Happy New Year

It`s just pure pain to blog on this computer right now. So I won`t be blogging normal until my new computer is up an running. It`s in the mail right now and will probably be in my hands Wednesday or Thursday.
I wish everyone to have a great new years eve whatever you are doing! I will be spending it with my dear friend Ninni and her boyfriend Johnny as my love is working the graveyard shift taking care of the poor people at the hospital.
Lets hope there will be many new doors opening in 2013

Done some shopping...

I am so tired. I don`t know if it is the christmas food I eat that makes me like this or if I don`t sleep enough. Blah! And I am sad to say so but the super slow laptop I have makes it a nightmare to blog. Everything takes about five times as long as it usually does. It leaves me feeling really angry & fustrated! Just to get pictures from my camera onto the computer can take about an hour... So I just ordered a new one. Hopefully I will get it next week. It was quite expensive >.< but I don´t want a crap one that has to be replaced soon again.
Here it is. Not that good looking but it is the inside that counts ;)
 It`s supposed to be great for editing photos and videos^^ Lets hope it really are as good as decribed and people are honest in their reviewes.

Merry Christmas

Just popped in to wish all my dear readers a Merry Christmas. I hope you all will have a nice time with your loved ones and relax as much as possible. Tomorrow I probably won`t post anything. After all I am working before I can get home and get ready for the celebration that will take place at my parents in law.
To not leave you without any pictures. Here are my Christmas nail design. Needed to cheer up my short nails destroyed from work. Do you like them?

Happy Cthulhu Christmas

 Why why why didn`t I know there is a Cthulhu Christmas calendar for iphone out!!!! I am so sad right now....A little to late downloading it now just 2 days before Christmas eve. This little song helps me cheer up at least ;)

More merry christmas melodies and other fun stuff can be found at the

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society page. They have so much stuff I need!


Sleek Sparkle 2 Limited Edition

When I got my mascara I also got the Sleek palette Sparkle 2. The palette was super nice just like the last one I bought. Nicely pigmented, glittering, cruelty free colors for almost nothing! 139 Swedish kr. Such a bargain.
Here is a swatch of the colors. First from left is Chocolate penny and last in line is Starry night. They lie on a skin toned primer.
I ordered a new mascara from Nyx tonight too. Hope I get it soon!
These last days have been so stressful. Now I have two days off before I have to work Christmas. I plan on taking it wery easy. Just to celebrate a tiny bit I have some yummy sparkeling wine in my glas this evening.
And while Christian works the graveyard shift I plan on seeing a movie on my own tonight. Maybe Kon-tiki or The muppets cristmas carol??

Lash out

Hi. I am wery tired after a super long day at work. But as the super woman I am, I am fixing this post for you. 
I  have got a new package ordered from Smink.net once again. The reason of yet an order was that my last mascara from Nyx didn`t work for me. I did not like the wand. Could not get the hold of my lashes and could not get any lenght or volume. The formula was ok though. It did not smudge or fall off the lashes and make me look lika a panda. This time I tried Sleeks mascara Lash out. I liked the wand but not the formula. The total oposite from Nyx.. It would not dry and because of that my lashes got stuck toghether... I don`t want spider legs around my eyes so I will be needing a new one soon. To bad it`s hard getting Gosh mascaras here in Sweden, heard a lot of good stuff about them. The search for a new good cruelty free mascara goes on!
Here you have my eye totally without make up. 
And here with the Lash out mascara before it had gotten my lashes stuck together like spirderlegs!


Because of the Christmas music torture we have at work I can`t listen to the usual Christmas songs anymore. I am so extremely sick of it you can`t imagine. 
I am super happy that they don`t stream my favorite "Christmas tune" all day long. I don`t want to get sick of this too... 
I think this bit is so wonderful and filled with a magic feeling.
It is Dance of the sugarplum fairys by Tchaikovsky`s Nutcracker suite Op.
What is your favorite Christmas song?

