Just utterly happiness

After a long and uninspired and slightly melancholic winter I am so glad summer is here. I call it summer because I already have worn summer dresses, sandals and shorts several times already. In my mind this is not possible in a Scandinavian spring!
My love and I had such a lovely weekend too. We had a lot of treats like macrons, ice cream, alcoholic beverages, sushi, grilled halloumi and such. Getting back to everyday food was very heavy. We also had a lot of fun. We visited almost all the local pubs with another couple on Friday, had a lovely walk on Saturday and went on a mini road trip this Sunday.
I had to lie amongst the anemones! They were in full bloom and the landscape where like a dream. Got a couple of glares from the all the families with small children that happend to walk past at that very moment...
Oh well


My melancholia seems to have fled and my good mood have yet taken over. I am really happy these days and I think the arrival of spring might have something to do with it. I am soaking in every little sunbeam I can get and cherish the dry streets I walk on.
My love and I went for a small road trip last week and the destination was different second hand shops. We found ourselves in a little city called Hjo. It is absolutely beautiful there. It is dead in the winter times and over flooded by tourists in the summer when it is at it`s most beautiful.
It is still cold and the wind made my eyes water like crazy but we still walked around and had lunch at a tiny restaurant on the pier. As you can see we had a window seat and enjoyed the food looking out at the water with cute ducks swimming by.
These cute little guys didn`t mind us at all.
I didn`t find as much cool stuff in the second hand shops as I had hoped for. But a couple of Champagne domes and  pretty napkins got to come home with me. I have been eying these glasses a loong while. Hopefully I can find more of them in the future.


How a bout the last post from summer vacation. Our Gothenburg trip to be exact.
We don`t live that far from Gothenburg that we have to stay at a hotel. But sometimes it`s just nice to not stress over train departures and other things. So two nights at our favorite hotel was a perfect little trip for me and my love.
We got an upgrade on our room and with that upgrade came a room with a view and a nespresso coffee maker. Not to shabby!
The room was really cozy. With an exception due to the bathroom. A bathroom entirely made of glass walls may be pretty but not to practical. They had a curtain you could put around it but it wasn`t long enough for the entire thing. Luckily for us we are not shy. But I can tell you that I late one night bumped my nose in that glass door so hard I thought it was fractured. Ouch! I only broke my ego a bit.
Here is a couple of pictures with the view from the hotel the second night. So pretty.
Our bed had fluffy pillows and comforter.
Pretty designer chair!
The coffee corner
I tried to take a pictures of the glass walls around the bathroom but they didn`t turn out anything near good. So you get the glass sink instead. The hotel`s name is Riverton in case you want to go there sometime.
As usually when Christian and I are on trips there are mostly eating, shopping in second hand shops and relaxing on the schedule.
We didn`t take as may pictures this trip as the last one but here are some random ones.
In Haga enjoying brownies. lol
Sushiiiii. We found a new favorite place in called Ai sushi.
We had an evening at the Dubliner. Beer and drinks where at the menu.
My precious! Mine, all mine..
We had drinks in the sky-bar on top of our hotel overlooking a beautiful sunset
A really crooked building that is still in good use.
The last morning we skipped the hotel breakfast because of how disgusted we where over other human beings. Bad manners from grown ups and their screaming kids just aren`t a nice way to start the day.
Instead we went to or favorite cafe that have delicious sourdough bread and a breakfast menu.
The view there isn`t that bad either.
I didn`t shop a lot of stuff on this trip. Most things where on sale and a lot is from second hand stores.
The angel wing shaped brush was the one I bought in Stockholm but forgot to show you (new one!)
The pretty tulle shrug was found on half off the half price! The sunglasses and seashell earrings was half off and the mother of pearl bowl I bought as container for all the jewelery I tend to put everywhere around the apartment. I bought some inscense and dvd`s too but I could not be bothered to take pictures of it. The dvd`s I got where Cry baby, Sin city and Addams family values. Perfect for watching on long dark autumn evenings.
I love Gothenburg. It`s such a beautiful city and most people here are super friendly. I am glad it lies close enough for us to just visit over a day if we want to.
What do you think of this post? I would be happy if you leave me a comment! I love comments ;)

