For it is the sun that gives light to the moon

A second try to snap a couple of outfit shots! This time in the sun light from my living room windows and the camera flash. Maybe a bit better but still not super.
Today was really hot and it just shows everybody that summer is still not gone.
I like dressing comfy and specially when I know I am going to sweat!
So a pair of leggings with a cute bow from Necessary Evil under a super simple cotton dress from H&M that shows off my lace bra had to do. The wedges are my beloved Clinic by Jeffrey Campbell. They pinch my little toe but I don`t care. I just put on a band-aid and keeps on smiling.
The sun glasses are my new favorites. Their size and shape reminds me of the pair Johnny Depp uses in Charlie and the chocolate factory.
I even tried to fix my hair today. But I suck at hair styling. It never come out as I want it to. So when I fail I usually put it up in a ponytail and tries forget about it.  Like today.
Hahaha. Looking good...


Hei for noen tøffe briller:-)

Svar: takk :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-28 @ 20:04:45

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