Just utterly happiness

After a long and uninspired and slightly melancholic winter I am so glad summer is here. I call it summer because I already have worn summer dresses, sandals and shorts several times already. In my mind this is not possible in a Scandinavian spring!
My love and I had such a lovely weekend too. We had a lot of treats like macrons, ice cream, alcoholic beverages, sushi, grilled halloumi and such. Getting back to everyday food was very heavy. We also had a lot of fun. We visited almost all the local pubs with another couple on Friday, had a lovely walk on Saturday and went on a mini road trip this Sunday.
I had to lie amongst the anemones! They were in full bloom and the landscape where like a dream. Got a couple of glares from the all the families with small children that happend to walk past at that very moment...
Oh well

Cat eye

The big glowing thing is up on the sky and that calls for some new eye wear. I have grown very tired of my aviator sunglasses and since they didn`t cost me to many coins I thought I would get a different pair that gives a totally new look.
I really don`t know if they will fit my face but a pair of cat eye sunglasses are now ordered. Yay!
These were not very expensive either. I could gotten similar ones for almost nothing on ebay but I went with these that I found on etsy instead. I liked the bluish fading color of the glass. Hopefully they will blend well with my goth/metal style or whatever I have on can be called.
These I got last year and have now become a big favorite and still will be worn a lot.
Mine are not from Prada though. Mine are cheap ones I can afford to break...
I usually go for big bold sunglasses. I have a pretty tiny face! and nomal sunglasses tend to look weird and unflattering on me. Can you wear any type of glasses or do you have trouble finding good ones as me?

She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure.

Shit, time just fly away don`t it! I have worked really long days and today  I finally had some time off. At least It`s shows on my pay check...
Today was absolutely lovely. I spent some time with a very buisy lady♥
And the days off I had last week was absolutely super too. My parents, my other half and I was having a couple of days in Gothenburg. Tons of food and treats where devoured & It was so great to relax and see each other again.
I really have started to long for the summer vacation now. Some days off and one realize how nice it is.
No house of our liking have shown up yet. But then again there have been a holiday over here and everything seems to stop during. I still can`t stop thinking about it and I am looking everywhere for details to decorate a future house with. Sadly I can`t buy furniture just yet...I have absolutely no place to store them.

Dark dreams and black soil.

I thought I would start with some really good news. My love and I have gotten a loan from the bank and are now finally on the look out for a house.
I am so exited my stomach turns into a whirelvind every time I think about it. I will finally get my garden, can you believe that! I am more and more obsessively looking for black flowers to plant and I am planning a garden without even knowing how the garden will look like. Suddenly our life looks so much brighter and I feel a lot happier these days. Dreaming of the future is way more fun now.
So far no house in our price range or liking have turned up. But I am looking for it several times a day on different sites. Hopefully it will turn up sooner rather than later.
As you can imagine my Pinterest page is more or less dedicated to dark interior and gardening ideas and inspiration. Some are already prepared and planted in big pots out on my balcony.
Like this amazing Dahlia called Arabian nights.
At the moment it looks like just a pot with soil... But hopefully it will soon grow big and lush with dark velvety  flowers.
I also have a couple of passionflowers in my window sill. They are quite small and boring at the moment but some sunlight and fertilizer I will have looong pretty branches full with exotic flowers.
This year I am going for red and white ones.
The white is called avalanche
And the red one is called Alata.
I hope we can find a house with a big and private garden. We also will have to look for a space where my Christian can scream his heart out and produce more music.
I also dream about having a black kitchen and a bathroom with a bathtub♥ *sigh*
Here is some inspiration pictures from my Pinterest. You can find so many beautiful images there.


How is your living situation, are you happy with it? Or any tips for what to look out for when house shopping other then the usual important stuff?

Luna love

I just realized I miss my blog and even though I thought I weren't going to update it any more I think I will. :)
Tomorrow I am going on at little trip to Gothenburg and this weekend I will be working really late but I will try my best to squeeze in some posts!
Ps: If you have some questions or have something you would like me to write about, feel free to make a comment about it!