Stockholm in my heart

At first we had to cancel our trip to Stockholm due to my Christians horrible back pains. He didn`t think it was possible to travel so far with his back pains that makes it impossible to sit for more than a couple minutes of the time. But after taking the train to visit Gothenburg over a day he decided that it could be done. As long as there was someplace to stand like in a bistro wagon with high tables. So I booked us a hotel and off we where. The train trip went OK and we got there in good health.
Really happy to see some other views the our town we walked to our hotel located at Södermalm which is one of our favorite places in Stockholm.
We got a room that was super cozy but not at all something that would work for us. Christian is about 193 cm tall and could not stand up straight in there! I also had a bit trouble with it because I managed to bump my head two times in the short time we spent there. As you can see in the picture You could only walk to the door and bathroom in the small space where the ceiling was at the highest.
We went and asked if there where any chance if we could change the room and lucky us there was one room available.
We where aware that we maybe got one that wasn't as nice but as it turned out the change was to the better. The room we got was much more roomy, just as cozy, with a much larger bathroom and even a little hallway.
As you see we even had a beautiful old tiled heater.
And the bathroom was tiled with black stone.
I am not going to tell you what we did hour from hour. A nice flow of pictures with some comments will have to do. I can tell you that we had super sunny and warm weather almost every day except from one day with really much wind and changing weather.
Breakfast was eaten outside in the hotel garden every morning. Yum. Loads of bread and cheese for me!
We have a favorite bar called Akkurat. It was the first pit stop and I had my favorite kind of beer, cherry beer♥
Haha, look at that happy face.
We walked everywhere like we always do. But this time I managed to get blisters under my feet! It hurt ed so much. Luckily these band-aids are amazing and I could walk the rest of the days with them on taking away the worst pain...
We visited all of our favorite shops. Mostly second hand and charity shops.
I visited all three Beyond Retro that lies in Stockholm but I never seems to find anything there. To much stuff with awful fabric and cuts. And I don`t think their prices are at all reasonable. Maybe it`s just me there is something wrong with..
They have lots of tulle skirts at in all colors you can think of at least!
And oh how much cake and other sugary treats we indulged on. This picture was snapped in a fancy pansy macaroon shop. It wasn`t allowed to take pictures and we got a warning.
You see me studying the flavors very intensely there. I ended up with licorice, orange flower and rose.
The black one was eaten in the presence of suitable black metal vinyl.
The fancy french treats don`t come close to the goodness of these fudges made in Pärlans shop though. If you ever visit Stockholm this place is a must! I really mean it.
We brought some to the hotel too. My mouth waters just thinking about them.
Remember the dry muffin I had on the Stockholm trip this winter? These Muffins or should I say cupcakes where nothing like that. They where divine!!! The little one was licorice with lime and the big one red velvet with beetroot. Why isn`t there a place like this at home...
Here is a picture Christian snapped of me. I am wearing my favorite dress and my new goat necklace.
At one point this trip we felt like we where in Thailand. This Thai restaurant/bar had lots of vegetarian food but we settled for a drink in the hot weather.
Posing with some street art.
We went back to the sushi place that we found on or last trip.
The sky over the old town the one day with sad weather.
Christian and a old and beautiful church in Södermalm somewhere.
Us, weird as usual..
And just because we are adults that do as we please we had hot chocolate in the middle of summer.
Here I am exploring the old town with thousands of other tourists
We had planned to go to this event but I were too tired to even speak of it. Probably would have been fun though.
We had such a lovely time in Stockholm and we where super sad we had to go home...
After just one day at home we felt the need of more city vacation and booked ourselves a trip to Gothenburg with two nights at a even better hotel! Crazy kids..
I did shop some in Stockholm. Not much but some.
I found more of the Sandman comics I love so much. It always seems like I find more comics when I go to Stockholm than anywhere else for some reason.
I found another Lenore book to my collection, or I really found them all but couldn`t afford more than one...
I got a lovely Tim Burton deck of cards in the same shop where I got the Lenore book.
And I also bought comic book nr.4 for my Liberty medows collection.
I found myself a new pretty brush too but I forgot to take a picture of it! I promise you will find it in the Gothenburg post I will put up next.
Hope you guys enjoyed my Stockholm entry. It`s always hard work putting up a post this long with loads of pictures. I do it because I really enjoy posts like this in other blogs myself and it`s fun to look back at. I would love a comment of what you think of my post or if you have any opinions of what you would like to see more of.


