Our evil world!

Something that upset me is how easily people trust everything that is said to them. Like the new law that makes it illegal to use animal testing on cosmetics and their ingredients. I guess it is easier that way. I`ve seen a lot of bloggers posts and spoken to many people that now believe that they now just can go into any shop and buy any cosmetic product and it will be a cruelty free one. Sadly not. Actually I got a sparkle of hope too when the new law became reality.  That sparkle of hope is crushed now.
Lush have made a couple of videos that in a simple way explains it better than me how the fight against animal testing still is not over by far. I will post them below.
And another problem is that most of the companies still is selling their products in China where they have a law that states that companies have to test their stuff to make sure they are safe before selling it there.
I guess our new law makes it more difficult for some companies and they will go cruelty free in the end  ...but for big super rich companies like for an example L'Oreal it is just a minor speed bump, they will just make products for the chinese market at one factory, test them there and make our cruelty free products at a factory somewhere else. So even if you buy a cruelty free product from L'Oreal your money still goes in to a company that tests. This is simply why I don`t buy products from "cruelty free" companies that is owned by companies that do preform tests. Like Body Shop or Urban Decay who is owned by L'Oreal. It makes me sick that they only care about money and feels no urge to do the right things. It`s not like it`s impossible to test ingredients in ways where no living thing with feelings are hurt.
It sometimes feels quite hopeless being someone trying to go all cruelty free. And I guess I have been fooled into buying cruel products without knowing because of lies & etc. But I will at least try my best and hope my little change here in life will save some animals from this horrific torture. It is not always a easy change to make but it is so worth the money and time spent on finding and trying out new stuff. I have for an example not found any shampoo or conditioner that is working well for my hair. Or a hair color that has the perfect colors and ingredients for me. And my boyfriend can`t stand any of the cruelty free toothpaste I have found. *sigh* But on the other hand I have discovered so many make up products and other stuff I absolutely love and will never give up unless they for some reason becomes cruel! I do believe it may be super hard for some of us to go cruelty free from one day to another. It may be easier to make changes little by little. And when stumbling on to problems with skin allergy and such I don`t see turning to cruel products while looking for better alternatives as failing! Changing your old habits can be hard and things take time. Sometimes the natural stuff in cruelty free products may give you allergies or other issues just like some of us is allergic to pollen or strawberries! I also think you should be aware that if you become involved in the search for cruelty free products will be thinking a lot more about what we actually are smearing all over our bodies, like chemicals and mineral oils!!!  Like my friend Anna wrote on her blog, although se was taking a bath with cruelty free products she really begun to wonder why she was sitting in chemicals! Read it in her post yourself  --> Click  <-- 
Also think it is OK to use all of your cruel products that you already have lying around at home. Throwing it all out is not very kind to the nature or our wallets ;)
The best part of it all I think is the bit of inner calm you get knowing you are on the right track. At least that is what I have experienced.
 This video is quite funny too
You can sign a petition that states that you want to update Reach so that all unnecessary testing will stop.
Do it here ---> CKICK CLICK <---
I wonder if any of you readers that aren`t using cruelty free products is thinking of doing it or not. I would love to know why and your thoughts about it.


Sometimes it`s nice to work the late shift. Today I woke by myself and started the day with a lovely breakfast.
Sunshine, muesli, soy milk, banana and strawberry. Yum. To top it off I of course had my cup of coffee and Sandman comic.
And after the lovely start I went out for the walk. It was hotter outside than I expected so the three layers of sweaters and jackets made me really sweaty! I tested to run a couple of times and to my joy my ankle did not hurt at all. Yayyy!!! Finally I can get back on the running program I started last year.
On my way home I stopped at a sport shop and bought a running jacket and a pair of super expensive running socks that they promised would help me not get any blisters. It`s ON!
I did test the Zombies Run app too. The zombies got me.... Another indication that I need to get in better shape. So if there will be a zombie invation I can run away from them.
Here is my new super soft, light running jacket. Hope to test it out on Friday after work.
And here they are...the most expensive socks I ever bought!
Do any of you have plans of getting healthier and more fit this year? Whats your choice of exercise?

