Hi little darlings. My blog lust has been low and so much have been going on so I apologizes for the lack of posts here.  I have been so occupied with work, hanging out with friends, watching memorizing things on my computer, road tripping with my love to second hand shops everywhere and searching for a house to live in.
Other than that my lust for creating stuff is back and I have some projects I am going to start soon♥
I also have been selling some stuff I just have had lying in boxes on a Facebook page and have now bought a super extremely unnecessary luxury item with some of the money I have gathered. I could not have bought it with my hard earned money from work. I could not have justified it. My little luxury guilty pleasure is this gorgeous candle from Voluspa. I hope it will arrive before the weekend. Just look at it`s pretty ceramic packaging, im dying here!
Another thing I have bought this month, but for a much better price I must say, is this super pretty & witchy kimono. I fond it on sale i H&M. I just cant get enough of it and wear it all the time. Perfect for this time of year.

Black velvet & red wine

Yesterday evening turned out alright. Not an epic evening but those are quite rare.
I actually made Chris take outfit pic of me for once. Wet hair and posing in the tiny bedroom where there still was some light was not the best ingredients for an awesome picture, but oh well.
My new Gothic cross tights sadly got a rip the very moment I put them on but I still used them.
And I finally got an opportunity to use my beautiful vintage kimono like jacket, it matched my velvet shorts perfect. I was very happy with this outfit and sure got a few looks when I arrived at the party. But I usually do get that when I meet new people.
My poison of choice for the evening was this bottle of red wine.  I have switched to organically grown wine after I realized how much pesticides there are in most wines out there. I am not the only one that have realized this lately and It really shows in the shelves. Almost every "green" wine was sold out and I bought mine in a really large shop in Gothenburg last time I was there. Maybe we will soon see more and more organic in the shelves and not only in the liqour stores. I would love if all the vegtables and fruit available was organic too. Maybe then it will not be so pricy and I could buy it all♥


My cravings for candlelight is really not normal. I always have at least one candle burning every evening. Yes, even in the summer. As you can imagine I spend a lot of money on this obsession. I have made candles before with those kit`s you buy, but those and not particularly cheap. Therefore I now have been experimented with a new way to make them.
This is my first try and the first candle turned out amazing.
I scented the candle with jasmine and vanilla, soo good. I also made a label to make it more personal.
All I have to do now is to dig in second hand stores for more pretty containers to fill and wait for more fragrance oils to arrive in the mail.
What do you guys think, do you like my candle?
To bad you can`t smell it through the computer/smart phones,



 Suddenly realized I collect beautiful moon pictures from Pinterest..

Moth Moon

Hi guys. What a stressful time I`we had. Ugh. Not only at work but we have had a lot of stress going on at home too. The stress have even made my lip break out with a nasty lip sore :(  But finally I now have the weekend off work and I plan on a slow pace at home. Soon I will be back to normal. At the moment I am sitting at home under a big cozy blanket still i my pajamas and It feels awesome. Not much other than working, eating & sleeping has been going on but one project has at least been finalized.
I don`t know if you remember my jacket that I fixed up with a pentagram of pyramid studs. ! LINK ! It was cool for a while then the studs came falling out one after another because of the stretch in the fabric. So this year I finally dealt with it and with some patches from Poison apple print shop I now have a brand new jacket.
I just love it . It looks so great and I feel that the patches suits my style much better.
The Poison apple print shop has so many amazing prints I had a hard time choosing. And I think the prints I got looks very professional, it was well worth the coins I spent. What do you think. Did it turn out good?

Just utterly happiness

After a long and uninspired and slightly melancholic winter I am so glad summer is here. I call it summer because I already have worn summer dresses, sandals and shorts several times already. In my mind this is not possible in a Scandinavian spring!
My love and I had such a lovely weekend too. We had a lot of treats like macrons, ice cream, alcoholic beverages, sushi, grilled halloumi and such. Getting back to everyday food was very heavy. We also had a lot of fun. We visited almost all the local pubs with another couple on Friday, had a lovely walk on Saturday and went on a mini road trip this Sunday.
I had to lie amongst the anemones! They were in full bloom and the landscape where like a dream. Got a couple of glares from the all the families with small children that happend to walk past at that very moment...
Oh well