My melancholia seems to have fled and my good mood have yet taken over. I am really happy these days and I think the arrival of spring might have something to do with it. I am soaking in every little sunbeam I can get and cherish the dry streets I walk on.
My love and I went for a small road trip last week and the destination was different second hand shops. We found ourselves in a little city called Hjo. It is absolutely beautiful there. It is dead in the winter times and over flooded by tourists in the summer when it is at it`s most beautiful.
It is still cold and the wind made my eyes water like crazy but we still walked around and had lunch at a tiny restaurant on the pier. As you can see we had a window seat and enjoyed the food looking out at the water with cute ducks swimming by.
These cute little guys didn`t mind us at all.
I didn`t find as much cool stuff in the second hand shops as I had hoped for. But a couple of Champagne domes and  pretty napkins got to come home with me. I have been eying these glasses a loong while. Hopefully I can find more of them in the future.

Purple lips and green eyes

I can`t believe I have been away from my blog for such a long time. My plans are to continue writing and I feel a bit better these days so hopefully I can start blogging on a more regular basis.
So what is new since last time?
I have gotten an early start to my "high season working" witch means that I probably am working a bit more than 100% ! Ugh! I am trying to see the positive in it, more money!
My other half and I was on a small trip to Norway to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago. It was really nice and we even had an awesome day in Oslo with a bit of shopping and looking around.
And I have put myself on a detox. I had a lot of trouble with food lately and now I think I finally have it under control. I have even lost a bit of weight witch feels amazing. Maybe I soon can be able to wear some of my clothes again...I would love to wear those black jeans with zipper details I bought and never could wear!!! >.<
I have been shopping a tiny bit lately. Mostly make up with sensible price tags.
I have swatched it all today! Phew..
So here it is!
Lets start with the Viva la diva make up!
I have been looking at this brand for a long time but not gotten around to buying anything before now. They have really low prices and lots of fun colors. I went with a purple lipstick just because I love purple. I don`t know how much I will wear it out but I will certainly rock it at home. It is really pigmented and have a shimmery/metallic finish and smells like some kind of yummy berries. Maybe I can show it on my lips on a later post but at this time my lips aren`t in the best shape and it will not look good.
I also bought this colorful palette. Mostly I bought it because of the green witch is awesome in real life. You will notice there are a lot of green eyshadows coming up....I am on a mission to find the perfect one!
I was really surprised of how pretty they all looked on. Nice pigmentation and easy to work with.
When I got home I noticed that there where one more compartment in the palette!
The hidden colors where really nice too! I think they are supposed to be highlighter and bronzer? but will serve nice as eyeshadow on my pale skin.
Next is a bunch of Wet n wild make up I bought at the supermarket! I had a gift card and used it all on make up and not boring stuff as food ;)
I will start with the palette. As you can see I have been using it for a while already! It is perfect for my everyday make up at work when it can`t be heavy.  It`s not as pigmented as I would have liked but still a real great bargain. And I am crazy in love with the duocrome at the bottom right. It shifts between a pretty blue/grey/green? metallic shade and a pretty brown color.
By the way, all swatches are on a skin toned mineral primer from E.L.F!
I got these three singles
And these two eyeliner pencils.
Sadly my swatch on these are not the best but I think you get the idea. The brulee and Sugar single eyeshadows blends in with my primer and doesn`t really show.. The green Envy is super though! It don`t look good on the swatch but I probably will use this one a lot, Its a really pretty green with metallic in it. Big love!
The pencils are better than expected too. The dark one shows more like a army green in real life and I will use it as a eyeliner when I think black will be to hard looking.
My eyeliner from elf was near empty and going dry so I decided to try this dipliner from viva la diva too.
Here is more of the wet n wild i bought, powder. And a new foundation from Isadora.
As you can see the dipliner is nice and black and has a good soft tip/brush. It`s not the best i have tried ( I like the one from elf better) but will serve me good in my everyday use.
The foundation from Isadora is not a high cover one but with a bit of powder on top looks good . I am not a hundred 100% sure I got the best color for me even though I got help from a lady at the store. Next time I will try another brand anyways. (powder on the left and foundation on the right)
In Oslo I bought this Nyx palette at half off.
I am happy it didn`t cost me a fortune because I am not very impressed. I find this palette boring and all the colors look a bit grey. I don`t think they where easy to use either. Here they are packed on the primer. *yawn*
These eyeshadows from the brand Grimas looked so promising. They where also bought in Oslo. I didn`t have Internet on my phone so I could not look up if they where cruelty free  myself but the sales lady ensured my that they were. From what I can see from their web page they don`t test but that may be only the finished product so this was a guilty pleasure...
They didn`t look very highly pigmented on my swatch so I actually tried them with some water too.
They look so much better when used wet, with the exception from the matte green.
Dry on the left and with water on the right.
Last in line is the mascara from Lumene. I don`t know what made me try a new one...But it promised so much. Long and volumus lahes. Yes please. But is was nothing more than ok for me.
Weirdest wand ever. Looks like a dog chewed on it!

