Merry Christmas

Just popped in to wish all my dear readers a Merry Christmas. I hope you all will have a nice time with your loved ones and relax as much as possible. Tomorrow I probably won`t post anything. After all I am working before I can get home and get ready for the celebration that will take place at my parents in law.
To not leave you without any pictures. Here are my Christmas nail design. Needed to cheer up my short nails destroyed from work. Do you like them?

Bats, glossy red & black lace

New nail design! I did this after Christian went to his graveyard shift, pretty tired I was...But it turned out ok anyways. How can you go wrong with black and red. 
I have felt like red nails forever now but not had the time do them. So finally!
Here they are. 
The lace is from Konad plate: m57 and the bat image is from Bundle monster plate: bm-213.
Gothic nails♥
Sorry for the bad quality pictures. My photoshop stopped working and I had to use paint........
( NINNI!!!! I need your help with this when you have the time :( )


Well, I thought I would show you some polish I have used lately.
Anna from Vintagehopes was super kind and sent me some O.P.I godness from UK. 
This is the cute package she sent me. With Hello Kitty on it ^^
It had these beauties in it 
Nail envy, Just spotted the lizard, My private jet, Alpine snow & Dutch ya just love OPI
I only have proper pictures of Just spotted the lizard for now but I will show you the others in time.
You may get more of the Lizard because I didn`t get it in natural light. 
It is just love in a bottle for me. So gorgeous. Last time I had it for a whole week. That is a long time for me.
Even my shoe-repair-man complimented me on this color.

Another design I have had is this matte black with silver tips. A favorite design for sure. 
I used China glaze Liquid leather, china glaze matte magic and Isadora silver sparkles

 So cool in it`s simplicity. Next time I think I will have silver nails with matte black tips.


Good morning

Today I`m soon off to see the little "house" we are thinking of buying. I`ts really a house for two familys. And there are a couple of question marks I need to clear up. We are also  thinking that it`s a bit overpriced!?...It probably needs some new floors and stuff. We`ll see. Hopefully we are the only ones looking at it so we could push the price down!
Right now I am drinking my morning coffee out of a new mug that Christian bought me from Finland. I didn`t expect anything! He is the best♥
It`s a Moomin mug and it has Stinky on it. So cute! Now I can start collekting them. Yay!
 By the way. This is my nails today. Dark navy with blue tips. 

Golden Owl

Now that I`m finally able too use my new Bundle monster image plates I had problems choosing a design. At last I decided for the Owl design on plate BM-309.
First a base coat and just one layer of one of my all time favorite polishes Envy Me from H&M. A deep emerald green. Almost a shame that I stamped over it.
For stamping I used the Isadora 652 Gold Sparkles. And of corse Seche Vite as my top coat.
Cute, don`t you think?


I am really happy today. The feeling of finally taking a step forward in our search for a new place is amazing. Next saturday I am going to take a look at at a place that may be something for us. Not to expensive, a bit bigger, not as close to idiot-neighbours as we have now & a little garden!!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed! 
I am a expert of thinking to long ahead and have already started to plan gardening and wallpaper........
Blue or purple Hydrangeas and where will I put the corylus....
I will try to not get my hopes up too much. We don`t even know if the bank will lend us money or if it actually looks as good in reality as it does on the pictures... And do we want to move to the neighbourhood???
Now on to some other stuff I finally have done! My nails. Yaaaayyyyyyyy
Here are my nails from this morning.
And how they look now
I love the feeling of new long nails. I feel so much more pretty and put together.
Maybe I will have some time over tomorrow for some konad stamping. Today I have been busy with vacuming,  cleaning dishes and laundry..

Midnight in Moscow

I really feel like dark colors right now and when I went trough my collection of nailpolishes tonight I fell for Midnight in Moscow by O.P.I. It is a dark red almost brown, kind of reminds me of clotted blood. And it has little bronze/gold-ish shimmer in it which you see well in the light of a lamp or in the sun.
It actually was a gift from my mother-in-law, She has good taste. 
There is no doubt that it would look better on a bit longer nails. I will have a close look at my economy and see if I can afford new getting new ones done this month.. I miss them so. I can`t even fit konad stamping on them right now. They are just too short for most of the designs.

