Good times

I have had such a lovely day today. All weekend I have been lying down with a cold. Today was the first day I felt really well and tomorrow I will be ready for work again whether I like it or not...
My day started with breakfast and some sunbathing the balcony. I even got to read a lot. Summer is the time of year I read the most. I rarely get the inner calm to read the other seasons for some weird reason.
Later on I tried to get into my old shorts.... It`s time to get going with those losing weight plans...
I squeezed into a pair and put on a lose top to hide the muffin-top the shorts made on me and went on a looong walk with Christian. We both needed to get out. He for his back pains and I for some well needed sun and exercise. We stopped for a sushi lunch down town and on my way home I got myself a huge watermelon. One on my favorite things to eat at summertime. I also got myself a pair of shorts to wear until I can get into my old ones. Something that hit me when I was looking through the shops was how shitty the selection of shorts there are for us women. Tons of super short "sexy" shorts in all colors exists. But I had trouble finding a pair of longer, loose and comfy shorts. I guess we are supposed to be showing of all bits at all times. I found myself a pair of cool and comfy shorts on the men`s department instead.
Here they are, they look much better in real life than on the picture!
Sunbathing on the balcony with my hat that makes it possible to read

A little break with my handbag as a pillow!
My love♥
Now my legs hurt and I am super tired. I bet I will sleep well tonight.


OK. So I am finally back. I did suddenly not have any time to write you a last post before going away to Liverpool. But here is the story. My love have some major back pains and when even sitting down is impossible he could not come with us on this trip. It is those things in life that you can`t control and of course we felt super sad and annoyed that it went this way. But when you can`t control it you can`t be to sad about it either. So I swallowed the sadness and said goodbye to my love and went on the trip with my parents by myself. It turned out really well. I haven't seen them in a long time and some quality time together was well needed. I have quite a lot of pictures and are currently working on a post about the trip. But in the meanwhile I thought I would entertain you with this post about my new wish list.
I have been eying the Killstar clothing line for a while but never have I been so eager to click home a lot of their stuff as I am now. But with a bit (read: a lot) of shopping in Liverpool and the possibilities that money can run very low in the household because of the back troubles I try to stop myself.
This dress I found at Felice Fawns blog and immediately wanted.
It took me to Killstars online shop and of course I found a lot of other treasures I would love to have.
Like this dress
Or this cozy sweater
and everybody, boys and girls needs a cool tank top for the summer months
And how perfect would not this tunic dress be at the beach over the bikini??
And how many times have I pinned these earrings at Pinterest?? ME WANTS!
This post on Killstar is not sponsored...I wish.... if you like me love this stuff you can get them at their online shop. I have linked the images above so to shop just click any of them.
I am such a sucker for satanic symbols and images although I am a atheist. For me they are anti symbols for everything I hate about religion and closed minds. If I piss of any Christians by wearing them that is just a bonus in my mind....
If they can they wear their crosses I can wear a Baphomet print if I want to.

A somewhat late contribution to The List!

After a all time high in readers we are back to normal... I guess not many of the new visitors liked my blog. But it`s all good. It would only have been weird if my blog grew to be a popular one. lol
Today I finally had the time to finish the April contribution to my list (ClickClick)
I chose the:
Alter a pair of boring shoes into something beautiful, weird, cool or tough!

Not that I think my spine heels are boring or anything but sometimes one just wants something extra special.
As usual I used crafting supplies lying around home. Scraps of chains, clasps, jewelry making stuff and a bit of an old belt. The only thing I bought was the two small pentagrams.
I made bootstraps that I can use on my high heels. And they turned out so fucking cool♥
I tried them on a different pair of heels I have too.


Finally this work week is over and I can get some well deserved rest. It have been hysteric at work and I am happy get out of there. I only work Monday and then I leave for Liverpool a week. It`s going to be so nice to get away for a while.
The sun had stopped shining when I got home today but I had a package waiting and made some super yummy food so I didn`t feel to sad^^
Tomorrow some good friends will come over and I will also try to finish the little crafting project I have going.
This is what my package had in it, 6! boxes of mineral foundation that I use every day. It`s super! I also got a pair of eyelashes to try out and a high definition powder for those times I want the skin to look the best it can be.
I had bought some vegetarian caviar with wasabi. And oh my god how yummy! Christian and I loved it. I used it n my wraps with smoked salmon, rucola & sour creme. Christian thought it tasted a bit like I had put frankfurter sausage in it. Lol.
A unflattering pic of me on my way to work this morning, but SUN!!!
This is going to be a good weekend. I will make sure of it. Both Christian and I need that now ♥

Follow me

I really don`t like Instagram but I have now downloaded it anyways just to keep up with  a friend of mine that don`t have Facebook...At least I use that as an excuse!
I don`t know how much I will use it but if you want to follow me there I am called miss666anthropia. And while I am at it why don`t you look me up at Pinterest too!
Just click the beautiful cup of tea to get to my page and see stuff I like and use as inspiration. I l♥ve Pinterest and always sit there every time I don`t have anything better to do with my time. So much pretty things and pictures.

If you want to follow my blog through Bloglovin just scroll down a little bit until you see my bloglovin-shoe at the left side and click it!

Take a deep breath and jump in

OK, so this is the first day in a long time I have felt the urge to blog again. The sad thing is that I haven`t done a lot or taken any pictures at all so this post will probably just be a lot of babbling!
My little crafting project was set on hiatus until now. And my plans are to fix the last parts this weekend. The next three days I will be working around the clock. The spring has come and today we even felt a bit of summer temperature sneaking upon us. It have been so F-ing lovely, but it also means that it`s super stressful at work. Everybody seems starved from the lack of sun and nice weather so now everybody runs to us to buy flowers, fertilizers, garden tools and stuff so that they can make their gardens beautiful and useful again.
Myself, I have finally gotten around to plant my little cherry tomato bush in a bigger pot so I can harvest my own super sweet tomatoes later on. This year I am testing out a new kind that gives fruit sooner.
Ah...I am going to take a picture of it so you can see it ;) Brb...
So here it is. Not much at the moment. but it will make me a happy girl.
Everybody should test to grow some edible stuff for themselves. It`s fun and rewarding^^ Tomatoes tastes a thousand times better than the watery ones you buy at the store.
What else is new... oh yes, Christian and I have been at two more apartment showings. The first one was so blah. Super boring place. Ugly kitchen and unsexy rooms...
But the next one I fell in love with. Probably impossible to get. It`s owned by a private renter and he can do as he likes. But I am sure going to terrorize him with calls, emails and begging. Lol.
This apartment has wooden floors, big spacious rooms, balcony with sun in the evenings, good location, cheap rent and best of all a fireplace!!!!!! it would so make my life better in the winters. Can you imagine me curling up in front of the fire with the snow falling down outside, sipping on a glass of vine. I sure can.

The trip to Liverpool is just around the corner too. But with the things going on here with the illness I haven`t really been able to look forward to it as much. We will go to Norway where my parents live in a week and our plane takes off the day after. I sure need this trip now. It will be so nice to forget how things are at the moment and spend some time with my parents which I haven`t seen in a long time.
I hope everything is good with my readers and I hope you have been understanding why I haven`t felt like blogging for a while.

Dark times

There is a reason this blog so suddenly have become oh so quiet... Someone very close to me have become sick. We don`t know what it is yet but we have our strong suspicions. As you maybe can understand the blog has become very unimportant and even all my creativity seems a lost in all the feelings we are going through every day. I feel strong enough to write this at this time and I hope it will be better as soon as I am adapting to his new everyday that lies ahead.
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