Im off to Full Of Hate in Gothenburg. See you there? If so say hi!
Pic from a night walk i had ...

Oh. Hi

I`m sorry I haven`t blogged for a couple of days. I just did not feel like it. And instead of barfing up meaningless posts I just did`t write anything. Most of my days where good ones but friday was shit. You Know, one of those days you really should not get up from the bed. I have some pictures from the last days/week to entertain you with.

SUN!!!! And dry asphalt! I love the fact that I can use my sneakers again.
Cake I was tempted to eat but did`t. Fuck Yeah ;) Big deal for me...
Where the spinning-magic happens.
Summer sandals mom bought for me back home in Norway!!  Summer now please?
Did not buy anything this time. At the lokal music second hand shop.
Now I have to get to work again. See you soon hopefully 

My Precious

I promised you some better pictures of my new precious. And here they are. I already know this will be my new partner in crime. I used my old raven skull necklace almost all the time and it was in comparison quite ugly and cheap looking.
This one is a life sized cast of an real crow skull and have a nice weight to it. The details are amazing. I can`t help it, Im in l♥ve!
The anatomical heart necklace I have is from the same shop Blue Bayer Design NYC on Etsy. I love that piece too.
Well, what do you think, Do you like it? Did you get cravings for a new necklace too now ;)


Today I got my much longed-for package. I have been waiting too long with ordering this gorgeos raven skull necklace. Finally i have my precious around my neck. Tomorrow you will get better picures of it. Tonight you have to bear with this gif.
how to make gifs

Monday music

The news about Black Sabbath not playing together after all this year here in Sweden made me quite dissapointed. But what can you do. We have the tickets but are not sure if the replacement consert "Ozzy and friends" are something we want to see. I think we are kind of still hoping Tony Iommi will get much better and that Bill Ward will get a decent contract he can sign.
Here you have Stillborn by Black Label Society.
Ozzy are doing guest vocals here for one of his friends Zakk Wylde which are supposed to be joining in the replacement consert.

Lazy lime sunday

Im treating myself to a day of nothing, just being lazy and doing whatever I want.
Yesterday was great. Like I told you Ninni and I was having a day at the local spa. No treatments but a lot of water and sauna going on. Super relaxing. After the spa we gatherd the forces with Sara and Veronica for some sushi. Then after the yummy food I felt like a glas of wine. So I dragged them to a nice place where I could drink and they could have a cup of tea^^ My glas of wine became three and that was more than enough to get me tipsy... I seruosly hope I didn`t blabber too much about stupid things?! At least I was clever enouh to drink lots of water I did not get a hangover.
By the way I wanted to show you my make up today! I played with my new Mixing Liquid and made a lime colored eyeliner from my new eyeshadow. It turned out looking really cool. Somtimes I feel like wearing colour but as you may know I don`t like colored clothes... A little colored eyeliner is just the right amount for me.
Do you like it??

Im tired

Im so so so tired. But Im hanging in there because I have fun relaxing plans with my friend Ninni on saturday. If you are wondering I have not been losing any weight yet, but Im eating healthy and are almost free from the sugar cravings^^ Yay! I have to share another thing with you also. At work I got one hell of compliment from Anci my co-worker. She told me that I reminded her of Mortica from the oldest movie♥ How great isn`t that?
Me at work...
Some blueberry-banana snack i had
Now time for bed...

Cthulhu love

Finally!! I got some time over to fix my camera/computer problem and now have better pictures than iphone pictures to show you^^
The ones who know me knows I have a soft spot for Cthulhu. I searched the internet for nice Cthulhu jewlery supplies and found a cameo that i loved.
And wow! I can hardly wait for the opportunety to use it.
Maybe i`ll wear it with my sweatpants tomorrow ;)
The necklace consists of black metal-parts, Cameo and cameo setting in resin material. The pearls are called cats eye and when you see it in real life you clearly see the cat like pupil in the pearl.
It is really beautiful and the "pupil" moves when light hits it.
Do you se the cat eye resemblance?
I made a necklace almost identikal to this, the difference is that it`s without the hanging chains. I thougt it would fit better with my everyday clothing and I would not have to worry abot the chains getting entangled.
What would you prefer?
And do you at all like it?

Happy Valentine`s day

Foto by Nikyta Gaia From Deviant art.
I off to work. Hope you all have a nice day and sorround yourself with people you care for.

I hate my computer

I forced myself to get out of the sofa and took a bunch of pictures of one of my neacklaces. But while I was uploading them on the computer it shut down. Well... it has happend before and all has gone well. But not this time. The piece of shit don`t recognize my usb connetion (camera) and I can`t upload the pics. Arrg. I can probably solve it but right now I am too irritated and tired to deal with it...
Pic form tumbler. Don`t have the source. Sorry.
I love Morticia. And she has got the color thing right in my opinion♥

Short days

I feel that I work 90% of the day! Not really the case of course but I can`t really find the time to do everything I want. The blog sufferd yesterday but at least I got time to create new pices of jewlery.
I did not have time to take nice pics so all you get is a teasing picture taken with my Iphone.
Soon Im on my way to work again but hopefully I can find the time to take better pictures tonight.