OK, so finally you will get some pictures from my trip to Liverpool. As I wrote before Christian was not well enough to come with us. So it was only my parents and I. Of course it felt a bit weird to go alone but we had a good time and as always holidays goes by so fast.
Here we are having our first pint at the airport. A great way to start a holiday.
We used Ryan Air and had no troubles at all. And it was nice testing them out because Christian and I have tickets with them to Edinburhg this fall. Now I know how it works.
My hotel room was super and I slept so good all nights. We stayed at the Hampton by Hilton wich I really recommend.
Here is my room with the nice bed.
And my bathroom
The lobby was fancy too. The only thing I would think of that wasn`t that nice was the breakfast. But I guess it`s bad everywhere, very british! Not for me, a typical scandinavian who likes to eat light and healthy breakfasts. I had to survive on Nutella and toast.
The Lobby
I actually like Liverpool a lot. You can tell the city has lots of history and is filled with old beautiful buildings. We don`t have a lot of this where I live so I enjoyed walking around and look at them.
Even bars were nice. Like this one which used to be a hotel.!
Pretty ceiling
Me having yet another pint...and for some reason I look like a little elf or something in this pic.
There where a lot of shopping between the pints too. My mum and I was at Primark looking for finds almost every day!
There where not lots of clothes there in my taste but I managed to dig up some goodies. I went berserk in the underwear department....
I found one dress that was a bit too snug on me but I got it anyways and are currently on weights watchers to get into it before the summer is gone. ( I blame the toast with nutella and all the pints! lol )
It has a lovely Art Deco feel to it don`t you think. I want to wear it Now!!!
And Of course I also went bananas in Superdrugs. I got two palettes and a lipstick from Sleek. Loads of nail polishes, dazzledust, blue eyeliner and lip lacquer from Barry M.
I also got some false lashes, pearl manicure, and liprock which is a kind of foil to put on your lips!
The cute slippers and sunglasses are from Primark.
More stuff from primark!
My dress again! Beetle juice leggings, a lace camisole, frilly hipsters and loads of stockings. Wish we had Primark here too.
And of course I got shoes!!!
These classic mary janes where on sale! Yay!
A pair of black velvet wedges.
A pair of pretty cool heels
Can`t get enough of them..Must try to get some better pictures of them.
I also got a pair of black, creeper style sneakers. But I forgot to take a pic of them. And a Pair of red slippers with a pretty bow. I had to get a pair of slippers because my dad had booked mum and me for a spa day!!! Yay! We got to bubble bath, sit in saunas and swim before we both got a full aromatherapy body massage and a facial. It was so lovely. And such a nice surprise.
My cute slippers
Tired face me in the lobby with my morning coffee and almost no make up before the spa.
Happy mum outside the spa.
We also had to get up in the wheel like proper tourists.
The weather was perfect too, warm and sunny. 
Not far from the wheel we found The yellow submarine. You can hire it like you do with a hotel room. Something for the Beatles fan maybe.
After a wonderful dinner at a restaurant with loads and loads of yummy food in a all you can eat buffet, mom and I had ourselves a cocktail.
Yum, would not turn one down right now
I just had to ..Lol
One of the days we went to China Town. It wasn`t like I imagined. It was only a small part of a street that looked a bit Chinese.
The portal behind me was pretty cool though.
After a somewhat disappointing Chinatown we went to see the cathedral.
It was a bit windy so it as nice getting inside a warm place this day. I had to let out my hair from the pony tail to hide my big inverted pentagram the back of my jacket! I did not want to be thrown out on my butt...
The cathedral was really beautiful. I love this kind of architecture, but you could really tell that this one is fairly new. It lacked that special atmosphere you get in real old buildings.
Dad and I was supposed to go on a tour of the Cains brewery. Sadly they stopped the tours one week before we came to Liverpool. The weird thing was that they didn`t let us know so dad and I went there and waited for the guide to show up in the Cains bar. When we asked there where some fuzzy explanations and we got to choose to drink beer for free or try to get the money back online...
We choose to drink beer.
We where not to sad. Dad has been to the tour once before and we got to chat to some fun local lads.
And the beer was tasty too. Cheers!
We heard that the Cains brewery and bars has closed down now. They state it is temporary. He who lives will see.
One of the other nights we visited the Cavern bar. The Cavern was a place Beatles played a ton of times in the beginning of their carrier before they had their breakthrough.
It`s located underground so you follow a spiraling stair down to the "cave". There are no windows and it`s of course crammed with people. It`s hot and with lots of happy people drinking and singing along to the live performances. We saw a show and had ourselves a Newkie before moving on.
Our last day was game-day. We had tickets to see Liverpool vs Everton. So after some last shopping we headed over to the stadium and a bar to get ourselves a pre game pint and take in the atmosphere.
In my case it was a glass of red wine.
Mom and I wanted to taste  "real" fish and chips and thought that it would a nice little snack before the game. We were not expecting such a large meal that it turned out to be....Lol. It was surprisingly good though. But it would have been more than enough with one meal for us both.
You will never walk alone..
We had quite nice seats and saw almost the whole field besides a little bit of the corner on the right side.
And "we" (Liverpool) won! Yay!
Afterwards we had decided to go to a Japanese place my mom got recommended by a friend. And what a place. Super good food and with the cooks preparing our food by the table. They put on quite a show and made us all laugh. Our cook threw potatoes for us to catch with our mouth and scared mom by squeezing a fake ketchup bottle at her shirt.
I managed to take a picture when he was flambéing!
I will leave you with these pictures of our desserts.

I am back!

Hi all :) I am back. The trip we had to Stockholm was super super nice. It felt incredible good to get away from all the grey everyday stuff and have some fun. We had super sunny weather every day, it was a bit cold but we did not care after putting on a ton of clothes. It was just nice to walk around everywhere getting the feeling of spring slowly crawling out of it`s hiding place. We visited all our old favorite shops and even found some new. We did not once use the bus or metro to get around so absolutely no guilt was around when we indulged on cake, yummy dinners or hotel breakfast.
Here we are in front of our super hotel. We even got an upgrade on our room to a bigger one when we arrived.
Our first lunch was at a Korean restaurant just around the corner of our hotel. Soooo yummy. My food was vegetarian fried dumplings.
We found our way to a bar called Akkurat that we had gotten recommended by our beer loving friend Lundgren. They had so many extraordinary beers to choose from and we where both happy to let a couple slide down our throats.
 I had a couple of sour and fruity beers that I really have gotten found of. 
The ice on the water may give you a feeling of how cold it was walking around.
On our way to one of our favorite second hand shop. It was a long walk to the other part of town. Not far from the hostel we stayed at last summer. Long but beautiful walk.
It is located near a dentist with the cutest sign outside!
Christian got some vinyls and a movie & I got three books by Neil Gaiman in the Sandman series.
Another part of Stockholm we really like is "The Old Town" part. The old town is the original Stockholm built during the 1300 century. Most of the houses standing there is from 1700 and 1800 century though. The feel of this place is amazing. Old crocked houses with small passages. I would love to live in a apartment set high up looking over one of the narrow cobblestone streets. But as you can imagine the rents and house prices are insane....
Just one of many not so straight houses
There are so many special and beautiful details everywhere. This colored glass sign is just one of many things you see if you just look up a bit.
A beautiful statue
One of the more quiet streets later a night.
On Friday we went to Aifur. A viking inspired restaurant in the old town It`s not the cheapest one and they have a bad selection of vegetarian food so we mostly sat there to listen to the live music, drinking mead and enjoying the viking decor. If you ever visit Stockholm this is one restaurant worth a visit.
Me outside!
At the bar ordering yummy mead. Mead taste like white wine with honey and spices. So nice.
I had a starter (always hungry me...) Beetroots with goat cheese and honey.
And then we even had some more mead (ugh...expensive!) But so worth it.
We ate sushi two times on this trip and both times we said it was the best sushi we ever had tasted. This plate was from Sushi Room close to our hotel. Sooo good.
Mmmmm......shuuuusiii *drool*
The next place was even better. I don`t remember the name of the place (sushi something) it was also close to the hotel just in the opposite direction.
I managed to eat vegetarian the whole trip except one time....We went to an Asian cooking inspired place with good reviews and I ordered wok that by the description was shrimp, vegetables and peanuts. After eating about half the plate I felt a piece that tasted very suspicious like meat! And after a closer look I saw that it had tiny pieces of bacon in it. *Fu*****k* I really should have made a scene and lectured them but felt to tired to even remark the lack of proper description on the menu.
At least Christians food was correct and vegetarian...
Shopping-wise I did not go overboard.
I found a pair of heels that would´t hurt to ..Or, well... I did not buy them even if I was really tempted. All black with glitter and spikes <3
Instead I only bought books on this trip. Comic books that is^^
This precious I found in Old Town in a place called comics heaven. It was quite expensive. But as I totally adore Lenore by  Roman Dirge I bought it anyway. When I got home I and opened the beautiful purple book I was perplex. It`s brand new wrapped in plastic but had smudges in it??? Then I saw it was signed!!! What a nice surprise. It even came with four pictures I will frame.
The signature and some dirty spots^^
I also bought book number three in the Liberty Meadows.
And who could ever have resisted this book with Magica De Spell cartoons!!!!
We went to more than a couple of places that had loads of vinyls. At least Christian found lots he wanted. I did not even buy one lousy record!
One second hand that is fun to visit is Nostalgi palatset. So many things, music, comics and books!
Christian outside with their sign.
Oh the nice weather! So worth mention again^^ And we are so cute together hehehe.