Winter melancholy

I can without doubt say that I am in a really low period. I feel moody, tired and crave bad foods, I have to force down the healthy food i cook. I lack inspiration and just want to curl up in the sofa with a ton of fluffy pillows and soft warm blankets and stay there forever.
I have been a good girl and exercised almost every day and I go to work. I can at least eat fruits and have been living on blood oranges, grapes, kiwis, melons, bananas and apples.
Blogging haven`t been really a priority. I hope I can get back to my old self again soon and bring you tons of fun posts with D.I.Y. , awesome cruelty products and lots of other stuff! I miss it!
I am working on a new necklace and have hopes that I will be back soon to show you how it turned out.
And if you miss me here I am a bit more active on my Instagram. Just search for miss666anthropia!
Foto and editing: Rasmus Fredriksson


I don`t know if you remember my search for a new cruelty free shampoo and conditioner that would work for my hair?! Anyways! I had such trouble with my hair that I gave up on it for a while and I went back to the old shit I was using. I don`t really know why but my hair just turned into a sticky mess and I didn`t want to go outside.
But when my friend Anna posted a pictures of her "before" and "after" hair on Facebook I felt it was about time to try again.
Anna had tried Faith in natures lavender and geranium and I went for exactly the same as it seemed like we had the same hair needs. And I am so happy I did. My hair feels amazing, so much softer and healthier. I can`t remember I ever had this soft hair!
I like the lavender scent but I think I will try the raspberry & cranberry the next time just because I usually like berry scents better. Most of the scent disappear after a little while so you don`t go around and reek like I felt I did with one of the hair products I tried out from Lush! A good thing if you like to wear perfume like me. Faith in nature is vegan, cruelty free, paraben & SLES free, contains no artificial colors or fragrances, is PH balanced and has a biodegradable bottles. Yay, what`s not to like.
I think I have got rid of my worst sugar craving this month and the eating healthy bit is really going well at the moment. I never have sleeping problems but I sleep even better now when I don`t consume as much sugar and alcohol. I have been working out at a regular basis and this is really helping my body and mind lighten up. My skin (acne) is almost all well again thanks to my birth control too! Such a relief. It feels good to be back in good routines. Maybe I can be as healthy, fresh and fit by the end of the year as I was on this pin up shoot!
Photo and editing By Rasmus Fredriksson.
This was my treat this evening. A new exiting vegetarian magazine with tons of food inspiration and a bowl of red currants and raspberries. Such luxury.

Some things are not meant to last forever

I don`t know what`s up with me. My body will not cooperate with me at all these days. Today I have felt a bit under the weather with headache and nausea topped with sweating without reason! I have had a very low energy level too lately but that I cured with more iron in my diet. Hopefully this will just go away soon so I can be the normal me again and start living the way I was supposed to. Maybe then you will get more inspiring and fun updates too. At this moment It just feel a bit frustrating.

My nightstand at the moment. The apple I made myself. It`s dipped with wax and have a ton of black glitter glued on it. It`s so amazing in the dimmed light I hope it will never go bad and rot.

Always kiss me goodnight.

