She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure.

Shit, time just fly away don`t it! I have worked really long days and today  I finally had some time off. At least It`s shows on my pay check...
Today was absolutely lovely. I spent some time with a very buisy lady♥
And the days off I had last week was absolutely super too. My parents, my other half and I was having a couple of days in Gothenburg. Tons of food and treats where devoured & It was so great to relax and see each other again.
I really have started to long for the summer vacation now. Some days off and one realize how nice it is.
No house of our liking have shown up yet. But then again there have been a holiday over here and everything seems to stop during. I still can`t stop thinking about it and I am looking everywhere for details to decorate a future house with. Sadly I can`t buy furniture just yet...I have absolutely no place to store them.


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