This place has the best caramel you can ever eat. It reminded me of the caramel my mom made for us when my brother and I was kids. They make them themselves and you actually can look into their kitchen from the street.
It is all in a retro style. 40´s I think! Even the girl behind the desk was clothed this way. Charming.
I had no idea that Christian took these pictures of me. Lol
Very concentrated on witch caramel to choose. I bought two that I shared with Christian on the way out. When he tasted it it was straight back into the shop to buy some more. That is how good it was.
We also went to a Chocolate factory cafe. There we had the best hot chocolates we ever tasted!
Tasted just like real home made hot chocolate. <3
Here I am checking out their shelves....
The only place I was disappointed on a coffee break was at the muffin bakery at Drottningatan. I got a super dry muffin. How hard is it to make a good muffin? Should it not be the best muffin ever if it`s bought at a place calling itself The muffin bakery???
So Christian and I found a better place and had super moist carrot cake and Swedish brownie/fudge cake.
So much better.
When the trip was moving towards the end we where absolutely so not ready to go home. We love it in Stockholm.
Hopefully we can go back soon.
Hope you enjoyed this image heavy post on our trip.


As I wrote in my last post we have booked a holiday trip. In speptember we are flying to Edinburgh in Scottland. I have always been wanting to go there!!! Can`t wait!!!! We have booked a hotel in the part called Old town. I think this is the part that suits us the best. Many second hand shops and old book stores. I am for sure packing an umbrella and rain clothes and it dosn`t bother me a bit! I think it will be magical even if the rain will pour down and the wind will whine around the corners of the old buildings.
We will be staying there for about a week. That will even give us the time to take a little trip to Loch ness. Who knows, maybe Nessie will pop up and say hello to us.
Have any of you been to Edinburgh? I would love some opinions on what not to miss and what to stay away from.
These pictures are from Pinterest.

sun and nails

Hello! Yesterday I had the day off so both Christian and I slept looong before we finally got up and decided to do something fun. We wanted to get away from the rain and visit one of the cities not too far away where the sun was shining. We just walked around, had some food and felt the sun against our skin. Lovely.
The sky was beautiful with the clouds.
We tried to get a picture of us and the lake. Cute picture, but we didn`t get the water in the pic with us hehe.
"Cool" me :P And a little bit of the lake. It was a great day. 
Tonight after the work I managed to fix my nails again. 
Small ghosts? from my new Bundle Monster plates that reminds me of Boo in super mario bros.
This is what I used: 
MIYO-Mars. Seche Vite- top coat. Konad-white stamping polish. Bundle monster-plate nr.302
Do you remember Boo? And do you like my manicure? I think It`s cute even though my nails are short. It will only last a day because of work. Sad but true!

Stockholm: Day 5.

Last day of our super nice trip. We where really really really sad that we had to head home. Christian and I fell in love with the sunny summer Stockholm. We packed our bags and headed out to our last hours of fun. 
For lunch we decided to try the medieval resturant. I got a chanterelle pie and Christian got meatballs of elk. We both had mead to drink. 
I was kind of bummed I didn`t get the matballs too. They where super yummy!
Me and my trunk in the cosy room we had lunch.
Boat that hanged in the skylight.
I wasn`t quite satisfied after my pie so I "had" to eat some carrotcake as dessert!
Could have been a little moore icing though ;)
After the food we headed to the train station.
Sad girl...
We are thinking of going back to Stockholm this autumn. If we plan it in good time we can get cheap tickets and hopefully room at a nice hostel again. Stockholm is probably just as nice in autumn colors^^

Stockholm: Day 4.

