Well. The last week I haven`t been that inspired to blog. The inspiration just died and I didn`t even feel guilty to be honest. But don`t worry I will continue with my blog. I just think I need/needed a little break.
Lately I have been sick & had a little food poisening!. I have recovered and gotten my lazy as back into the gym and I have gotten back to work. It feels so good to get going again. I have of course been doing some other stuff in between and I have some pictures to live up this blog post. Nothing special just random ones.
I just love my sushi. I want to eat it every day, all day long^^
Pretty view from a walk
Got some very nice smelling stuff from Lush
Another walk in the beautiful autumn weather. Love my stockings from H&M!
A Instagram pic! If you want to stalk me there I am called MISS666ANTHROPIA
I had this huge lilly bouquet that almost smelled too much in our little apartment after a while.
Instagrammed breakfast!


Tallrikarna! <3 Vart fasen har du köpt dem? Ever been robbed? ;)

Svar: Haha, inte än :PI samma butik som jag köpte mitt bestick! Dom är i plast och kostade typ 15 kr!
Miss Anthropia

2013-10-14 @ 14:46:27

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