Lime Crime Candy Apple

So I finally got the Lime Crime goodies I ordered at the Black Friday sale.
And Wow! I am so happy. Just look at the color of this lipgloss. It`s perfection. The prettiest red I ever saw. I don`t think I have ever worn a more beautiful color on my lips. I can just imagine how it looks under some rays of sunlight. Right now I am glad just to have caught some daylight to show it off to you in.
I will be needing a lip liner though. It bleeds a tiny bit and it will show to well on my pale skin.
None of the pics have been altered in photoshop. All natural light and colors in these.
I also got the silver eyeliner. But I havent had the opportunety to try it yet. It looks good on the swatch I did on my hand at least! Maybe I will make a post about it later.
Do any of my readers have anything from Lime Crime? 


Yesterday was Lucia. We got up early to watch the celebration on tv and had Lucia buns & gingerbread cookies for breafast all curled up in the sofa under the blanket. It was very cosy.
Afterwards we decided to go for a walk. It was seriously cold -18 Celsius to be precise. But so absolutely breathtaking beautiful. The frost coverd everything and the sun made it all glitter. A magic wonderland.
animate a gif 
But yesterday wasn`t all about snow and Lucia. We had tickets to see The Hobbit. I almost never thought the day would come! And I of course loved it. I didn`t remember too much from when I read the book long, long ago. But it didn`t matter.
I wish I hadn`t seen it in 3D though. It just gave me a hard time focus and I had to take off the glasses several times because the where so heavy and made my nose hurt really bad. When I did, the movie was so much brighter and so much easier to take in as a whole. If I was to see it one more time I would definitly not seen it in 3D. Just a thought for you who haven`t seen it yet.

December weekday luxury

These days I have been a busy little bee. Not a moment to blog. But it is only positive stuff going on so I can`t complane.
Tuesday I had the day off besides a work dinner at the evening. So Christian and I spent the whole day together out in our little town.
This was my outfit of choice this day: my new, super warm winter coat and my beloved Demona boots. With some lacy purple leg to go with it.
Hungry after a spinning class early that morning we had lunch at the best sushi resturant we know of. I managed 12 pices. Yum!!! I actually get hungry just looking at this picture. How I wish I can go to Japan someday. A goal for 2014 maybe.
As usual we went to our local second hand shops( I didn`t find anything )and had a cup of coffee afterwards. 
I ate Key lime pie for the first time and was not impressed. Belive it or not, I did not even finish it... Maybe it was the recipe, but it was just not that nice. 
I did not have any big plans on getting a new dress for Christmas and New years eve. But this day I found one!
It was the first thing I laid my eyes on when I walked over the doorstep and into this cosy shop I would like to run one day. I tried it on and imagened it with my striped stockings and teeze heel which resulted in the buy.
It`s from Spin Doctor and is called Erebus. It has a nice heavy feel to the fabric, is well sown & you don`t feel to naked with the cute hood covering your shoulders. It has a underskirt that helps the skirt move nice and it gives you a really nice shape. Need I say I am happy with it.
Here you can see it hiked up with the straps the way I am going to wear it. 
How I adore days like this. Just easy going and together with my love doing simple things we like.
Have you done anything special this week? 

