As I wrote here one of my goals for next year is being more creative. I thought about how I am going to force it out of me and came up with this list of 12 things to do. One for each month of the year, quite doable right!? Because when it all comes down to it I think I should do a new project every week but don`t think I could keep it up.
So if I feel like doing more I just think of it as bonuses.
Here is the list. I didn`t want to restrain myself more than necesseary so I can pic the things to do in any order I feel like.
 Make a headdress
 Alter a pair of boring shoes into something beautiful, weird, cool or tough!
 draw something in pencil
 Make a necklace
  Sow something for the home
 Make a pair of earrings
 Turn a flea market finding into something nice
 Paint something with acrylic
 Sow something to wear
  Make a bracelet
 Pic a Pinterest DIY project and do it!
 Make a own cosmetic or make-up produkt
 Here are some pictures of stuff I have made in past years
A necklace for my mother-in-law
A t-shirt dress for myself
A steampunk cover for my old iphone
A make-up bag sown out of a top that didn`t fit me
A necklace for my friend Ninni
A drawing of a skull we have at home
A necklace for myself out of beetle wings.
Pillows for our new sofa
A cute apron for mum
If you want to see more stuff I have done just click the My Creations link under Category!
Ps! keep your fingers crossed that I get my new laptop today!!! Want it now^^


Totally with you on this, I have so much craft stuff just waiting to be turned into something shiny!! I've got some canvas' and paints too which I've been meaning to use for ages! 2013 shall be the year of creative stuffs!! :D

Svar: Yes! I need to get off the computer and do stuff^^
Miss Anthropia

2013-01-02 @ 16:11:04

Flink du Siv :-)

Svar: :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-01-02 @ 22:21:41

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