Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night

This passed weekend was so much fun. The time of my much longed for Halloween party was finally here!
I had planned this party since august when I got a really bad case of "Halloween longing"
We don`t have much room in our apartment so only three couples we hang out with could be invited. I would have been fun to invite all our friends but it was sadly impossible.
I worked so hard for this to happen but I wasn`t even ready when the first couple knocked on the door.
If I had had some more time on my hands I certainly would have been able to present more pictures of better quality. But not all pic where crap, you will get to see them all, good or bad.

I had sent out invitations too in good time so everyone would have the time to plan their costumes.
I also forgot to take pictures of them before I sent them out. Luckily I had the template left on my computer.
The invitation itself was printed on glossy paper and glued on thick black cardboard.
It also came with this little rhyme. I had it cut out in a coffin shape and glued it on the front of the invitation.
Sadly I can`t take credit for the ideas. Most of them I have found on Pinterest. I love that place. I can easily get lost in that world for hours and hours just looking around.
Here are some creepy finger cookies I baked. Also an idea I found on Pinterest. They turned out so damn good don`t you think?
I also made a graveyard. It has little tombstones with everyones name on them. The base is a brownie and I made a fence with broken kitkat chocolate. Yum.
Some of the decoration I had on the table to set the mood
Of course we had a jack o lantern
The snacks was a hit. Everyone was nomming away, some of us all thrugh the evening..
We also served Sangria from a big carved pumpkin.
And here you have me with the sangria pumpkin! Looking a bit stupid^^
I was dressed up as The Bride Of Frankenstein.
And oh did I struggle with my hair, but it turned out super well in the end.
I bought the dress on ebay. Even though I had tons of time I just couldnt find anything suitable in any of the second hand shops I usually visit! I never seems to find anything good there anymore. And I didn`t feel like sewing either..Lazy me.
If you don`t know who/what Bride of frankenstein is, take a look at this video clip.
We decorated with a ton of spiderwebs to get a atmosphere. It is already a bit scary with all the Chucky dolls, Jason merch and Predator stuff but we needed something extra.
A little raven is sitting on the windowsill and the japanese lanterns makes a good company with the pumpkins. There is a skeleton hand in the ivy and we had a couple of skeleton feet sticking out from the bottom of the cutain.
Me and my love
More posing. We are making the worlds biggest "devils horns"
Johnny and Ninni with super scary clown make up. Ugh!
Next to Ninni I don`t look a bit scary...
There where more scary clowns!!!
And skeletons
Just a few more...
The trio
  I am a bit sad the whole thing is over. It was so much fun.
Tomorrow on the real Halloween I will be working but I have at least the evening off. I will certainly watch a scary movie and light up the jack o lantern again♥

Up all night, I got demons to fight

Things are both good and bad at times. I try not to let stuff get under my skin but sometimes you can`t get away. Lately I seem to have let my gard down.
It is nothing that have hit me hard personal but I loose the faith in humanity more and more these days. People are so disgusting and I hope they get what they deserve in the end.

Anyways Halloween is slowly getting closer and I almost have everything for my outfit ready. I look forward for a fun and somewhat scary night with our closest friends next weekend.

Tonight is a really quiet and soft night and tomorrow when most have the weekend off I will be back to work after two lovely days of freedom.
This Friday which has a full moon is celebrated at home with a glass of Amarone.
I feel so honored too. I just heard a draft of my loves new bonus track he is going to release on his vinyl version of the EP Self 2.0. It is the most amazing and beautiful song. I love it so much ♥


Well. The last week I haven`t been that inspired to blog. The inspiration just died and I didn`t even feel guilty to be honest. But don`t worry I will continue with my blog. I just think I need/needed a little break.
Lately I have been sick & had a little food poisening!. I have recovered and gotten my lazy as back into the gym and I have gotten back to work. It feels so good to get going again. I have of course been doing some other stuff in between and I have some pictures to live up this blog post. Nothing special just random ones.
I just love my sushi. I want to eat it every day, all day long^^
Pretty view from a walk
Got some very nice smelling stuff from Lush
Another walk in the beautiful autumn weather. Love my stockings from H&M!
A Instagram pic! If you want to stalk me there I am called MISS666ANTHROPIA
I had this huge lilly bouquet that almost smelled too much in our little apartment after a while.
Instagrammed breakfast!

Happy October!!!

Happy October to you all. I love love love October. It`t the most beautiful month of the year and there is Halloween in the end.  Who can ask for more. 
I thought in the October spirit I would show you this picture my friend and I took last year again. 
I just think it suits this time of year so well.
My redheaded beautiful friend is Ninni Sjölund and it is her boyfriend Johnny Olsson who was the fotographer and artist that made it all look so great.


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