Zombies! RUN!!!

Hi everyone.
Today I finally had the chance to get back to the gym. I went to spinning class which went relatively well. First half was super but the second half was really hard. Funny how fast downhill your physical condition go when you have a break. I made a decision to try my ankle out tomorrow before work too. I will go for a walk and try to run short distances. If it feels good and my ankle don`t hurt I will start my running program again. I think I will download the Zombies Run app for some extra motivation.
Hope the sun is shining tomorrow, otherwise it might be very cold. Brr. Wonder what is keeping spring?
Have any of you tested Zombies run? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Mar. 23, 2013

Seems like the days just disappears like sand through my hands. If it`s not work it is other things that keep me busy. Even working out have been nonexistent. On top of this I am soon starting to work more hours. Oh well. Everything is going fine I think.
I can`t bring myself to write anything more now so all you get is this picture from a excursion Christian and I did.
The view was breathtaking and the wind was ice cold with lots of twirling snowflakes. Spring was nowhere to be seen.

The List: March

The list --> ClickClick <--
Yesterday I felt like making something out of my list. I had so many ideas but not so much material at home, so I had to work with what I had lying around.
I decided on the point: Make a necklace.
And with a little bag of left over Swarowski crystal beads and two old necklaces I never wear I put together this Gothic looking necklace. Red and black can never go wrong.
All the red crystals are Swarowski and the black beads are glass. I prefer working with Swarowski beads only normally because of the stunning sparkles they make, it brings the necklace alive somehow.
I am quite pleased it turned out this good with only old scraps to use. Do you like it?

I am back!

Hi all :) I am back. The trip we had to Stockholm was super super nice. It felt incredible good to get away from all the grey everyday stuff and have some fun. We had super sunny weather every day, it was a bit cold but we did not care after putting on a ton of clothes. It was just nice to walk around everywhere getting the feeling of spring slowly crawling out of it`s hiding place. We visited all our old favorite shops and even found some new. We did not once use the bus or metro to get around so absolutely no guilt was around when we indulged on cake, yummy dinners or hotel breakfast.
Here we are in front of our super hotel. We even got an upgrade on our room to a bigger one when we arrived.
Our first lunch was at a Korean restaurant just around the corner of our hotel. Soooo yummy. My food was vegetarian fried dumplings.
We found our way to a bar called Akkurat that we had gotten recommended by our beer loving friend Lundgren. They had so many extraordinary beers to choose from and we where both happy to let a couple slide down our throats.
 I had a couple of sour and fruity beers that I really have gotten found of. 
The ice on the water may give you a feeling of how cold it was walking around.
On our way to one of our favorite second hand shop. It was a long walk to the other part of town. Not far from the hostel we stayed at last summer. Long but beautiful walk.
It is located near a dentist with the cutest sign outside!
Christian got some vinyls and a movie & I got three books by Neil Gaiman in the Sandman series.
Another part of Stockholm we really like is "The Old Town" part. The old town is the original Stockholm built during the 1300 century. Most of the houses standing there is from 1700 and 1800 century though. The feel of this place is amazing. Old crocked houses with small passages. I would love to live in a apartment set high up looking over one of the narrow cobblestone streets. But as you can imagine the rents and house prices are insane....
Just one of many not so straight houses
There are so many special and beautiful details everywhere. This colored glass sign is just one of many things you see if you just look up a bit.
A beautiful statue
One of the more quiet streets later a night.
On Friday we went to Aifur. A viking inspired restaurant in the old town It`s not the cheapest one and they have a bad selection of vegetarian food so we mostly sat there to listen to the live music, drinking mead and enjoying the viking decor. If you ever visit Stockholm this is one restaurant worth a visit.
Me outside!
At the bar ordering yummy mead. Mead taste like white wine with honey and spices. So nice.
I had a starter (always hungry me...) Beetroots with goat cheese and honey.
And then we even had some more mead (ugh...expensive!) But so worth it.
We ate sushi two times on this trip and both times we said it was the best sushi we ever had tasted. This plate was from Sushi Room close to our hotel. Sooo good.
Mmmmm......shuuuusiii *drool*
The next place was even better. I don`t remember the name of the place (sushi something) it was also close to the hotel just in the opposite direction.
I managed to eat vegetarian the whole trip except one time....We went to an Asian cooking inspired place with good reviews and I ordered wok that by the description was shrimp, vegetables and peanuts. After eating about half the plate I felt a piece that tasted very suspicious like meat! And after a closer look I saw that it had tiny pieces of bacon in it. *Fu*****k* I really should have made a scene and lectured them but felt to tired to even remark the lack of proper description on the menu.
At least Christians food was correct and vegetarian...
Shopping-wise I did not go overboard.
I found a pair of heels that would´t hurt to ..Or, well... I did not buy them even if I was really tempted. All black with glitter and spikes <3
Instead I only bought books on this trip. Comic books that is^^
This precious I found in Old Town in a place called comics heaven. It was quite expensive. But as I totally adore Lenore by  Roman Dirge I bought it anyway. When I got home I and opened the beautiful purple book I was perplex. It`s brand new wrapped in plastic but had smudges in it??? Then I saw it was signed!!! What a nice surprise. It even came with four pictures I will frame.
The signature and some dirty spots^^
I also bought book number three in the Liberty Meadows.
And who could ever have resisted this book with Magica De Spell cartoons!!!!
We went to more than a couple of places that had loads of vinyls. At least Christian found lots he wanted. I did not even buy one lousy record!
One second hand that is fun to visit is Nostalgi palatset. So many things, music, comics and books!
Christian outside with their sign.
Oh the nice weather! So worth mention again^^ And we are so cute together hehehe.

