and that is what I smell mostly and the tobacco with an hint of the other spices. At first I was sceptical but It grew on me and I even think this would be a great smell on men! Actually the shop had a lot of produkts for men.
Check the etsy shop out here -->Nevermore Body Company <--

Hard, soooo hard

Yesterday and today I have had big cravings. I crave peanutbutter and anything sweet!!!! It`s really hard not to fall for the temtation. Everywhere I turn there are pictures of forbidden food >.< Macarons , pancakes, ice cream, fruit, cookies and so on... Arrrrrg!!!!!!! I`m drinking Pepsi max and soon I am going to try a rasberry tea to ease the cravings. Wonder why I suddeny get them? I had no problems the tree other weeks. Oh well..I will keep fighting.
Today I had spinning class. It went suprisingly well even though I haden`t eaten any carbs. And as a bonus I could sit for a while in the sun on my balcony. I drank my BCAA and enjoyed my flowers^^ And tried to delay the superboring thing I had to do soon. Coloring my hair. Ugh. the most boring thing ever...
I had to go to work later on, not to work but to pic up some rhubarb my co-worker Anci had picked for me in her garden. I peeled them, cut them in small pices and tossed them in the freezer. Hopefully I will make some awsome rhubarb pie for midsummer. Noms!^^ The smell of rhubarb brings back memories from my childhood. In the summer me and my brother would pick rhubarb in my granmothers garden and eat them only dipped in sugar.
I felt like getting my nails done today and had read there had been a new salon opening nearby so I jumped on my bike and looked for it. I didn`t find it :( So no new nails to play with... I miss them. It`s fun to paint them and make small designs. Maybe I will see if my old salon have time for me before the vacation. I coulden`t stay sad for such a long time. I had a package waiting in the post office and of course I picked it up on my way home. It was my latest Etsy order. More about that later on... Now I have to eat the last meal of today. Quark with Fun Light (a sugar free juice/lemonade?!) woho....not.

Wow, Time really flies

Time seems to just fly nowadays. It`s just work, working out, food shopping and eating. Super boring and I can`t wait until next monday!!!
Today we had forgotten our workout plan at home. So todays workout was a mix of diffrent things we had learned over this passed weeks^^ I can totally feel it in my arms and shoulders. We did good. Tomorrow it`s spinning again Yay! I`m going to be so proud of myself when I`m done with Femme Fatale. There is only one week until Stockholm and my vacation too. Hopefully the weather will shape up. This ice cold wind is not fun at all. It`s like the autum has come already.
Do I have any readers from Stockholm? I would love some tips on things to do, where to go when we want to eat good and cheap food and where to shop cool stuff! We are going to stay at Långholmen and we usually feel comfortable around Söder.
Christian and I in Austria last year. Super cute or what? :P

Another cute pictre of us from our trip to Austria^^

Glossy box

I got my Glossy box A couple of days ago. It was in the spirit of spring and blossoming flowers.
I got:
* Glossy box rouge brush. In goathair. Havent tried it yet.
*BM Beauty blusher, It looks way to orange. I think it willl look great as a eyeshadow though. It is mineral and highly pigmented. Approved by PETA and BUAV.
*MSCHIC Lipliner in a red color. Looks nice and really stays on. Tried it on my hand.
*Aquolina Pink Creamy Body Lotion. Smells like cotton candy! Love it! Reminds me of my favorite body lotion I buy on Etsy from Bloodbath. The one from Bloodbath has much more "nice" ingridients though^^ Mostly Aloe Vera.
*Love & Toast Eau de parfum. Smells just like Fanta! It`s ok...a sporty scent. Nothing I would buy.
At first glanse the box are ok. Hopfully the produkts are good.

Days off work

I have had the two passed days off work. And how fucking great it has been^^ I think I needed it much more than I realized. Thursday I went on a super nice bicycle ride in the sun with my mother in law. It was nice to do something else than lifting weights in the gym. Nothing beats fresh-air and beautiful nature.
I looked like an idiot in the helmet and my heart shaped sunglasses...but who cares^^
I had some trouble with my bicycle and after the ride I dropped it off at the bicycle repair shop for some adjusting of the gears and breaks! Now it works perfect again. Super happy about that! And I can`t wait until I can use it again.
The evening was spent at a Party lite party. Used to much money on scented candles and oils.. But I love them so much! Pyromaniac me... Alwas have a candle burning. Guess fire is my favorite element.
Before bed time Christian and I saw the movie Iron Sky...But I can`t recommend it. It was a miracle I watched it from the beginning to the end...And I think it`s weird it have a 6.8 rating on IMDb.
Another film that we watched the other day was way better!!! The painted veil. I don`t want to show you the trailer because I think it reveal too much of the story.
But this one I do recommend.
Today we where at the gym early to lift some weights again. Actually fun. And today we where almost only girls there. It hit me how nice it would have been with an girls only weight lifting gym. It`s not always fun to be watched when you are lifting. After all there are 90% boys and men in the weight lifting area. If I ever get an house I would love to have a gym. A girl can dream can`t she.
After the workout today I could eat carbs again. I even can tomorrow. And how I have missed it. I actually had super much energy and felt like the old me again. The last week I have been extremly tired.
Afterwards we went for a cup of coffee and some chocolate truffles.
Lemon/white-chocolate, rasberry/licorice/white-chocolate and dark-chocolate! Yummmmmmy
I have been eating a lot of candy and unhealthy stuff today. I`m soOo worth it ;) I reckon it will bee a little of it tomorrow again and sunday it`s back to meat, vegetables and healthy living.
Today I have even had the time to visit my good friend Carro and I have done som house work. To good to be true. Going to sleep well tonight I can feel it.


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