This morning was just perfekt. The sun was shining and the weather forecaster promised sun and heat all day. The night before we had decided on a amzing breakfast. Not far from the hostel a awarded pastry cook had opend a little cafe and we felt it was our duty to check it out. So we jumped in our summer clothes and went out. 
It was really hard to choose!
If I could I would have tasted all of it!!!
I had a chocolate muffin with caramel and pecan nuts & a pistachio macaron.
Christian enjoyed himsef too^^
After the best breakfast ever we walked around as usual. We visited some shops and ejoyed the weather. Then we saw this poster. I had totally forgotten about this even though we had checked for conserts before going on this trip. We where so happy to be reminded and decided to go to the consert.
We found our selves a nice cafe again and had coffee with som crumble pie. 
We love vacation! And coffee and somthing sweet to go with it ;)
Then we stubled on a shop filled with Moomin stuff. Yay! I bought 3 cute prints and a fridge magnet. If I had tons of money I would have bought coffee mugs and lots of other stuff. The shop had so many adorable things.
I soon started to get blisters on my feet and the weather did not feel as warm as promised because of some wind so I had to get to a shop with clothes  and shoes. Luckely H&M had a sale and I found myself a simple black cardigan and a pair of leopard wedges. I have never been so happy about blisters before haha. The wedges only cost me 99 sek. Hot! & comfy grr.
 After lunch at Mosebacke again we went back to the hostel for some well needed rest before we headed out to the consert.
It was located at a amusement park (Gröna Lund) and we had people swooshing over our heads while we had our beer in the bar..
Cutest couple in the park
the consert was really good and they even entertained well between the songs. We had a blast. Some of the other guests seemed suprised and botherd by the music haha... They had their fingers in their ears. 
Afterwards we had some more beer and Christian even bumped into an old friend. We had the opportunety to tag along to a afterparty but we felt it would not be an good idea ( I didn`t want to get a bad hang over) and went to the hostel instead. But first we had some junk food at Burger King ;) 

Stockholm: Day 3.

The weather was not at it`s best but we didn`t care and went outside just as happy as the other days. We had no plans and just went for whatever we felt like. Thats vacation! We walked aroud town and located some more second hand shops. And after a while we started to get a bit hungry. We decided to have our lunch at Mosebacke. A resturant on a little hill in Södermalm. The wiew is quite good.
They had some diffrent chairs by the bar located there too.
I just had to try them out. And when we had luch we could see that they where very popular. Not only by kids but by people of all ages^^
The lunch just blew us away. Amazing food and a crumble pie with vanilla sauce to die for. I tried to figure out what it was made of and promised Christian I was going to make it for Midsummer celebration.
The plates where ridiculous small ;)
Well stuffed again we went for some more walking and shopping. It was no problem eating much when you think of how many calories we burnt by walking every day. 
Here is Christian shopping for some more comics.
Christian was in music stores while I was trying on heels... I had no time to take any pictures but he did. 
I did not buy any heels but a pair of bird-skull studs. Some hair treatment fron Lush.
 Haven`t tried it yet. Hopefully just as good as the last one I bought from them that smelled like mulled wine^^
I`m looking throug some vinyls.
This shop we found in the old town part. I we could only be two persons at the same time in here. It was just stuff piled on stuff piled on some more stuff. Too bad because when I look at the picture I see some cool things. When you where inside you just got too overwhelmed to even look at the things. I wonder how the shop owner even got behind the pile. Do you see him?
The weather started too get really sunny and warm. So we went back to the hostel to relax a bit and get ready for some dinner. First we checked out the small beach and the cute ducks.
We had pizza for dinner. But not just any pizza! It was the best pizza I have ever eaten. (except the one my father makes, deep pan type. *drool*) Afterwards we went to the hostel bar and had a beer and a glass of wine to top of the super nice day. The bartender was rude so we felt sorry for the idiot and didn`t buy anything more from him. I actually put the story on the hostel recommendation site. Hopefully someone will talk to him about his poor customer service.
Here we said good night to the world and got to bed.

Stockholm: Day 2.

Super happy and stoked we woke up and went walking in all the parts of Stockholm we found intresting.
The weather was nice and we enjoyed ourselfs. I got myself a couple of cd`s.
Here is Christian working himself through all the extreme metal vinyls. 

This cd`s was all I shopped this day except from candy, food and drinks ;)
Christian found some vinyls and old cartoons.

We had lunch at a place where the waiter was overly friendly and almost bugged us after we had our meal. The pizza was good though.

 We went to the "old town" and found ourselves a very nice place to eat some dessert. Oh my.. It was hard to decide what to get. We went for the chokolate fudge/brownie with caramel. As you see I just went for it direct. Lucky Christian got it on camera;)

The weather started to get worse but we ignored it and went on with our walking and shopping. Here we stopped for a little break.under some beautiful trees.

Sadly the rain got closer and closer....

We had to take shelter from the rain and went to a bar to dry up a bit before we went to a movie.

We saw Prometheus. We both liked it really much. Perfect to see at the movies.

The weather was nice again when we got out so we could take it nice and slow and not run back to the hostel.
We felt a bit hungry and stopped for some sushi on our way back. How can healthy food taste soo good?!!! Nom nom nom

At the bridge again. Funny how the days just go so fast when you have fun.

Stockholm: Day 1.

I`m so sad the trip is over. It was super fun and we didn`t want it ever to end. The weather was a nice blend of sun, clouds and some rain. We walked and walked and walked everywhere. We searched for music-secondhand shops and found them all. We ate so much good food and drank som much good beer that I got ill when I got home again. I guess my body didn`t like the big change in types of food stuffed in my face... 
The hostel was super cosy. As I said before it was a renovated prison from the 1800 century and we lived in small cells.
The entrance

Nice bathroom too


Our door

You can imagine the police officers walking up and down here. Actually you could feel the history.The first night I dreamt I was afraid they would come into the room to do a raid and take my stuff.!?

This is the bridge we walked over every day. The hostel is located on a island.
On the way to the hostel we stumbled over a music-secondhand shop and I found the Supertramp vinyl, Breakfast in America for almost nothing and when we went out again to explore some more and get a beer I found myself a pair of Iron Fist sneakers on 50% off.