Well it seemes like I just took a big vacation from everything. I have been thinking of getting back to blogging again for a long time but not felt like I have known what to write. Sometimes my drive just dies and I wonder if anyone really cares if I let this place die. I think I still will keep on blogging at least for now and we will see what happens in the future.
One more picture of me from the awesome shoot with Rasmus Fredriksson last year.
I have a lot more of these. So many turned out really good. I love them and hope you do too.

Adult Wednesday Addams

Just found this little series and needed to share them with you! Lol

November Sun

I am in a really happy mood these days. The one big thing that have been bothering me for a couple weeks now is finally settled. The company I work for have been down sizing, a co-worker lost his job and another got fewer hours. Thankfully nothing changed for me as I already work fewer hours on the winter season. Phew!
Then there is the happy news that Christian and I will celebrate Christmas in Norway with my parents and my brother witch I see way to seldom. I can`t wait! We will roam the streets of Oslo, eat lots of Norwegian Christmas treats and I will enjoy watching Norwegian TV!
And not to forget my birthday is tomorrow. Yay!
Already tonight we will go out for dinner celebrating and tomorrow is my day off so I don`t have to work. I have no plans but sleeping in and hang out with my love dosen`t sound to bad.
I got some money from my parents to buy myself a birthday gift I want and I have decided to get the Freak perfume from Illamasqua. Sadly pay pal didn`t work this morning so I will order it tomorrow. Really exciting.
I have also received a gift from a couple of friends. These candle light holders with flames! They fitted our windowsill very nicely.

I am back

Hi everyone. I am back from the adventures away from home. I had so much fun and now I feel totally satisfied but also tired hehe. I have no pictures to show you at the moment but I will share as soon as possible. We had some troubles with the weather. It was not cooperating well with us so we gave up the outside pictures and went to the studio instead. We did get a ton of amazing pictures and with a bit of editing they will be out of this world.
As always it was super nice to stay with Rasmus and his lovely girlfriend and cats. Hope it won`t be so long until next time.
I also got a few audio books I will listen to. Three of them is by Neil Gaiman so I know I will love them. I started one of them last night but after just 10 minutes I was about to pass out so you know I was tired.
This is the one I am starting with.
Is there any of my reader that love Neil Gaiman too? I first dicovered him when I still was in school. And the Sandman comic is a huge favorite of mine.


Hi lovelies
I just don`t have anything exiting to blog about for now! But fun things are coming up. Finally Ninni and I are going to Halmstad to shoot some pictures with the Oh so talented photographer Rasmus again. We are going to do two different shoots. One outside if the weather allows it (not much can stop us) and one inside the studio. I am a bit nervous but at the same time I know I am in good hands.
This week is all about work in the days and preparations the rest of the time. Packing, sorting out what to wear and fixing stuff I need to complete the looks. I also have booked a nail appointment at a new place since I was so disappointed with the last place. Yay! Fun!!!
If you want to take a look at the other pictures we have taken with Rasmus you can click here , herehere , here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and some really old ones here !

Up all night, I got demons to fight

Things are both good and bad at times. I try not to let stuff get under my skin but sometimes you can`t get away. Lately I seem to have let my gard down.
It is nothing that have hit me hard personal but I loose the faith in humanity more and more these days. People are so disgusting and I hope they get what they deserve in the end.

Anyways Halloween is slowly getting closer and I almost have everything for my outfit ready. I look forward for a fun and somewhat scary night with our closest friends next weekend.

Tonight is a really quiet and soft night and tomorrow when most have the weekend off I will be back to work after two lovely days of freedom.
This Friday which has a full moon is celebrated at home with a glass of Amarone.
I feel so honored too. I just heard a draft of my loves new bonus track he is going to release on his vinyl version of the EP Self 2.0. It is the most amazing and beautiful song. I love it so much ♥


Well. The last week I haven`t been that inspired to blog. The inspiration just died and I didn`t even feel guilty to be honest. But don`t worry I will continue with my blog. I just think I need/needed a little break.
Lately I have been sick & had a little food poisening!. I have recovered and gotten my lazy as back into the gym and I have gotten back to work. It feels so good to get going again. I have of course been doing some other stuff in between and I have some pictures to live up this blog post. Nothing special just random ones.
I just love my sushi. I want to eat it every day, all day long^^
Pretty view from a walk
Got some very nice smelling stuff from Lush
Another walk in the beautiful autumn weather. Love my stockings from H&M!
A Instagram pic! If you want to stalk me there I am called MISS666ANTHROPIA
I had this huge lilly bouquet that almost smelled too much in our little apartment after a while.
Instagrammed breakfast!


