Last night I finally got to snap a picture of two new findings.
This super nice dome was half off the already reduced price in a store called Åhlens. I have been eying it for a while but I didn`t feel like paying as much as they wanted for it. Feels like a small victory to finally own it for so few coins.
Inside I have displayed a skull, an old feather and my new beautiful bottle. I found the bottle when I was in Stockholm in one of the best vintage stores I have ever visited.
The owner told me it may not be super old but the prettiness made me want it so bad.
I really don`t know what it was used for, but my guess is that it maybe have been a perfume bottle?
It suits my book case very well and even my other half noticed it and complimented it.
The precious bottle. I really have grown an even bigger passion for pretty vintage things after finding so many to my liking this summer.


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