This is now, try to take it all in before it´s only a faint memory

I am now in the very beginning of this years summer vacation. Just knowing how much fun me and my love will have shortly gives me goosebumps. So far we have celebrated midsummer with some lovely friends and relaxing have been a top priority.
This Wednesday we turn our noses north and head towards Stockholm. I can hardly wait to walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, indulge on yummy cakes, look for books and other perhaps laced vintage treasures in all the secondhand shops and stop for a glass of vine and rest our feet at some cozy place.

Such a handsome gang^^
My Cosmos finally started opening it`s pretty little black buds into these chocolate scented beauties. I wish you could smell them too. They look very red in the sun, but actually they are more black/brown in real life.
I eat cherries as often as I can in summer. Suddenly you can`t get a hold of them any more and I plan of have eaten so much of them that I am sick of them until that happens.
The summer have turned a bit colder over here and I take the opportunity to wear as much pretty lace stocking as I can. The only troublesome about this is that I am running out of them!!! and the stores seems to have sold them all out. Maybe I can find some pretties when visiting Stockholm.


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