sun and nails

Hello! Yesterday I had the day off so both Christian and I slept looong before we finally got up and decided to do something fun. We wanted to get away from the rain and visit one of the cities not too far away where the sun was shining. We just walked around, had some food and felt the sun against our skin. Lovely.
The sky was beautiful with the clouds.
We tried to get a picture of us and the lake. Cute picture, but we didn`t get the water in the pic with us hehe.
"Cool" me :P And a little bit of the lake. It was a great day. 
Tonight after the work I managed to fix my nails again. 
Small ghosts? from my new Bundle Monster plates that reminds me of Boo in super mario bros.
This is what I used: 
MIYO-Mars. Seche Vite- top coat. Konad-white stamping polish. Bundle monster-plate nr.302
Do you remember Boo? And do you like my manicure? I think It`s cute even though my nails are short. It will only last a day because of work. Sad but true!

Little Devil

I tried to fix my sad and short nails with some stamping. I really miss my long acrylic nails. Right now I can`t afford to get them done again so I`ll have too bear with it.
I have new stamping plates from Bundle Monster.
Cute devil, don`t you think? The big one didn`t fit my small nails so I had to use the little one.
Bonus pic of me from this morning, on my way to work...tired and sad because I wan`t to have the day off when the sun shines >.< Thankfully some black metal in my ears ease the pain ;)

Mint and Violet

Finally home after a long day. First I had a visit at the hospital to talk to a skin specialized doctor. And then I had a really long work day. Phew!
And like that wasn`t enough.. My stomach haven`t been well in two days. I wonder why??? Hmm.
Did my nails again last night. Sadly enough I didn`t let it dry long enough so it didn`t turn out so nice as it could have.  All you get is bad cellphone pictures. Can`t be bothered with dragging out the good camera to take pictures of such a sad manicure.
The colors are a dark violet from H&M and a mint green from E.L.F
Tomorrow is also going too be a long day. First off a workout at the gym and then work all day and eavening >.<

Gold-tip-nails and yellow roses

Im working myself through this easter thing! Vacation what is that? ;) I really don`t care so much about it because Christian is recording all day and my family is all the way up in Norway. After all holidays are all about spending time with the ones you care for.
I will at least show you my manicure.
Orly`s "space cadet" layerd over H&M`s "man hunter" with Isadora`s "gold sparkles" on the tips.
I think it turned out nice. I`m looking forward to see it in daylight tomorrow!
These roses are my only Easter decoration this year.

Saturday shopping and nails

Today was a nice day off from work. My good friend Ninni and I hit our little town for some shopping and sushi. I always have a god time with her and we hang out for hours before she had to get home to her boyfriend and dogs.
I did`t shop as much as I thougt I would do. Always a great thing haha.
I had done my nails the night before. They turned out ok.
Silver base with bundle monster stamping in black.
In my hand I have my newly bought blush! A light pink one that suits my pale skin.
New sunglasses... My other ones where too dark!!!
I decided to try a new shower cream from The body shop. My old one is empty and was also sadly limited edition. But hopfully the raspberry one is just as good for my skin.
I also thought I would give this magazine a try when the "normal" ones don`t really appeal to me.
I like the pin up style (don`t weat it a lot though) and this is probably the closest I can get to what I like stylewise...
Tomorrow I have new awsome steampunk pictures to show you!! So don`t forget to check in! Good night:)

Glittery snow leopard!

Well, I did my nails again last night and this is how it looks.
The ring fingers sticks out with a kind of white base and black spots. The others are black based with white spots and a layer of holo-glitter. It is kind of cool but a bit too much for me. I like cleaner look really...Or..I can`t decide!
Ring fingers are white with a layer of Gosh rainbow flake polish.
It will suite the nights activities. Drinking wine and listening to music with some of my girlfriends and my boyfriend Christian.
Do you like it?

Konad nail stamping art (My first video!!^^)

It`s been a while since I had posted anything about my nails. They don`t look quite as hot as i wish. This month haven`t been easy money-wise and because of that i haven`t had the opportunity to replace my acrylic nails.
But.. you are lucky. You will now get this great post even if my nails look shitty!

