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At first we had to cancel our trip to Stockholm due to my Christians horrible back pains. He didn`t think it was possible to travel so far with his back pains that makes it impossible to sit for more than a couple minutes of the time. But after taking the train to visit Gothenburg over a day he decided that it could be done. As long as there was someplace to stand like in a bistro wagon with high tables. So I booked us a hotel and off we where. The train trip went OK and we got there in good health.
Really happy to see some other views the our town we walked to our hotel located at Södermalm which is one of our favorite places in Stockholm.
We got a room that was super cozy but not at all something that would work for us. Christian is about 193 cm tall and could not stand up straight in there! I also had a bit trouble with it because I managed to bump my head two times in the short time we spent there. As you can see in the picture You could only walk to the door and bathroom in the small space where the ceiling was at the highest.
We went and asked if there where any chance if we could change the room and lucky us there was one room available.
We where aware that we maybe got one that wasn't as nice but as it turned out the change was to the better. The room we got was much more roomy, just as cozy, with a much larger bathroom and even a little hallway.
As you see we even had a beautiful old tiled heater.
And the bathroom was tiled with black stone.
I am not going to tell you what we did hour from hour. A nice flow of pictures with some comments will have to do. I can tell you that we had super sunny and warm weather almost every day except from one day with really much wind and changing weather.
Breakfast was eaten outside in the hotel garden every morning. Yum. Loads of bread and cheese for me!
We have a favorite bar called Akkurat. It was the first pit stop and I had my favorite kind of beer, cherry beer♥
Haha, look at that happy face.
We walked everywhere like we always do. But this time I managed to get blisters under my feet! It hurt ed so much. Luckily these band-aids are amazing and I could walk the rest of the days with them on taking away the worst pain...
We visited all of our favorite shops. Mostly second hand and charity shops.
I visited all three Beyond Retro that lies in Stockholm but I never seems to find anything there. To much stuff with awful fabric and cuts. And I don`t think their prices are at all reasonable. Maybe it`s just me there is something wrong with..
They have lots of tulle skirts at in all colors you can think of at least!
And oh how much cake and other sugary treats we indulged on. This picture was snapped in a fancy pansy macaroon shop. It wasn`t allowed to take pictures and we got a warning.
You see me studying the flavors very intensely there. I ended up with licorice, orange flower and rose.
The black one was eaten in the presence of suitable black metal vinyl.
The fancy french treats don`t come close to the goodness of these fudges made in Pärlans shop though. If you ever visit Stockholm this place is a must! I really mean it.
We brought some to the hotel too. My mouth waters just thinking about them.
Remember the dry muffin I had on the Stockholm trip this winter? These Muffins or should I say cupcakes where nothing like that. They where divine!!! The little one was licorice with lime and the big one red velvet with beetroot. Why isn`t there a place like this at home...
Here is a picture Christian snapped of me. I am wearing my favorite dress and my new goat necklace.
At one point this trip we felt like we where in Thailand. This Thai restaurant/bar had lots of vegetarian food but we settled for a drink in the hot weather.
Posing with some street art.
We went back to the sushi place that we found on or last trip.
The sky over the old town the one day with sad weather.
Christian and a old and beautiful church in Södermalm somewhere.
Us, weird as usual..
And just because we are adults that do as we please we had hot chocolate in the middle of summer.
Here I am exploring the old town with thousands of other tourists
We had planned to go to this event but I were too tired to even speak of it. Probably would have been fun though.
We had such a lovely time in Stockholm and we where super sad we had to go home...
After just one day at home we felt the need of more city vacation and booked ourselves a trip to Gothenburg with two nights at a even better hotel! Crazy kids..
I did shop some in Stockholm. Not much but some.
I found more of the Sandman comics I love so much. It always seems like I find more comics when I go to Stockholm than anywhere else for some reason.
I found another Lenore book to my collection, or I really found them all but couldn`t afford more than one...
I got a lovely Tim Burton deck of cards in the same shop where I got the Lenore book.
And I also bought comic book nr.4 for my Liberty medows collection.
I found myself a new pretty brush too but I forgot to take a picture of it! I promise you will find it in the Gothenburg post I will put up next.
Hope you guys enjoyed my Stockholm entry. It`s always hard work putting up a post this long with loads of pictures. I do it because I really enjoy posts like this in other blogs myself and it`s fun to look back at. I would love a comment of what you think of my post or if you have any opinions of what you would like to see more of.


Hej! Jag vill bara tipsa om ett thaiställe, Sushibar Wasabi, ett litet krypin på Hötorget i Stockholm som vi svängde förbi av en slump. De har den godaste thaimaten någonsin enligt mig och pojkvännen. Sedan dess har vi varit där flera gånger, med planer på att gå dit igen. Ett hett tips till nästa gång ni är i huvudstaden. :)

Svar: Tack för tipset Susanna :) Fler resor till Stockholm blir det ju säkert.
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-05 @ 12:08:44

S + C = sant! :)

Svar: Aww. Hur söt är inte du då :-*
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-05 @ 19:26:50

Damn, must visit that Pärlan bakery next time me and the missus is in sthlm. Looks mouthwatering. Where the thai-place Koh phangan by any chance? If so, I highly recommend the thaifood. It's awesome, and the decor is just crazy.

Svar: You must! It`s amazing :) Here is the link to their home page so you can check them out. it was Koh phangan. Maybe we`ll try the place out the next time we are in the neighborhood.
Miss Anthropia

2013-08-06 @ 10:50:35

♥♥ sommer♥ fine bilder av dere ♥

2013-08-07 @ 14:05:47

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