Waiting out the storm

I may be partial because of the small detail that Christian is the love of my life but this song is so unbelievably beautiful.
And it certainly fits this rainy Monday.
It`s available on itunes, CDbaby and such and if you like to physically own what you buy you can get it on vinyl over at Dimoutproductions

White foxes

Sometimes you just rediscover favorites...

Current loves

♥soft breezes on sunny days
♥skin against skin
♥my dark chocolate cosmos breaking out in bloom
♥reading under the parasol
♥my best friends beautiful baby
♥soon vacation with my love
♥my new black chiffon maxi dress
♥putting on Bloodletting with concrete blonde

Happy Friday 13th!


Ólafur Arnalds

Now and then I enjoy music other than metal. Sometimes I just need something different. And when I do I usually go for something with a lot of atmosphere that encourages daydreaming and makes all my thoughts wander.
Lately I have found myself lost in the beautiful worlds created by listening to Ólafur Arnalds music. 
I have fallen in love with the album For now I Am Winter.
I think this album is one of few I am going to buy this year. I like to support artists that I really like and I am on of these weird people that still likes to put on a CD.
If you find his music to your liking I could not find a lot from him on YouTube but there are lots on Spotify for you to listen through.

Departure Theme

I thought I would share this music video with you. It`s from my love`s EP Self 2.0 and this particular song is one of the bonus tracks.
Christian made this video all by himself and it`s shot all aroud the area where we live. You may spot me a couple of times too. It`s very personal and I really like it.
Christian usually growls and play guitar in metal bands so this is very different from what you usually would hear from him.
Hope you enjoy it.
The cd is limitied to 500 copies so if you want one go to Dimout Productions page to get one.

Self 2.0

I am spreading the word of this "new" release from my love, Christian`s solo EP - Self 2.0.
This time it`s the physical release of a Digipack CD with 2 bonus tracks.
It`s limited to 500 hand numbered copies.
Hurry, hurry before they are all gone :)
Want it? Just click the image below and you will be sent to his home page where you can place an order.
If you just are curious you can listen to it on Spotify :)

Quest Of Aidance

Ok. So finally I can show you the video from the new Quest Of Aidance album which my love Christian plays guitar in. Of course he growls a little bit too.
I have heard the whole thing and I can assure you it`s superb ^^ there is no release date yet but I will get back to you about that.
The video  "Anyx" is coming off the new, upcoming Quest Of Aidance full-length album "Misanthropic Propaganda"
Anyx is short and brutal! Enjoy
And here you have the artwork. I love it. Anyone who can guess which 80`s scifi tv series they have been inspired of?
I would sure like a shirt or zip hoodie with this on! Hint, hint!
Here is all the songs.
1. A New Storm Rising (Instrumental)
2. Seething Voids
3. Deadly Viral Strain
4. To No Avail
5. Section 34
6. Anyx
7. Dimout
8. Sothis Allegro (Instrumental)
9. Red Dust
10. Spawnlayer
11. Sirian Breed
12. Like Shadowing Suns
13. The 5th Column
14. Doom Reactor
If you like what you heard be sure to Like them on Facebook and keep track of the release!
Link to Quest Of Aidance facebook page here --> Click <--


I just love this song and the video is just incredible.  Don`t even get me started on the atmosphere, I love music that makes you feel.
I have had different things occupying my mind lately and haven`t felt inspired to blog. Mostly good stuff. One thing is that we have decided that the next place we are going to live is in a house. We are not going to move just to get something a little bit better. We are really on the lookout for a house now. I need space and a garden. And Christian needs a proper studio in the house where he can sing all day long and night if he wants to. We have specifik wishes on location so it may take some time to find it. We are extremely sick of neighbours and their dogs, door slamming, music and screaming at each other. I think it`s incredible how people behave against each other. Like there is no one other than themselves living in this world...
And how weird that my text changed size in the middle? I don`t know what happened or how to change it back!

Happy Cthulhu Christmas

 Why why why didn`t I know there is a Cthulhu Christmas calendar for iphone out!!!! I am so sad right now....A little to late downloading it now just 2 days before Christmas eve. This little song helps me cheer up at least ;)

More merry christmas melodies and other fun stuff can be found at the

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society page. They have so much stuff I need!



