Opals and age

Happy birthday to me! I have always felt a bit old and now I feel i`m finally catching up. In high school my teacher was a bit wondering to what my age really was. She thought I had such wise thing to say and that I acted much "better" than my much older classmates. It haven`t always been the case though but I have always felt I have a old soul. Today I turned 32 winters, hopefully I still have many more to come!
My day didn`t turn out anything like I expected but that just shows me that you never now whats around the next corner. It still was good and I have gotten such amazing presents I can`t believe it!
With my parents I am going to get a combined birthday and Christmas present. It`s a winter coat sewn after my measurements in cashmere, lined with silk! Can you imagine. I have never ever owned such a luxury item. I will treasure it and hopefully you will see it when I get it this Christmas.
With my parents in law I got money so I could order the Illamasqua Freak Scarab perfume I have been drooling over for so long.
With my beautiful friend Ninni I got a day at the SPA. And with my love Chris I got a vintage 8-bit NES console with games! I feel spoilt rotten and are not really sure that I have earned it.

Just a couple of days before my birthday I decided to treat myself to something too. I went online on Etsy to find a antique ring. And ended up with something else! I fell in love with a opal ring in an amazing sterling silver setting that turned out to have a special story behind it.
From the page:
After World War 2, Guy James opened a jewelry store in East Tennessee. It was in a small town with mostly farmers and some factory workers. He was unable to sell much gold jewelry or his favorite...antique jewelry because most of the folks he dealt with just didn't have the money. So he began to take beautiful antique gold jewelry and make molds of them and then recast them in sterling silver. He became known for his beautiful, quality and unique pieces. Mr James died in 1991. After his death, his wife just closed the shop. The jewelry just sat. She passed away in 2011 and I have been commissioned to sell the contents of the store. When I asked the son why none of this had been sold before , he told me that his mom would not allow it because she said there was a piece of their father in each piece.

I probably will feel it`s more OK to wear this on a everyday basis than a antique ring because it is a bit lower priced.  And I didn`t even have to give up on antique look I was searching for.

Birthday & Christmas wishes

My birthday is almost here and Christmas too so I thought I`d make a little wish list. Maybe you can get some tips and inspiration too.
I actually don`t think any of these are suitable for gifts because they are so expensive. But It´s nice to dream sometimes ;)

This perfume I will get for myself if my paycheck can manage it that is...
Cruelty free perfumes is so hard to find and sometimes the stuff in Lush feels a bit simple and more for everyday use. I love my other Illamasqua perfume but I have a feeling I will love this even more.
Blood Orange, Neroli Absolute and Ylang Ylang awaken and entice the senses.

Davana Oil entwines with Egyptian Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Queen of the Night to form a sensual heart.

The warmth of stewed plum creates a distant depth, leading to the rich ancient accord of Mousse De Sax- Geranium, Anise, Moss and Leather.
These Bat girl heels from Jeffrey Campell are so damn cute. Helloooo ♥
This amazing ring from Macabre Gadgets. *Le sigh*
This make up bag found on The curious nedle on Etsy has the best cat print!
Found on Etsy
This new great thing from Too faced
Also I would not mind this coat from Sanctus


Hi little darlings. My blog lust has been low and so much have been going on so I apologizes for the lack of posts here.  I have been so occupied with work, hanging out with friends, watching memorizing things on my computer, road tripping with my love to second hand shops everywhere and searching for a house to live in.
Other than that my lust for creating stuff is back and I have some projects I am going to start soon♥
I also have been selling some stuff I just have had lying in boxes on a Facebook page and have now bought a super extremely unnecessary luxury item with some of the money I have gathered. I could not have bought it with my hard earned money from work. I could not have justified it. My little luxury guilty pleasure is this gorgeous candle from Voluspa. I hope it will arrive before the weekend. Just look at it`s pretty ceramic packaging, im dying here!
Another thing I have bought this month, but for a much better price I must say, is this super pretty & witchy kimono. I fond it on sale i H&M. I just cant get enough of it and wear it all the time. Perfect for this time of year.

Garnet star

Since the last days have been really unpleasant because of stomach issues so I put on my best red lipstick and my darling vintage garnet brooch to cheer myself up.
The brooch I found this summer in Fåfängan in Gothenburg. I bought it from the most gorgeous and kind girl that works there. You can find her on Instagram called stormvild and the shop called fafangansantik. I visited the store several times and bought more treasures I am going to show you some other time.
My brooch probably origins from the 1800th century and the deep red stones are garnets. There are a lot of these around and is easy to find in antique shops or on line. I have flat cut stones in mine but you often find them with more faceted rose cut stones instead. I plan on getting more garnet pieces to my collection. Lately I don`t seem to want anything other than vintage/antique jewelry. I feel it`s more special to wear something not everybody else have. I see this with my clothes too but it´s so much harder to find what I want in that area so I just will have to seattle for some pieces to compliment my normal clothes.