Nice or what?

The first beer. Nom nom

Later we went to the Old Beef Eater In and ate some super yummy food and watched how Sweden didn`t win a important game in EM... Newcastle of course was the bewerage we drank.

Kiss on the bridge

End of day 1

The trip

Last Friday my best girlfriend Ninni and I had a nice start too the weekend. I really needed to relax after the week and nice food and company did the trick.We had picked up some sushi and beer. Yum!
Ninni had bought cherry beer and I tried a bottle. I actually liked it. Not sour, not sweet, it had just the right amount of cherry flavor.
I kind of swallowed some Newkies too...
We had to go to bed early. I needed a shower badly and had set the alarm on 05.00 AM!!!
And that was of course because we where going to Halmstad to see Rasmus for photoshooting. Yay!!
We met up at the train station and after some make-up and changing of clothes at Rasmus and his girlfriend Kajsa`s house we where ready to go to the location.
And what a location i tell you. Amazing cliffs and the mighty ocean. The movie "The seventh seal" (Det sjunde inseglet) by Ingmar Bergman had one of the most important scenes filmed there. You may have seen it. Max von sydow is playing chess against the grim reaper in sunrise.
We where shooting for hours. It was fucking freezing in the wind but we are tough, awsome scandinavians who never gives up. Plus Kajsa had made coffee and cookies for us all to snack on.
Behind the scenes...
Afterwards we had planned some pictures at a closed down factory. Sadly they had nailed it shut. So the final pictures had to be taken in the studio.
Super hungry and tired we finally gave up and went home. Kajsa had been kind enough to make us some really good food and had even made a fire in the fireplace for us to warm us by.
A big bonus when visiting Rasmus and Kajsa is Musse! Dare I say the worlds most cosy cat <3 I just love him.
We slept really good and then it was time to go home again. I could`t belive how fast the time flew by!
I did see some of the pictures and was really happy with the result. So I probably had a smile on my lips the reast of the day.
The crazy nice steampunk picures will be up soon, hopefully^^ I have so much going on that I don`t want to promise you something I can`t keep.

Mini helg

Då lackar min mini-helg mot slutet och jobb-helgen kommer närmare. Det gör inget för jag har haft det så sjukt kul. I går var jag i Göteborg och såg hela två utställningar. Det var jätte länge sedan jag gjorde nåt sånt. Vilket är konstigt då jag  tycker det är både kul och mycket givande. Jag åkte med Sara och Veronica och utställningarna vi såg var med Jan Lööf och Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera. Utställningen med Jan Lööf som är känd för bland annat skrotnisse var mysig även om jag inte har sett särskilt mycket av hans serier och arbete. Det som jag tyckte var mest givande var dock Frida Kahlos målningar.
Dessa bland många fanns på utställningen. Det är inte mina bilder då man inte fick fota på utställningen. Bilderna hittades på google.
Vi hann dessutom både äta sushi, fika och kolla lite i affärer. Stackars Sara blev matförgiftat. Men hon klarade sig relativt bra efter nån timma och kunde se och njuta av utställningen.
Jag shoppade inte så mycket då ekonomin inte är den bästa nu. Kostar ju mer än nog med tåg och mat! Det blev dock en film och tre par ganska billiga örhängen.
Sara och Veronica
Jag och Sara mumsar god sushi...fast vi vet ju inte om det var nån dålig bit som gjorde henne matförgiftat. Känsligt med rå fisk..
Modeller från skrotnisse serien med Jan Lööf
Min minicupcake. Nom nom
Jag är inne i en grön period och dessa fjäderörhängen passar till mitt hår/dom syns i mitt hår^^


Silverfallet blev dagens utflyktsmål. Ett ställe med vacker lövskog, massa underbar tjock mossa och iskallt vattenfall. I vanliga fall så är silverfallet vid denna tiden fruset....
I dag forsade vattnet som det brukar på våren. Det snöade lite, inte så att det la sig men skapade istället lite fin stämning.
Fikapaus måste man ha. All mat och dryck smakar ju tusen gånger bättre ute i naturen.
Underbar bild av Sara bland träden
Fantastisk skönsång av Morwen och Erdena