Thoughts & plans

Lately I have been thinking of the past year and the one coming soon. I probably should think more of christmas in these times but next year seemes to me so much more exiting.
2012 have been in all a ok year but with ghosts of the wrong kind lurking around. I have let them cotrol me to much and I have not been getting the results I have been wanting.
If you remember I have this year been wanting to care less what others think and do more of the stuff that makes me happy. Next year I will take it to the next level. 
To get there I have been pinning goals in my head and now I will finally put them to words.
My health goals are:
 Start running 
I want to be able to run 10 km. Due to my ankle I could not do this 2012 but spring 2013 is on!
Reach my goal weight
Enough is enough. By the end of 2013 I will be done with this. No more excuses. I wan`t to be the best version of me that I ever can be. Healthy, fit and happy about myself. Inner peace.
 Get rid of my awful acne
Who wants to put on a ton of make up every single day because of the need to hide awful skin.
If the new medicine don`t clear this up I will try the next alternative in medicine that the doctors wanted me to use as a last option...
My more Fun goals are:
 Travel more
I am going to Liverpool in UK, But I want to at least travel to one more country besides Norway. I also want to do more excursions in Sweden. Stockholm or some other fun town with lots of suff to do. I love to see new places and In good company of my loved ones.
 Be more creative
I need to do more creative stuff like sowing, painting/drawing, jewlery making, photographing & nail art. More food for my soul.
I think my goals are reasonable and should be "easy" enough to fulfill.
Have any of you been thinking of next year and what you want out of it?

Poison apple apothecary

When the weather is cold and the inside air gets all dry I need my body lotions/butters almost every day. And in the search for good cruelty free produkts I have found several. My latest find is from Poison apple apothecary on etsy.com. They are just lovely. I love them even more than the body shops body butters. In comparance these don`t have that long lasting scent that makes it impossible to use your perfume at the same time. And it don`t leave you with that thick sticky residue that body butters usally do.
The scents are super nice and easy to like too.
I bought
Pumpkin Marshmallow: (Halloween special edition) "a perfectly balanced blend of fluffy toasted marshmallow and pumpkin. Sweet, creamy, and with a dash of spice"
December Poison:  "a dark wintry scent. Deep purple figs offer a sweet top note while golden amber and fragrant myrrh offerings round out this perfume"
Wonderlace: "a scent that truly captures the hope of what is to come. This breathy floral perfume embodies innocence, optimism, and eternal hope. Notes of white rose, jasmine, gardenia, baby's breath and patchouli will remind you of a sweeter, simpler time"
They look nice in my bathroom too!
To get to the shop just klick the image

Mirror, mirror on the wall which is the fairest flower of them all

Outside the snowflakes are going crazy. It will be a challenge walking to work. But I don`t mind. I love the festive feeling it gives. And staying inside under my cosy plaid is even better now!
Yesterday was all about sowing.... And in the end it did not turn out the way I wanted it to. The fabric I used did not behave like I wanted. And Instead of a flattering skirt in lovely black and white stripes I got something that looked like a stiff lampshade. I will try it once more with a petticoat under. But if that don`t work I will have to surender and give it up. I have other sowing plans though. I just have to get around to buing more fabric, stuffing and eyes!
I need to show you the amazing bouquet I had on my living room table the last week. Amaryllis is so darn beautiful and one of my favorite flowers for christmas. I had 12 in one vase. One of the perks of working in a flower shop is to be able to take care of those flowers to old to sell by date markings. These were just as beautiful as they would have been bought new. I need to apologise for the crappy photos though. I need to stop beeing so lazy and pull out my Canon camera more often. Espesially now at dark winter times.
Do you have a favorite flower? Or do you have several favorites like me?

The Dark Crystal

Christian and I watched the movie The Dark Crystal tonight. And I loved it. It`s kind of like the Never Ending Story but better. It gives my a fuzzy varm feeling^^ It`s from 1982 and is made with humans in puppet costumes! It have gotten 7.1 rating at IMDb if you care about that. Just a tip!

And with the sun she raised from the dead

I barely survived this weekend. With a bad cold I "had" to work... The fever was kind and only tormented me at night so I was well enough to go to work during day.(not really, but) 
All energy was used up when I got home and the only thing I managed to do was sitting under my plaid and turn pages in a book.
Today I feel better and the weather outside is just pure magic. Everything is covered in glittering ice and the snow lighten up even the most boring scenes. I wish it would stay like this all winter long.
I have to go to work today too but tomorrow I have one day off at least. I think I will use it for somthing creative. 


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