Lately I have been wanting to shop myself to death. I always seem to find irresistible stuff, especially when the money is low. And sadly my birthday and Christmas feels to far away!
One of the items I am so eager to get into my home is the other perfume from Illamasqua. I already have and love my Freak perfume and tend to use it for the more special occasions to save it. And now I really want the Freak Scarab Extrait witch is limited edition.
One is not particulary spoiled with cruelty free perfumes either...

Blood Orange, Neroli Absolute and Ylang Ylang awaken and entice the senses.

Davana Oil entwines with Egyptian Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Queen of the Night to form a sensual heart.

The warmth of stewed plum creates a distant depth, leading to the rich ancient accord of Mousse De Sax- Geranium, Anise, Moss and Leather.

Don`t it just sound amazing!? It`s £85 witch is way to much for me at this moment :( Someone please buy it for me. You can get it at Illamasquas webshop ->here<-

Winter is coming

...and I am prepared!!
Knowing that I`m soon going to constantly freeze I finally made the move and ordered a super cozy heat blanket. I looked and longed for it during the whole winter of 2013 but found it too expensive. This time around it was much more affordable. It was on a sale and with an online discount code it was a much more sensible buy.
It is probably hard to see in the picture but it is in fake fur and brown in the colors. I just know I will be snuggling under it reading and relaxing for hours and hours this winter.


Last night I finally got to snap a picture of two new findings.
This super nice dome was half off the already reduced price in a store called Åhlens. I have been eying it for a while but I didn`t feel like paying as much as they wanted for it. Feels like a small victory to finally own it for so few coins.
Inside I have displayed a skull, an old feather and my new beautiful bottle. I found the bottle when I was in Stockholm in one of the best vintage stores I have ever visited.
The owner told me it may not be super old but the prettiness made me want it so bad.
I really don`t know what it was used for, but my guess is that it maybe have been a perfume bottle?
It suits my book case very well and even my other half noticed it and complimented it.
The precious bottle. I really have grown an even bigger passion for pretty vintage things after finding so many to my liking this summer.

velvet dream

Oh my, how time flies by so quickly. My vacation is now almost over. Just two days left to do everything I haven had time for before!! My love and I can`t complain. We have had some amazing weeks together. I have been using to much money plus that our car seems to break down every other day now so It`s good that we have jobs to get back to.

Somewhere in the middle of my vacation my lovely vintage Velvet piece got delivered. I just love it. It`s even better than I expected. It has a 1920 feel to it but it may be much younger. If anyone have a good nose for how old it may be feel free to give me a comment about it. I would love to know. It has no tags and looks a bit like it could have been home sewn!

And men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her veins

We are home, but only for a little pit stop. Tomorrow we are on our way again. Sweet summer life. I love being on the road. So much to see and so much fun to do with my love.
I have been shopping to much though. My coins are starting to get low but with so many shiny treasures you just don`t want to regret not getting them.
Here is one of my new ones.
The most comfy dress I have ever owned. It feels just like walking around in a night dress.  And don`t get me started on the print♥
If you want one for your self you can get one *here*

Velvet & Silk

Yesterday morning I were surfing a bit before going to work. One of the sites I usually stop by is Etsy. So much pretty stuff ♥ I stumbled upon a vintage piece of clothing and fell in love. I didn`t buy it immediately but as I went on with my surfing I could not stop thinking of it and got very scared someone else would buy it and I would never see the prettiness again. Oh the horror!!!
Luckily I had some extra money on my paypal account so as I hit the buy button it didn`t feel to expensive either.
I just can`t wait to get it! Typically it´s located in USA and probably will not arrive before a month has passed. I would had loved to have it on my vacation trips but I guess I will survive.
I am going to search through all the second hand shop I can find during my trips. Sadly I usually don`t find any pretty clothing but maybe luck is turning. I did find this piece didn`t I!


I have in the passed 6 months or so grown a love for kimonos. I really want a burnt velvet one I have found to be too expensive. Maybe it will be mine if I save my coins for a while. But a girl can`t wait for an eternity so I found a replacement to wear instead (or until the pretty will be mine...) This I find much more simple but also pretty with a lace back and sheer chiffon. I wore it out this Friday with a pencil skirt, lace stockings and a simple camisole with buttons in the front. To tie the whole thing together I used a broad waist belt. I felt lovely and out of place everywhere we went as usual in this small town♥
As usual I am forgetful and didn`t ask my love to take a outfit photo of me. These pictures I just snapped this morning in the little light we have in our apartment. They will have to do for now even if I really despise how blurry they are.