Yet another chapter in my life has come to an end. The awful visits to the doctor and tons of medication with bad side effects is over. I am talking of my troubles with acne. I was back at the doctors for a last visit today. There is no more to be done. All I can hope for now is that it will go away by itself. I got some advice and some of it is totally useless for me. The doctor recommended some kind of chemical almond peeling that she didn`t think was available in Sweden but they have in Denmark. Well...Thanks, I guess...
Besides that she recommended me to look up cremes that don`t have any kind of oils in them and use a scrub about two times a week. Otherwise I already avoid dairy products and try to eat healthy. I guess I could be better on the healthy eating thing.
All well except that nothing of this will help me with the hormonal problem that causes my acne. Yay...
The doctor also shared some thoughts with me. She had seen an increase of grown ups with acne and how it`s hard/impossible to treat it. She also started talking about our living and eating habits nowadays. She believes it may have come from eating meat from chickens and other animals that have been treated with antibiotics and such. I am kind of sad that I didn`t stop eating meat sooner. And I still eat fish... I guess it`s not to healthy in along run either. I wish I had the inspiration and will to become a vegan. It is just a incredibly hard thing to live by in this society. It is hard enough to be a vegetarian sometimes. I truly believe eating vegan that is the best way of staying healthy and avoiding diseases...
A lot of bla bla bla from me tonight but I just needed to get it out.
No post is complete without pictures. So here are some butterflies I found eating nectar from the Buddlejas we sell at work. They where so busy that they didn`t even care that I came super close with my Iphone.

For it is the sun that gives light to the moon

A second try to snap a couple of outfit shots! This time in the sun light from my living room windows and the camera flash. Maybe a bit better but still not super.
Today was really hot and it just shows everybody that summer is still not gone.
I like dressing comfy and specially when I know I am going to sweat!
So a pair of leggings with a cute bow from Necessary Evil under a super simple cotton dress from H&M that shows off my lace bra had to do. The wedges are my beloved Clinic by Jeffrey Campbell. They pinch my little toe but I don`t care. I just put on a band-aid and keeps on smiling.
The sun glasses are my new favorites. Their size and shape reminds me of the pair Johnny Depp uses in Charlie and the chocolate factory.
I even tried to fix my hair today. But I suck at hair styling. It never come out as I want it to. So when I fail I usually put it up in a ponytail and tries forget about it.  Like today.
Hahaha. Looking good...

Pentangles & spines

I wasn`t sure about posting these pictures. I would love to be better blogger for you and show more of my outfits and how I look on a everyday basis but I really don`t have a good spot anywhere to shoot them in our tiny apartment. I know how I enjoy these posts with others so why not have them myself. There is no room and there is not any place with sufficient lighting inside so I tried out the balcony this time but I don`t think it`s the perfect spot either... Really boring and not inspiring at all, or what do you think?  Is It better to shoot on the balcony than not at all?
To make outfit post outside by myself where everybody can see feels way to awkward. It would be much easier if I had someone who would shoot them for me.  Oh well, I made an effort to try model these clothes so you get to see them this time.
I am still loving my Actual Pain leggings I bought a year ago. They are comfy and cool. Whenever I go out with them I always get a lot of looks by people, good or bad I don`t care. I usually pair them with a long tank top that covers my bum a bit.
My  beloved spine heels have become my to go boots. They are surprisingly easy to walk in and I can have them a couple of hours without wanting to cut of my feet because of to much pain^^
I am crazy in love with the heel and can`t think of anything that would be a better match for me.


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