I don`t know if you remember my search for a new cruelty free shampoo and conditioner that would work for my hair?! Anyways! I had such trouble with my hair that I gave up on it for a while and I went back to the old shit I was using. I don`t really know why but my hair just turned into a sticky mess and I didn`t want to go outside.
But when my friend Anna posted a pictures of her "before" and "after" hair on Facebook I felt it was about time to try again.
Anna had tried Faith in natures lavender and geranium and I went for exactly the same as it seemed like we had the same hair needs. And I am so happy I did. My hair feels amazing, so much softer and healthier. I can`t remember I ever had this soft hair!
I like the lavender scent but I think I will try the raspberry & cranberry the next time just because I usually like berry scents better. Most of the scent disappear after a little while so you don`t go around and reek like I felt I did with one of the hair products I tried out from Lush! A good thing if you like to wear perfume like me. Faith in nature is vegan, cruelty free, paraben & SLES free, contains no artificial colors or fragrances, is PH balanced and has a biodegradable bottles. Yay, what`s not to like.
I think I have got rid of my worst sugar craving this month and the eating healthy bit is really going well at the moment. I never have sleeping problems but I sleep even better now when I don`t consume as much sugar and alcohol. I have been working out at a regular basis and this is really helping my body and mind lighten up. My skin (acne) is almost all well again thanks to my birth control too! Such a relief. It feels good to be back in good routines. Maybe I can be as healthy, fresh and fit by the end of the year as I was on this pin up shoot!
Photo and editing By Rasmus Fredriksson.
This was my treat this evening. A new exiting vegetarian magazine with tons of food inspiration and a bowl of red currants and raspberries. Such luxury.

Always kiss me goodnight.

Well it seemes like I just took a big vacation from everything. I have been thinking of getting back to blogging again for a long time but not felt like I have known what to write. Sometimes my drive just dies and I wonder if anyone really cares if I let this place die. I think I still will keep on blogging at least for now and we will see what happens in the future.
One more picture of me from the awesome shoot with Rasmus Fredriksson last year.
I have a lot more of these. So many turned out really good. I love them and hope you do too.

There will be a lot more people showing up on your funeral than your birthdays

So happy birthday to me! The day will be spent relaxing and doing nothing special.
This is my favorite photo from the last photo shoot with Rasmus Fredriksson.
I just love the way it turned out. Super pretty and dark.

When the smoke clears

So do you want to see some more pictures from my trip to Halmstad!?
Here is a couple more from the same shoot as the picture I used in my new header.
This outfit was really supposed to be for the outside shoot. But sadly as I told you the weather was so bad we had to give up on our idea and go to the studio instead. We would not risk the camera equipment to get ruined and our make up to wash away...
Hope you like them. I sure do even though it was not at all how we planned it to look.
Rasmus Fredriksson is the photographer and the one in charge of editing.

You need darkness to see the stars

How about it!!! A new blog design!!! Do you like it?
I was so very tired of my old and when I finally had a new picture for my header I felt inspired to fix it. I think it feels so much more relaxing and calm.
The header picture is one of the pictures I have gotten from the weekends foto shoot with the very talented Rasmus Fredriksson.
I changed it a little bit so it would fit my design.
In this post you have the original. Shoot and edited by Rasmus.
I love it so much♥ It really is better in color and it makes my eyes pop.


Good morning everybody.
I see a lot of you are stopping by and I am sorry to say I am a bit too busy for blogging the next couple of days. I am at work and this weekend I am going on fun adventures.
I suggest you follow me on bloglovin so you don`t miss any of my posts!
To get there just click the picture on this post or my bloglovin icon way down in the side bar.

This is a brand new picture from Rasmus and it was a left over from our last steampunk shoot.
I like it a lot and hope you do too.

Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night

This passed weekend was so much fun. The time of my much longed for Halloween party was finally here!
I had planned this party since august when I got a really bad case of "Halloween longing"
We don`t have much room in our apartment so only three couples we hang out with could be invited. I would have been fun to invite all our friends but it was sadly impossible.
I worked so hard for this to happen but I wasn`t even ready when the first couple knocked on the door.
If I had had some more time on my hands I certainly would have been able to present more pictures of better quality. But not all pic where crap, you will get to see them all, good or bad.