I know there are quite a few of you who have been wanting to know how I do the manicure designs.
So here we go.. Hope you will understand...
First of all I use Konad stamping tools. You can get them at Nelly if you live in Scandinavia. If you don`t, I know you can get them on ebay.
1: Image plate holder
2: Image plate, this particular plate is not Konad but Bundle Monster. I got it on
3: Scraper. I use an old plastic card because i broke my metal scraper.
4: tool to pick up the image and place it on your nail.
You will also need this:
1: base coat.
2: Nailpolish! Apply as many layers as you need to get coverage
3: Special stamping polish! Or you can use a thick and well pigmented nail polish...
4: Top coat. I use a fast drying one...makes your life a bit more easy ;)
(The top coat is important. Use it over your colored nailpolish. If you screw up your stamping it is easier to remove it from a nail with top coat, it helps you to not screw up the color underneath)
5: Nail polish remover. Even if you don`t screw up you will still need it to remove the stamping that gets on your skin.
6: Cotton, soaked in the nail polish remover to clean your stamping tools between every nail. And cotton swabs to get the stamping polish off your skin near your nail.
Here you have my first video ever..
The quality sucks but i think you will get the idea of how i do it.
In the video you will see me stamping my already painted and dry nails.
The finished result! Snakeskin nails.
The gold color underneath is "gold sparkles" from Isadora.
Well, what do you think? Did it help you to understand how i use konad to get my cute nails? Please tell me. And feel free to ask me any question you may have.


I dag skall ni få se en helt brutalt snygg nagellacks kombination perfekt för hösten!
Jag använde mig av OPI`s Mörkröda nästan brunsvarta lack Midnight in Moscow som bas med ett lager av Gosh`s Rainbow över. Jag hade inte väntat mig att kombinationen skulle bli så här äckligt snygg och jag hade turen att kunna fota det i solsken. Som ni kan se så syns alla Rainbows toner från giftgrönt till guld till mörk koppar. Älsk!
Nått som föll dig i smaken?

Satanic nun

Herre gud ;) Hur cool blev inte min senaste manikyr???


I måndags så slängde jag på en manikyr snabbt innan jobbet! Det var ju för fasiken halloween och då dög det inte med vanliga franska naglar^^
HM`s svarta lack "manhunter" Och Mavala`s vita nr.49 på ringfingrarna. Seche vite som bas och överlack.
Och sist men inte minst 3d stickers.
Visst är spöket för gulligt.
Haunted house
Denna halloween manikyren var mycket enklare än min förra. Tror jag gillar denna mer.

Scary scary....

I veckan som var hade jag en lite galen men söt manikyr.
Lila och svart lack från HM som bas och lite 3d stickers jag köpte i Österrike på en rolig nagelbutik.
Vad tycker ni? För mycket ;) ? eller grym?

Not like the movies

Vill visa fram ett av mina favoritlack! Tur för mig att jag gillar det så mycket, för det är oförskämt dyrt. Hela 150 sek går den på om man köper den över disk..
O.P.I `s "Not like the movies" är från en kolletion av Katy Perry. Lacket är duokromt, det skiftar mellan grönt och grålila. Det är rätt skirt så jag använder det alltid med ett mörkt lack under så jag slipper måla tusen lager. Det är jättevackert för sig själv men senast valde jag att köra med lite stämpling ovanpå.
Då använde jag mig av Konads lila speciallack jag köpte i Österrike. Konadplattan är nr. M57.  Seche vite fick agera både under och överlack.
Vad tycks, nåt ni skulle vilja ha på era naglar?

Spiderwebs & white leopard nails

Kolla in mitt nya fina armband. Som ni kanske fattat (se bloggens fina ram) så gillar jag spindelväv. Det är fruktansvärt vackert. Armbandet fyndades på glitter för nån vecka sedan. 49.90 tror jag det kostade. Och nu passar det ju extra bra då halloween närmar sig.
Dessutom har jag en ny tuff manikyr. Fixades i går kväll framför ett par episoder av Dexter.
Hm`s svarta lack "Manhunter", Seche vite som bas och överlack ,konad stämpel platta M57 och konads vita special lack. Ni får ursäkta mina skadade och torra händer. Det går hårt för sig på jobbet i bland...
Vad tycker ni?
Nu blir det att hitta på nåt skoj resten av dagen innan mitt gull måste dra och jobba igen. Typiskt at vi inte prickar in våra lediga dager ihop. Vad gör ni på eran lördag?


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