Saturday night

Im really tired from work and my Christian is tired from all fun he had yesterday...
So this saturday is just a lazy one in the sofa.
It was quite some time since I last posted heels here. Not cool! So here you will get two of my favorites from Iris Van Herpen. I haven`t botherd to check the price tag on these. I know I can`t afford them anyway^^
Pics from google.
I would rock them so hard♥

More second hand!

I had such a great thursday. Christian and I had the day off together and hit the town to do some damage.
Haha well, at least we went to  the second hand stores and had a super nice lunch.
I did find more fun stuff than usual. Actually I often don`t find stuff at all!
This chain with handcuffs will suite my black jeans or maybe my bag.
A couple of movies.
A really beautiful butterfly!!! <3 Christian was not as excited about it as I and wonderd what the hell I needed it for...
I found a new frame for it today even. You understand me, don`t you???
When we were all shopped out, we went to get some nice coffe. It just kind of happend, a couple of chocolate bits followed us home too. Darn... Poor me and my detox.
To top it off i even managed to shop some new make up. Poison green eyeshadow, blue/brown metallic eyeshadow and mixing liquid.
Later that evening we went to a eat some more and see the show i told you about together with my in laws. The show: Ljust och fräscht with swedish Fredrik Lindström and Henrik Schyffert was really fun and i laught and laught. Need I say the day was super. I will think of it in bad moments.
By the way, have I mentioned that I stand before yet another hell week work wise. Yay......

Second hand dress<3

Weeell...Here`s a couple pics of me trying to show off my "new" dress. I found it at a local second hand store somtime before christmas. It is kind of unusal for me to use a long dress! I tend to go for short miniskirts.
It`s black and in stretchy lace.
Do you like it?

Longing for spring

I can hardly wait for spring. I`m sick of big vinter jackets and clumpy shoes. I want warm weather and light.
Spring means sneakers.
And recently I have started to think about how I will customice my own soon to be sneakers. Maybe I will paint them this year.
These triggers my imagination...
Clic them and you will be sent to the source.


Christian and I have a nice relaxing evening. We had some food listened to some music and will soon watch a movie. Right now Im drinking a cup of decaf and sniffing my favorite lavender incense.
Hope youe are having a just as nice night.


I wasn`t hard to eat healthy after work today ;)
Sallad with only yummy stuff. Fresh prawns, corn, green zucchini, sweet cherry tomatoes and olives.
I even had some dessert..
Now I have to go to bed. Early start tomorrow. Nighty night


I am trying to be as positive as I can be about going to work again. This weekend went by so fast...
At least this week is a normal one work wise and we have a show to look forvard at. We got tickets for christmas and are going to se a show with a swedish komedian and a komedian/linguist! Have heard only positive things about it so, yay!!!
I had a little spare time saturday waiting for Christian and managed to shoot some of the crazy beautiful snow crystals lying everywhere nowadays^^
I only wish i had the hole day off today so I could get the perfect snow crystal picture for you. So fun!!!
I think snow is one of natures most beautiful creations.
And i cant help liking the fact that it`s deadly.

Giving up!?

I had big expectations about my weigh in this saturday. Reality gave me a big slap in the face. I had only lost 0,3 kg. I have lost more not trying >.< *sigh*
I was quite down and sad but I decided to actually be happy about it. After all it is going in the right direction.
I have also been naugthy this weekend, drinking beer and eating three unhealthy meals. But I actually think I needed the shit after the hard week I had. Stupid? Well, I don`t care. Now it`s back to only healthy eating and working out. Small setbacks don`t make any big difference as long as I keep doing everything else right.
Today I have had a nice relaxing (healthy) day. And I finally got around to color my hair. The most boring thing ever... I really hate it. I guess I have to just keep doing it because I love my black hair.

Have you missed me?

Oops! Well, I had not planned such a long break as it suddenly became here on the blog. The last days of work just killed my energy and inspiration and I could not force something out of me for the blog. Yesterday was my first day off and i sure sucked out as much fun and recreation out of it as possible. So now Im back strong again!
Christian dragged my sorry ass out in the super cold (-18 celsius) but beautiful winter weather. We where going to look for a appropriate location to shoot some new pictures for Quest Of Aidance.  And did we ever!!! We got so exsited that we gathered the whole band and did the photoshoot the same day.
I found a new friend. He has moved in with Christian and me now.
Humty Dumty liked the industrial view just as much as us.
Limestone quarry.
Christian happy! Look at this migthy icicle formations!
We had super fun at the shoot and goofed around a lot hehe. This crazy photo went up on their facebookpage ^^
From left: Christian Älvestam, Daaz and Christian Lundgren.
After a couple of hours we could not feel our toes anymore so we decided enough was enough. I had acutally been sitting/lying in the snow to get just the right angles and could not even feel my bum.
Later on Christian and I ate some super nice chinese food and had a couple of Newcastle brown ale.
Lundgren joined us and a couple of beers later we decided to freeze some more and go out to our lockal pub.
A very nice saturday it was.


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