Grey lace and ill fitting velvet

My shopping needs to stop soon or else I will not be able to eat for the rest of the month! I probably should have a no shop month in October... but it`s just that I am going to arrange a Halloween party and I know there will be some shopping to make a spooky atmosphere^^
Today I ordered some stuff to make home made skin products. I will make a post about it later on when I have received the ingredients and tested it out. I long to be more creative again and can`t wait to try this out.
 I have also received a new dress, heels and cute stockings that goes so well with everything that I will try to make a outfit post again. Maybe it can be done next week. The rest of this week is completely booked.
This Tuesday I was at H&M while waiting for my love when I discovered that they now carry my size in bras! I tried a couple out and actually bought myself a new set. I don`t think I ever can get enough underwear. The set is in grey lace and not black as I usually buy but the black sets didn`t come near this one in comfort.
In the picture you also can see a pair of velvet leggings and new seamless hipsters to use under my workout tights.
The velvet leggings were cheap and from China (ebay), sadly they didn`t fit well, they where a bit to short and tight in the legs and the waist is to wide... typical, otherwise they where just the right fabric and color. I often have that problem with leggings. I guess I am a weird shape.


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