Cat eye

The big glowing thing is up on the sky and that calls for some new eye wear. I have grown very tired of my aviator sunglasses and since they didn`t cost me to many coins I thought I would get a different pair that gives a totally new look.
I really don`t know if they will fit my face but a pair of cat eye sunglasses are now ordered. Yay!
These were not very expensive either. I could gotten similar ones for almost nothing on ebay but I went with these that I found on etsy instead. I liked the bluish fading color of the glass. Hopefully they will blend well with my goth/metal style or whatever I have on can be called.
These I got last year and have now become a big favorite and still will be worn a lot.
Mine are not from Prada though. Mine are cheap ones I can afford to break...
I usually go for big bold sunglasses. I have a pretty tiny face! and nomal sunglasses tend to look weird and unflattering on me. Can you wear any type of glasses or do you have trouble finding good ones as me?

If it`s darkness we`re having, let it be extravagant

My heart was pounding as i clicked the pay button. This little treasure costs way to many coins....But I had to have it. Sometimes a copy or something simalar just will not do and you need the real thing. I could have been buing all of BloodMilk`s treasures if if wasn`t so expensive. My piece is called The Crystal Tomb necklace part 3.  I got mine from over here.
On Death- Kahlil Gibran

You would know the secret of death.
But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?
The owl whose night-bound eyes are blind unto the day cannot unveil the mystery of light.
If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.
For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.

In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;
and like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.
Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
Your fear of death is but the trembling of the shepherd when he stands before the king whose hand is to be laid upon him in honour.
Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling, that he shall wear the mark of the king?
yet is he not more mindful of his trembling?

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.
Fotos of necklace: me!
Fotos of me: Ninni Sjölund


My melancholia seems to have fled and my good mood have yet taken over. I am really happy these days and I think the arrival of spring might have something to do with it. I am soaking in every little sunbeam I can get and cherish the dry streets I walk on.
My love and I went for a small road trip last week and the destination was different second hand shops. We found ourselves in a little city called Hjo. It is absolutely beautiful there. It is dead in the winter times and over flooded by tourists in the summer when it is at it`s most beautiful.
It is still cold and the wind made my eyes water like crazy but we still walked around and had lunch at a tiny restaurant on the pier. As you can see we had a window seat and enjoyed the food looking out at the water with cute ducks swimming by.
These cute little guys didn`t mind us at all.
I didn`t find as much cool stuff in the second hand shops as I had hoped for. But a couple of Champagne domes and  pretty napkins got to come home with me. I have been eying these glasses a loong while. Hopefully I can find more of them in the future.

Sometimes happiness is for sale

I am back and feeling a little bit better. I got my lazy ass down to the gym and did some serious cardio today. So Yay me! Tomorrow I am going out to look at different cross trainers. I would love to have one at home for those days when it is hard getting to the gym. I could do cardio at home and use the gym for heavy lifting only. How fit and healthy I could get hehe! I have a feeling the Cross trainer go well with Netflix too.
I actually had to buy bigger work out clothes so this is very necessary. Like I said was 2013 not my best year.
I got my package from H&M today with work out pants and top.
The pants where a bit big but I am going to keep them anyways and maybe fix a drawstring when they get even bigger. Thinking positive is key.
The top is a bit see through and will look nice with a bright sports bra underneath. It is a bit loose in the fit and I am really happy with it.
I didn`t just but boring sports clothes. I found some pretty things for the kitchen. It felt so empty after Christmas so a table rummer with matching dish rags and kitchen towel was needed. This isn`t my usual esthetics's but there where something about this print that I liked.
These skull dish rags just happened to make their way into my shopping cart too.
And this bathroom math. Sadly the matching towels where sold out. I have been wanting to get them but I waited to long. *sobs a bit*
This bra was on sale. So cool with the crossed velvet straps.
These leggings looks more like oil spilling in real life. These where really comfy and cool. think I will wear them this weekend. I have the whole Saturday planned with fun things together with my lovely friend Ninni.
And last, SHOES!!! To bad we now have lots of snow. No heels or sneakers outside for a while.

Sneak a peek...

I was out on a search for Christmas gifts when I stumbled upon something wonderful.
Pretty lingerie is usually hard to find in the big chain stores in our little town but today I hit the jackpot!
I was not supposed to get myself anything but could not resist and used coins from my savings.
I think this set is so cute with the polka dot ruffle and the perfect color for this holiday.
The stripes was what initially made me look over at the lingerie part of the store!
And the back of the bottoms was the part that won me over!! Look at these cute hearts♥
I get a kind of 50`s reto feeling when I look at them.
The suspenders are detatchable.
If you like them Lindex was the store I found them in and the best part is that they are affordable!
Where do you buy your lingerie? And do you more often go for comfort or looks?


