Last trip to Gothenburg was not about shopping but as usual when I have decided not to spend money I find lots of stuff I can`t walk away from...
Like this book. I have seen it on other blogs and been wanting it. The price tag has kept me from buying it but when I saw it in a shop window for half the price I rushed in and got it in a heartbeat.
It so beautiful, not only on the outside but it is a joy turning the pages and enjoy the pictures and text too.
I also bought a new shower gel that now is my favorite one. Flying fox smells divine. I kind of long for every shower!
The face mask was free because I brought back a bunch of empty containers and the little white round tab is a face cleanser you use in hot water.
And this necklace. How could I not buy it. It`s perfect. I haven't found a better goat anywhere. and I have been looking for a long time. It`s even better in real life than in my pictures and it lies perfectly against my skin without tossing and turning.
I bought some cd`s and a DVD at a second hand shop. The cd`s where meh.. But the movie I already had seen and wanted in my little collection.
Nice stuff or what?  I am happy at least & kind of broke..


LOOOOOVE the goatnecklace! Where did you buy it?!

Svar: Hi :) I bought it in a little shop at Haga area in Gothenburg. The shop is called El Bastardo and have a webshop too. http://www.elbastardo.se/sv/
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