Födelsedagsfirande i Götet

Som jag berättade fick Christian och jag möjlighet att dra i väg till Göteborg på min födelsedag för att bo på hotell och mysa järnet. Och det lovar jag vi gjorde. Vi bodde på Hotell Riverton nära järntorget, andra långgatan och Haga som är områden vi brukar hänga i när vi besöker götet. Hotellet var hur mysigt som helst. Vi fick dessutom en kostnadsfri uppgradering av rummet till ett designrum. Jo man tackar^^ Nu kan vi inte jämföra hur rummen var men det rum vi fick var väldigt stilrent och  genomförd. Det var i ljusa jordnära toner och till och med platt tv`n var vit. Supersköna sängar och ett jättefint badrum med glashandfat/bänk! Det fanns relax avdelning som vi inte använde oss av då det fanns folk redan i bubbelpoolen....Hade hoppat i direkt om vi hade sluppit dela den med dom andra gästerna. Personalen var trevlig och frukosten var supergod. Hoppas man får möjlighet att bo där flera gånger.
Tjusiga handfatet på badrummet
Här slappar jag i hotellsängen
Vi shoppade loss och gick sedan för middag på en restaurant som heter vin o pasta. Ett jättetrevligt ställe som verkligen var helt grymma på sin ...pasta och vin!Suprise haha. Deras husvin som jag tog var jättegott och jag ångar att jag inte skrev ned namnet för såklart glömde jag bort vad det hette.
Vi tog några öl på Old Beefeater Inn och gick sedan till hotellet för att göra i ordning oss. Vi blev nämligen sugna på lite utgång och förärade Sticky Fingers ett besök.
Så här såg jag ut., höga klackar och King Diamond tröja. Tog bilden för att jag hade tänkt mobilblogga med den...Såklart gick det inte nåt vidare då Blogg.se appen inte ville ladda upp inlägget >.< typiskt
Vi hade skitkul på Sticky och vi träffade på  både bekannta och obekannta typer. Vi tittade på The knockouts och även några band som var med i en skivkontrakts-tävling. Många öl blev det och redigt mycket mer påvärkad än planlagt fick vi ge upp och ta oss till hotellet^^
Vi kunde inte riktigt njuta av frukosten dagen efter men vi överlevde i alla fall.
Lördagen ägnades åt att strosade runt i stan, shoppade lite mer småsaker och boka biobiljetter till kvällen. Vi tog med lite födelsedagfika tillbaka till hotellet där vi slappade välförtjänt innan middag och bion på Bergakungen.
Jag inne i Kawaii butiken i Haga.
Dom sålde enorma kanelbullar och cookies utanför fiken. Gissa om jag var sugen^^
Vi hittade dessa söta gose-vildsvinen i ett skyltfönster och blev överförtjusta
Men det var denna sötnosen som fick följa med hem till oss. Tjejen i kassan undrade om hon skulle slå in den i paket till oss. Hehe, hon trodde nog inte att paret hårdrock skulle ha igelkotten själva..
Fika som jag köpte på "Le Pain francais"
Tjusig värre passionsfukt-bakelse
Söndagen kändes väldig sorglig. som ni ser var jag inte alls sugen på att lämna hotellet för att åka hem till jobb och vardag igen..
Vi sa hej då till hotellet och tjusiga kopparhissen och tog tåget hem i höststormen

Österrike resan. Del 1

Oj vad tid det tog mig att börja forma dessa inlägg. Jag får helt enkelt dela upp resan i flera delar, annars hade det säkert blivit alldeles för långt för att orka läsa på en gång.
Vi hoppar rätt in i det tycker jag.
För er som kanske är nya på bloggen kan jag berätta att vi vart medbjudna på denna resan av min sambos föräldrar. Det för att fira svärfar Gunnars 60 års dag. Vi valde att åka till Österrike och Graz som är svärmors hemstad. Första delen handlar om dom två första dagarna då vi mest åkte bil.
Här är gänget på väg mot resans första mål, Göteborg och färjan som tog oss till Kiel.
Med mycket tid över och bilen tryggt parkerad i kön så spatserade vi till Statoil för lite resmat. Korv med bröd och kaffe^^ Semester fotograferandet börjar redan här på kajen.
Inne på båten var det bara en endaste hiss upp och ned till däck, vi ryste lite med tanken på vad som skulle hända vid en brand och hoppades det inte skulle hända nåt..
Christian och Gunnar i våran lilla lilla hytt. Vi var glada vi hade fönster^^ Och badrummet var nästan lika stort som sovdelen på hytten. Rymligt och bra.
Båten hade såklart taxfree. Där fanns det smaskiga smakprov, hylla upp och hylla ned med godis och dofta gott. Jag har ju redan bloggat här om vad som fick följa med hem. En alldeles för dyr mascara och två av Donna Karens goda äppel parfymer!
Denna brickan fikk flera besök än ett av vissa under kvällen haha!
Vi hade beställt buffe och mumsade på av alla godsaker medans vi försökte ignorera att tyska motorcykel gänget som satt brevid oss tyckte vi var väldigt intressanta att stirra på. Det var väl roligare att titta på konstiga familjen hårdrock an pesionärerna.
Vi drack lite drinkar och Christa spelade på automater och vann innan vi gick för att sova i våran lilla hytt.
Den natten sov jag högst två timmar..Det brukar bli så när jag sover på nya ställen med massa ljud och annorlunda säng än vad jag är van med..
Tur man vaknade till semester och världens godaste frukost.
Lycklig var både Christians pappa, Gunnar och jag då vi hittade amerikanska pannkakor med tillhörande lönnsirap♥ En varje socker-älskares drömfrukost^^ num num
Sen började maraton bilandet... Kanske var det tur att jag hade fått så lite sömn...Tiden gick lite snabbare i djup sömn och norra Tyskland är ändå bara grått och trist. Christian tog bild då jag var helt borta...tur jag inte sov med öppen mun och drägglade hehe!
Då vi kom lite söderut i Tyskland hittade vi detta sjukt fina stället att äta vår lunch på. Ljuset! och utsikten där var helt underbart.
Christian var mycket nöjd med att kunna förtära semesterns första riktiga frankfurtare med semmeln (bröd som liknar en fralla)
Vädret var perfekt. Högsommar värme i september!
Roligt stadsnamn vi passerade..
Vi fick leta ett tag efter övernattningställe då kvällen närmade sig. Och vi hittade till slut detta ställe utanför Munchen. Och vilken pärla det visade sig vara.
Rummen var väl inte direkt moderna, men dom hade sjukt god mat och trevlig personal. Man kände sig helt enkelt välkommen och hemma där!
Här tar vi oss dagens första kalla goda öl^^
Coola Gunnar^^
Och världens tuffaste svärmor Christa!
Öl märket var Grad Toernng. Det fick högt betyg av oss alla.
I vår korridor fanns det fin fina naturtrogna tapeter med alplandskap^^
Det syntes att vi var i tyskland på kocken som stod utanför restaurangen..
Restaurangen var inte direkt minimalistisk inrett... Det fanns grejer att titta på över allt och det fanns även ett gökur som kokoade för oss varje halvtimma.
En knäpp detalj. Tygkanin i blomkruka/fågelbur!
På menyn stod det wienerschnitzel och vi alla kände det var dags att inviga resan ordentligt med riktig Österrikisk mat även om vi inte var där riktigt än.
Sjukt god!!!
Sen avrundade jag det hela med det som skulle visa sig vara resans godaste Äpfelstrudel med hemmagjord glass och vaniljsås. Jag dregglar bara av bilden här haha!
Kvällen ble väldig lugn. Christian och jag låg på vårat fina 80-tals rum å lyssnade till gammal norsk blackmetal och drack ljumna öl ur plastmuggar.
Vi vaknade glada i varat fina rosa 80-tals rum och skuttade ned till ännu en god frukost. Massa olika goda färska frallor, frukt, god kaffe, bakelser och wienerbröd för dom som ville ha det. Tro det om ni vill men jag tog faktiskt inte nåt av dom två sistnämnda!
Snart var vi på väg igen och susade förbi massa ställen där dom odlade humle. En huvudingrediens i öl för den som inte visste det.
Jag passade på att äta lite mer nyttig reskost.. Choklad med äkta alpmjölk^^
Jag utanför ett ställe vi fikade på strax innan Graz, vårat huvudmål med resan. Kan lova att jag var förväntansfull.


