Pentagram of pyramids

I have had a day full of fun stuff. Of course the spinning to begin with. Later I assembled a desk Christian had found for me at a second hand store. We have been looking for one a while now. I needed a place to do my crafting projects so I didn`t have to occupy the kitchen table with my mess. So from now of Christians studio is a place for us both to be creative^^
I need to get me a chair, a lamp and a some nice storage boxes to have my stuff in on the shelves underneath! Ikea probably have what I need. But with my overspending this month it will have to wait.
I really felt like using my new desk right away and I borrowed Christians chair.
And this is the result.
I pimped my new jacket with some pyramid spikes.
Do you like it? I may pimp the jacket some more. But I usually like to keep it kind of simple/clean.
The other fun stuff that happend today is really a kind of torture!? weird huh?! Well, I have been working out a lot lately but the results have been nowhere to be seen. Only one fucking cm have I lost from my waist!!! I guess my body need some kind of change. I think it have gotten to used to my eating habits especially and work out rutines. So I have ordered a "femme fatale-fat attack" program from a norwegian fitness girl called Silje Mariela. I will start the program on monday. And I know I`m going to regret this many times... Haha, It will be super hard. But I feel ready and am exited to push myself and get to the next level of contentment. Life gets boring without challenges. You will of course get all my thoughts on the torture here. There will be a new category on my blog. Probably called "health" or "hell" ;)
By the way...its not a starvaton-diet.. It will be hard work with weights and some cardio. I even think I will eat more then I am used too. At least much more meat of diffret kinds!

Maria Söderblom

Sv; (angående sushi) JA precis!! Och jag tror ärligt talat att jag INTE skulle bli trött på det heller! Att äta sushi varje dag :D

2012-05-10 @ 21:32:34
Maria Söderblom

Sv; (angående naglar) AJ AJ AJ !!! D: Fyyyyy! Stackars.. :(

Haha jo!.. det skulle du nog behöva :D

2012-05-10 @ 21:34:04

Snygg jacka! Och vad mysigt att ni kan sitta där båda två. :)

Ser fram emot Metallicakvällen!

2012-05-10 @ 22:47:28
Erdena Lugosi

Skitsnyggt du gjort på jackan! :D Den blir spännande att se IRL! Och hoppas programmet funkar bra för dig!

2012-05-11 @ 07:47:33

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