I had sent out invitations too in good time so everyone would have the time to plan their costumes.
I also forgot to take pictures of them before I sent them out. Luckily I had the template left on my computer.
The invitation itself was printed on glossy paper and glued on thick black cardboard.
It also came with this little rhyme. I had it cut out in a coffin shape and glued it on the front of the invitation.
Sadly I can`t take credit for the ideas. Most of them I have found on Pinterest. I love that place. I can easily get lost in that world for hours and hours just looking around.
Here are some creepy finger cookies I baked. Also an idea I found on Pinterest. They turned out so damn good don`t you think?
I also made a graveyard. It has little tombstones with everyones name on them. The base is a brownie and I made a fence with broken kitkat chocolate. Yum.
Some of the decoration I had on the table to set the mood
Of course we had a jack o lantern
The snacks was a hit. Everyone was nomming away, some of us all thrugh the evening..
We also served Sangria from a big carved pumpkin.
And here you have me with the sangria pumpkin! Looking a bit stupid^^
I was dressed up as The Bride Of Frankenstein.
And oh did I struggle with my hair, but it turned out super well in the end.
I bought the dress on ebay. Even though I had tons of time I just couldnt find anything suitable in any of the second hand shops I usually visit! I never seems to find anything good there anymore. And I didn`t feel like sewing either..Lazy me.
If you don`t know who/what Bride of frankenstein is, take a look at this video clip.
We decorated with a ton of spiderwebs to get a atmosphere. It is already a bit scary with all the Chucky dolls, Jason merch and Predator stuff but we needed something extra.
A little raven is sitting on the windowsill and the japanese lanterns makes a good company with the pumpkins. There is a skeleton hand in the ivy and we had a couple of skeleton feet sticking out from the bottom of the cutain.
Me and my love
More posing. We are making the worlds biggest "devils horns"
Johnny and Ninni with super scary clown make up. Ugh!
Next to Ninni I don`t look a bit scary...
There where more scary clowns!!!
And skeletons
Just a few more...
The trio
  I am a bit sad the whole thing is over. It was so much fun.
Tomorrow on the real Halloween I will be working but I have at least the evening off. I will certainly watch a scary movie and light up the jack o lantern again♥

Happy October!!!

Happy October to you all. I love love love October. It`t the most beautiful month of the year and there is Halloween in the end.  Who can ask for more. 
I thought in the October spirit I would show you this picture my friend and I took last year again. 
I just think it suits this time of year so well.
My redheaded beautiful friend is Ninni Sjölund and it is her boyfriend Johnny Olsson who was the fotographer and artist that made it all look so great.

Pentangles & spines

I wasn`t sure about posting these pictures. I would love to be better blogger for you and show more of my outfits and how I look on a everyday basis but I really don`t have a good spot anywhere to shoot them in our tiny apartment. I know how I enjoy these posts with others so why not have them myself. There is no room and there is not any place with sufficient lighting inside so I tried out the balcony this time but I don`t think it`s the perfect spot either... Really boring and not inspiring at all, or what do you think?  Is It better to shoot on the balcony than not at all?
To make outfit post outside by myself where everybody can see feels way to awkward. It would be much easier if I had someone who would shoot them for me.  Oh well, I made an effort to try model these clothes so you get to see them this time.
I am still loving my Actual Pain leggings I bought a year ago. They are comfy and cool. Whenever I go out with them I always get a lot of looks by people, good or bad I don`t care. I usually pair them with a long tank top that covers my bum a bit.
My  beloved spine heels have become my to go boots. They are surprisingly easy to walk in and I can have them a couple of hours without wanting to cut of my feet because of to much pain^^
I am crazy in love with the heel and can`t think of anything that would be a better match for me.