Dag 1 på vår två veckors långa semester!!! Vad jag och gulle mitt har längtat! I dag nån gång vid lunch tar vi bilen och betar av första etapp på resan. Vi mjukstartar med en åktur till Göteborg där vi tar båten till Kiel.
Buffé, taxfree shopping och drinkar here i come^^ Har redan spanat in en parfym jag vill ha och jag skall unna mig en lyxmascara. Har inte köpt nån ny på evigheter för att jag väntat på denna möjlighet. Haha^^ så jag har den sista tiden nu använt mig av min gamla som är både klumpig och torr.
Jag kommer ta med min dator. Hur möjligheterna blir för bloggande har jag ingen aning om. Det är ju det lilla problemet med nättillgång.

Ett av huvudmålen på resan är Graz i Österrike. Sen finns det lite småplaner på Wien, nåt stopp i Tyskland kanske och det har snackats om Venedig i Italien! Vi tar dagarna lite som dom kommer.

Nu skall jag försöka slita mig från datorn för att packa klart och göra i ordning mig själv. Vi hörs förhoppningsvis snart.

Girls girls girls

I lördag så var det ju en resa till Göteborg som stod på agendan. Denna gången utan min älskling men med två av mina goa tjejer. Planen var att shoppa och mumsa god mat! Och det var precis det vi gjorde.
så klart blev det sushi som lunch! Jag börjar väl se ut som en makirulle så massa sushi som jag ätit det senaste^^

Snygga Carro strax redo att hugga in på sin "mamma special"

Min "pappa special" ^^

Sara visade mig en liten mysig affär som har massor med rökelse och annat roligt krafs.
Fina lanternor hängde i hela butiken. Hade varit trevligt med en eller tre för stämningsljus nu som det går mot höstmörker.

Vi shoppade loss alla ihop. Carro köpte supersöta kinasko...Nästa gång skall jag och köpa mig ett par.

Själv passade jag på att köpa lite ny rökelse till våran grymma skida med pentagram. Gillar att komma hem efter jobbet, tända levande ljus och rökelse innan jag sjunker ned i soffan. Man blir totalt avslappnad.

En vacker mörkgrön snäckskalsskål som skall få bo på nattduksbordet och hålla om mina smycken.

När man är i Götet så går det bara inte att  besöka lite secondhand butiker och bläddra lite ibland skivor och vinyl. Denna gången var det livemusik i cafet som ligger i samma lokal som skivaffären. Rätt mysigt att bläddra bland skivor med jammande i bakgrunden.

Det blev ett par butiker till och detta plus lite presenter till Christian blev dagens loot.

Lush grejer. Nagelbands creme och hårkur. Nu  hoppas jag denna hårkuren är bättre än den från Bodyshop som inte funkade alls på mitt hår.

Lite filmer att fylla Benno hyllan blev det också. Ett måste nu när vi går mot mörkare årstider dessutom. Då man inte flänger riktigt lika mycket ute men istället myser inne i sin borg.

Shopping kan vara utmattande. Så vi kände det var dags för "fika" paus^^
Ett par Newcastle på The Bishops Arms var alldeles lagom.

Eran alldeles egna Miss Anthropia..

Sara puffar lite pipa.

Ett Göteborgs besök måste dessutom alltid innehålla en riktig fika. Sara tog med oss till ett franskt ställe. Och hjälp vad mycket gott det fanns. Det var sjukt svårt att välja.

Till slut tog jag en passionsfrukt bakelse och en choklad muffins. Kaffet serverades i mysig liten presskanna.

Jag längtar redan dit igen^^

Carros choklad mousse i fyra lager

Och Saras hallon och choklad bakelse.

Fina lampor hade dom dessutom. Påminde oss om kobror.

Dagen gick snabbt och vi hade jättemysigt. Hoppas inte det dröjer för länge innan vi får till en ny trip^^
Nu skall jag i alla fall försöka göra i ordning mig och starta dagen. Jag har inte mindre än tre paket avier att byta in. Det konstiga är att jag bara väntar på två?? Undrar vad den tredje kan vara. Eller har jag bara fått temporärt minnesförlust över hemklickade saker! Haha, vi får se.


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