Winter melancholy

I can without doubt say that I am in a really low period. I feel moody, tired and crave bad foods, I have to force down the healthy food i cook. I lack inspiration and just want to curl up in the sofa with a ton of fluffy pillows and soft warm blankets and stay there forever.
I have been a good girl and exercised almost every day and I go to work. I can at least eat fruits and have been living on blood oranges, grapes, kiwis, melons, bananas and apples.
Blogging haven`t been really a priority. I hope I can get back to my old self again soon and bring you tons of fun posts with D.I.Y. , awesome cruelty products and lots of other stuff! I miss it!
I am working on a new necklace and have hopes that I will be back soon to show you how it turned out.
And if you miss me here I am a bit more active on my Instagram. Just search for miss666anthropia!
Foto and editing: Rasmus Fredriksson


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