I need to show you what Ninni and I did a sunny day a little while ago. We are not like other girls that`s for sure. Instead of just lying on a beach and get a tan we did something we have had as an idea for quite some time. Because of the cold Swedish summers it haven't been to many opportunities to execute it before now.
We wanted to create our own image of Ophelia from Shakespeare`s Hamlet.
The photo shoot took place in a lake nearby that have beautiful water lily's and the perfect atmosphere.
It was hard lying in the water like a dead person and I think I came to a point where I was pretty close to pass out. But after a break with some sugary soda in the warm sun I was back to my old self again. 
My friend Ninni Sjölund was the photographer and the beautiful touches done in Photoshop is the artwork of  her beloved Johnny Olsson. And as you probably can see/understood I am the model. The sneaky little ant that is sitting on my cheek is unknown by name.
I am in love with this image. It turned out really macabre but yet it is so beautiful at the same time.
I know Christian thought it was a bit much to stomach. I can understad why. Seeing your loved one as dead isn`t that pleasant.
What do you think of our image of Ophelia?

Dreams are made of this

My mind is set on summer and because of that I have become a bit lazy. Turning on a computer and stare at the screen haven't been a priority to say it mildly. But today I woke up to a grey sky and suddenly a retreat to it`s world seemed quite alright. My days have been filled with sun worshiping and easy laid back activities such as reading in the shade of my parasol, taking looong walks with my love, eating ice cream and be with good friends ♥
This week we where supposed to go to Stockholm for 6 days but it did not turn out that way. But happy news is that we have booked a another cozy hotel in Stockholm and we are going anyways!!! We are so happy about that and can`t wait to arrive. I really didn`t think we where going anywhere this vacation.
I thought I would post a few summery pictures here just to set the mood.
And if the bad weather are here to stay you will soon have a post with pictures of some treasures I found my last trip to Gothenburg.
I even have a dark but beautiful picture stored for you from a photoshoot Ninni and I did about a week ago.

Devil in daylight

How I love being on vacation♥ I think it is really necessary to have a break from all boring everyday stuff. So far I have been hanging out with my Christian, been a hair model and a been on a little trip to Gothenburg.
I was a hair model for a hair dresser who is building up a portfolio so she can start applying for work.
Her idea for me and the other girl was angel vs. devil.
The poor hair dresser had troubles with my thick, long hair even though she had been warned bout it.
I was supposed to have my hair made into devil horns but they sadly turned out more like a pair of antlers >.<
Despite that I had a great time and I am glad I could help.
Hair, make up, trident & idea: Sara Hammar
Photos: Ninni Sjölund
Angel: Louise Hovbjer

Under the summer night sky

Just 1 lousy day left before the vacation!!! Wohoo!
Friday night Christian and I went out to see a friend preform with his band Mean Streak. I had a blast and was super bummed that I had to go home early because I had to work the day after. It was nice to talk to everybody and have a few beers. We don`t go out much anymore, perhaps it`s time to change that. It is after all summer time with light and warm nights.
It was also a perfect opportunity to dress up a bit. I had on my lovely spine heeled boots that you sadly can`t see in the picture and my beloved top from Spin Doctor, the skirt is from Lip service and is a really old one!
This was the first time in a long while I also had put on make up. I usually prefer very light make up in the summer because everything just melts away anyways. It felt good to be back to my old self. 



Sometimes I get these days when it seems impossible to have time to blog. I guess it`s a good thing called life. Anyways, I thought I would give you an update on how my running is going.
I am sad to say I can`t run. My knees said NO big time. I don`t know the reason, may be many small things put together. Like running on asphalt, being unused to the stress you get on you body while running, my shoes maybe aren't the best for me and maybe I just weigh too much! Guess some kilos have sneaked up on me this winter...
I can tell you that I now at least have started to feel motivated enough to start eating healthy enough to loose weight. The motivation all the other times this winter have been half ass and I have fallen for all temptations.
Yesterday I went on a long walk in the forrest. I felt like it was something I really needed to do. Kind of a reload of my energy and brain. The best part was that the sun was shining and the temperature was high enough to wear a short sleeved top. I also saw a lot of spring flowers popping up in slopes where it gets extra warm.
I got really exited and happy when I saw all the delicate flowers in all the old leaves and took a lots of pictures with my phone. I even saw a couple of butterflies. One Gonepteryx rhamni and Aglais urticae Linné 1758. Unfortunate I didn`t get a picture of any of them. They where far to busy and did not have the time to settle anywhere.
When I got home I had raspberry's as a snack outside in the sunny balcony. I think they taste like summer and a perfect substitute for sugar. If only I had a garden to grow them in. They are just as expensive as gold.
It was really a good day. I have Friday off too and are hoping for just as nice weather then.


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