Sea witch

Just a collage I made. It´s how I would like a beach day to be style wise!
The book I am really close to finishing. Can`t wait until I can read the next Neil Gaiman in line♥


Some new collages from my Polyvore account.

Sabbath time

For some reason a lots of new visitors have found their way to my blog today. Welcome to you all.
Lets celebrate with a new collage from Polyvore that I made tonight. And if any of you have any questions you are most welcome to post them as comments.

Polyvore-Dark Summer

I suspect I have a new time consuming addiction. I created a Polyvore account tonight and have made my very first little collage. It is so much easier to use this account than making them i Photoshop...
My collage is not that good but I guess I will get the hang of this after a bit of practice. I sure did not like the the tight crop that "just happened" around the stuff in the collage.
You can go to my profile by clicking the picture underneath.
It`s a collage of something I can see myself wearing a warm summer day.


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