With my birthday and Christmas coming up I thougt I`d show you what I have on my wish list.
You never get too old for birthdays and Christmas in my world ;)
The stuff are in random order and the images are linked to places you can buy the items. Maybe you can get some ideas of what to buy someone or wish for youself.
Sugarpills cold Chemistry palette. I just love the colors in this one.
Matte black spine heels. I love my other spine heels and want them in black too just because!
This way to expensive necklace from Blood Milk
This lace dream from Banned
The art of Tim Burton book
The movie Frankenweenie♥

Burnt velvet leggings! These are from Black milk.
Addams Family complete series DVD box
Another necklace, this one by Vivienne Westwood. Actually cheaper than the one from Blood Milk!
Vegetarian cook books would come in handy. I am so tired of most of the food we cook and I need some new inputs. These look intersting, espesially the one with the guy from the tv series River Cottage that I used to watch!
The poison apple print shop has amazing patches! I would love to get my hands on any of them so I can sow them on something and wear!
Illamasqua`s perfumes Freak sounds absolutely delicious. I have no idea how they smell or if any of them fits me, but I still want them!
And how cute is the snail!!!

Fork Yeah!

I am feeling better from my cold and today Christian and I finally got out from the apartment for a walk in the crisp autumn air. I was wonderful and so refreshing.
Our "goal" with the little walk was just to buy dishwasher tablets since we had run out of them. On the way back I could not resist to swing by my favorite interior shop... The result was of course me finding beautiful cutlery I could not resist buying. Oh well. I work hard for my money and what better way to enjoy them than buying treasures I will be using and enjoying every single day.
Beautiful, aren`t they?

Grey lace and ill fitting velvet

My shopping needs to stop soon or else I will not be able to eat for the rest of the month! I probably should have a no shop month in October... but it`s just that I am going to arrange a Halloween party and I know there will be some shopping to make a spooky atmosphere^^
Today I ordered some stuff to make home made skin products. I will make a post about it later on when I have received the ingredients and tested it out. I long to be more creative again and can`t wait to try this out.
 I have also received a new dress, heels and cute stockings that goes so well with everything that I will try to make a outfit post again. Maybe it can be done next week. The rest of this week is completely booked.
This Tuesday I was at H&M while waiting for my love when I discovered that they now carry my size in bras! I tried a couple out and actually bought myself a new set. I don`t think I ever can get enough underwear. The set is in grey lace and not black as I usually buy but the black sets didn`t come near this one in comfort.
In the picture you also can see a pair of velvet leggings and new seamless hipsters to use under my workout tights.
The velvet leggings were cheap and from China (ebay), sadly they didn`t fit well, they where a bit to short and tight in the legs and the waist is to wide... typical, otherwise they where just the right fabric and color. I often have that problem with leggings. I guess I am a weird shape.

Like a crow collecting shiny objects

I have gotten some new treasures for our apartment lately and I thought I could share them with you.
I have been wanting a wolf pillow some time and found one just perfect at Hemtex here in Sweden. I just bought it and luckily my other half also likes it♥ I got a Game Of Thrones feeling to it... shhh, don`t tell him!
I love cut flowers and I also have a nice discount where I work so I think I am going to try to always have a bouquet at home. They gives such a nice feeling of luxury and I get so happy just looking at them so it`s very well worth it.
These beautiful red roses are long gone and at the moment I have long purple Gladiolus instead.
They look a million times better in person. But for you who aren`t that into flowers you get a picture.
The buds looks like black velvet and they bloom in bright purple, when they wilt they start loosing their color and goes light purple. Hurry if you want them yourself. They are here only a bit into fall and then they disappear and others takes their place in the stores.
I also have managed to sell a bunch old Rörstrand tea mugs online. I think I got them together with a bunch of other old random china when I first moved here and I really didn`t like them as much. I just kept them because I didn`t have anything better. They have for years been stored away in a cardboard box and I just felt it was a shame. Now they are in a better home with a mom who is giving them away as a Christmas gift to her daughter which is collecting them.
I used some of the tea mug money and a gift certificate I got at my last birthday to buy myself a Kosta Boda bowl that have been on my mind for about one and a half year. I remember when first saw it in a shop window in Gothenburg together with some glass skulls. I thought it was so perfect, dark and beautiful.
The bowl is called Tattoo and are made by Ludvig Löfgren. I need to get it at proper tablecloth to place it on. It didn`t contrast well on my black living room table. I am thinking something in a creme color and perhaps lace. We`ll have to see what I can find..
I have also gotten big ivy on a double bow that creates a globe and other small pretty stuff that I can show some other time. There is just something special about fall that makes me stock up on petty things to let my eyes rest on and invest in cozy pillows and blankets. I guess it`s because we up here in the north prepares for the long winter that is coming our way.


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