Because of the Christmas music torture we have at work I can`t listen to the usual Christmas songs anymore. I am so extremely sick of it you can`t imagine. 
I am super happy that they don`t stream my favorite "Christmas tune" all day long. I don`t want to get sick of this too... 
I think this bit is so wonderful and filled with a magic feeling.
It is Dance of the sugarplum fairys by Tchaikovsky`s Nutcracker suite Op.
What is your favorite Christmas song?

Latest music finds

I told you that I found some second hand music in Gothenburg, so here it goes.
Alice Cooper so cheap you could not belive it! The Trash vinyl in super nice condition for 10 swedish kr. And a Cooper cd for the same amount! The cd was crap though...
And this Immortal vinyl from The Inferno festival not even opened for about 120 sek. You just simply can not leave Immortal in the shop^^
I have also bought a new cd! Something that don`t happen too often.
Witchcraft I heard last weekend for the first time and I liked it so much that I ordered it straight away.
I feel it is a good thing when you can support swedish music by actually buying their cd and not just listen via Spotify. Haha, I guess I am one of the few people here that still likes to put on a cd and listen to it from the beginning and all the way to the end! And actually having the cd in my hands and not just on the computer...
I think I like Witchcraft so much because I can hear Kvelartak and Opeth in it at the same time as it is has it`s own sound. 
Hope some of you out there likes it too. 

Solution .45 live at Progpower

Soon off to work after over a week lying at home!
I don`t really know how it will work with my ankle but I hope for the best!
Now two clips from Atlata and Solution .45`s first live show ever^^
I think it went really well for a first show with some technical issues. I am sad I could not be there for myself. Maybe next  time.

Spending time

Hi! I have not forgotten about you. I sat all day yesterday on the blog but did not have the time to post anything?! As you can imagine it takes me forever to do the new blog design and when photoshop makes it difficult "translating" colors it takes even longer than forever... At least I make progress. The basic of the design is in order. I now have to make it look right and have the right feeling to it. I made a header yesterday that took me about half the day but it didn`t feel quite right so I will start over again. And then there are some other small matters like a new bloglovin button etc. etc.
While I work hard at my new design you can listen to one of the songs Christian will be releasing on his solo EP. Self 2.0.
It`s not metal! Just so you know and don`t get a shock.
Just klick the image below and it will take you too the page streaming it.
By the way. I am the photographer that took this picture for his cover. * Proud *


Well. I know I`m a bit late with these pictures...But better late than never right?
I didn`t bother to take a lot of pictures. I was to busy having fun^^ And the ones I did take of the gig was just crap in quality. But here they are.

I could not see the drummer Oscar from where I was standing.... Bohoo.

This pic I shamelessly stole from my friend Carro`s blog. Check out her post from the gig too. She even have some videos from the morning after! The poor girl woke up having a couple of Miserations members in bed and some other boys lying around in her apartment^^ haha!
It`s Veronica and I at Carros apartmnet before we headed out.
(Yes, we always look this good)
Do I need to tell you that Miseration was awsome and we had a killer night????!

Miseration Gig

I am starting to get super excited about tomorrow!!! I will for the first time ever see my Christian preform live on stage. Miseration is warm-up-band for Entombed in Skövde. I could not care less for Entombed really! Miseration is going to rock the shit out of them^^ Nuff said.
Hope I will se YOU there!
Here is  ->the event<-

A kick in the ass

Finally, last day at work before vacation!!!!!!
Lets celebrate that with the newly posted song from the upcoming album of Miseration.
Good stuff, so enjoy.
Miseration with On wings of brimstone

Miseration -Tragedy has spoken

Christian is about to release a new album with his band Miseration. It`s called Tragedy has spoken and every song is about horrible tragedies from our history. I think it`s a F****g! masterpiece! The boys have really worked well together on this and  created something unike. I LOVE the sound of the weird instruments and Mongolian throat-singing. It gives it a really one of a kind atmosphere. Check out what Metal Guide said about it -->here<--
Here is the first teaser song called Stepping stone agenda
Like it?
You can preorder here


My favorite song by Khold.
I`m celebrating the saturday home alone in the sofa. Christian is at work. I have done something bad today... Eaten some candy.
But what the hell! Tomorrow it`s gym o`clock again;)
Besides eating candy I have seen the documetary about Black metal from Lydverket.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Not the best quality but still good enough to watch. I could think of far worse things to do on a saturday evening.

White Foxes

Just a song I have been addicted to for a while now.


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