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Lately I have been thinking of the past year and the one coming soon. I probably should think more of christmas in these times but next year seemes to me so much more exiting.
2012 have been in all a ok year but with ghosts of the wrong kind lurking around. I have let them cotrol me to much and I have not been getting the results I have been wanting.
If you remember I have this year been wanting to care less what others think and do more of the stuff that makes me happy. Next year I will take it to the next level. 
To get there I have been pinning goals in my head and now I will finally put them to words.
My health goals are:
 Start running 
I want to be able to run 10 km. Due to my ankle I could not do this 2012 but spring 2013 is on!
Reach my goal weight
Enough is enough. By the end of 2013 I will be done with this. No more excuses. I wan`t to be the best version of me that I ever can be. Healthy, fit and happy about myself. Inner peace.
 Get rid of my awful acne
Who wants to put on a ton of make up every single day because of the need to hide awful skin.
If the new medicine don`t clear this up I will try the next alternative in medicine that the doctors wanted me to use as a last option...
My more Fun goals are:
 Travel more
I am going to Liverpool in UK, But I want to at least travel to one more country besides Norway. I also want to do more excursions in Sweden. Stockholm or some other fun town with lots of suff to do. I love to see new places and In good company of my loved ones.
 Be more creative
I need to do more creative stuff like sowing, painting/drawing, jewlery making, photographing & nail art. More food for my soul.
I think my goals are reasonable and should be "easy" enough to fulfill.
Have any of you been thinking of next year and what you want out of it?


har du ACNE- acne eller finnar?
jag tänkte om du hörttalas om OCM?

Svar: Jag har acne som kommer utav hormonrubbningar. Tydligen kroppens sätt att berätta det är dags att producera barn...Helst nu! (nåt både mamma och svärmor skulle tycka vore det bästa ;)) Spelar ingen roll vad jag kletar på utsidan då det måste behandlas inifrån. Så då är det piller eller skaffa barn som är alternativen!
Miss Anthropia

2012-12-09 @ 14:45:33

You and your man should come up to Umeå for House of Metal next march. Not a very exotic trip but we've got the nicest little festival north of Stockholm :)

Svar: Jo, House of metal har faktiskt varit uppe i diskusjon här :) Festivalen värkar grym och små fåglar har kvittrat om eventuelle band som ska komma man bara inte vill missa.... Sen så är väl nackdelen att man får flyga dit. Vi får se helt enkelt :)
Miss Anthropia

2012-12-10 @ 14:25:41

Och nu är det officiellt, Miseration på HoM, sweet as...! Det blir awesome. :D

Svar: Hehe, yes! Så Christian kommer dit i alla fall. Vi får se om det blir nån resa på mig. Måste kolla om man har råd och kan få med sig sällskap :D
Miss Anthropia

2012-12-13 @ 13:32:35

SRF blir det garanterat 2013 mäktigaste och bästa line-upen någonsin.

Svar: hehe, har faktiskt inte kollat på det än :P
Miss Anthropia

2012-12-25 @ 21:22:27

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