This place has the best caramel you can ever eat. It reminded me of the caramel my mom made for us when my brother and I was kids. They make them themselves and you actually can look into their kitchen from the street.
It is all in a retro style. 40´s I think! Even the girl behind the desk was clothed this way. Charming.
I had no idea that Christian took these pictures of me. Lol
Very concentrated on witch caramel to choose. I bought two that I shared with Christian on the way out. When he tasted it it was straight back into the shop to buy some more. That is how good it was.
We also went to a Chocolate factory cafe. There we had the best hot chocolates we ever tasted!
Tasted just like real home made hot chocolate. <3
Here I am checking out their shelves....
The only place I was disappointed on a coffee break was at the muffin bakery at Drottningatan. I got a super dry muffin. How hard is it to make a good muffin? Should it not be the best muffin ever if it`s bought at a place calling itself The muffin bakery???
So Christian and I found a better place and had super moist carrot cake and Swedish brownie/fudge cake.
So much better.
When the trip was moving towards the end we where absolutely so not ready to go home. We love it in Stockholm.
Hopefully we can go back soon.
Hope you enjoyed this image heavy post on our trip.


Hi everyone :)
I am busy with work and getting the post on our trip to Stockholm ready so I thought I would tip you to visit my friend Anna over at Vintage hopes and retro dreams. She have made some really great posts on how to shop cruelty free and what the new law on not testing on animals really means to us as consumers.
Click her picture to get there

Random ramblings

Hi! I have not been in the mood to blog even though I have had the time. I had the weekend off and have been all alone having some me time :) Christian have been in Umeå with Miseration at House of Metal. Of course I would have loved to go there to see them but It would have been way to much money for one night with plane tickets, hotel, food and alcohol. And right before the weekend we also got a not so fun answer to what some car repairs will cost us. 8000 Sek. Ugh..... 
So instead this weekend I used my time off to workout, sleep, see a couple of movies, and some sowing. It was really nice.
The sowing project is not ready yet but you will get to see it in time. Today I will not have the time to get it ready because I am soon off to a looong ay at work. 10 hour day "yayy..."
I am a bit tired of work and I am not sad to say that it is the only day this week I will be working. Christian and I leave for a little vacation in Stockholm <3
This was one the movies I saw. A wonderful old movie I heard about on one of the blogs I follow.
The trailer is really awful though...


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