Rose Gold and Acanthus Leaves

Hi lovelies.
I am in a weird mood these days. I am happy yet restless with a sprinkle of anxiety.
I hope I can shake this weird feeling off soon and keep looking forward.
A while ago I decided to treat myself with some pretty things that are on the way to me as we speak. Soon I am back to my low season paycheck witch means I need to hold keep a tighter budget and really think about my purchases.
Not to feel to bad about my little shopping spree I have put in a double payment + a little bit more which was meant for next years down payment on my study loan. This means I no longer have any debt to the Swedish CSN.
This feels so utterly wonderful but sad at the same time. I had not been able to put in this extra money if my love and I had the possibilities to do as we had planned this fall. We had to cancel our trip to Edinburgh. I would rather spent my money on new memories and wonderful views of the Scottish landscapes but sometimes life has other plans. Hopefully we will be able to go some other time.
Today I received one of the treasures that I bought on my little shopping spree.
It is a beautiful ring perfect for the time of the year that soon lies upon us.
I just wanted something useless but pretty. I have worn it all day and can`t stop watching it transform under different lights and surroundings. The transforming is simply because of the mirror effect.
I bought the ring from Frippery Foperies on Etsy. There where lots of other beautiful rings I would love too but this one has to do this time. To get to the shop just click the image below.
Seems the shop owner is on vacation at the moment though.


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