Waking up with a headache just tells you to wire down and start the day slow. Witch is just what I did today. A huge coffee mug, my best breakfast granola and the lap top, just the way I like it.
It`s been a lot of work and no play this week but now It will calm down for me. Next week I am back on a "low season" schedule and it at the moment it feels good. I probably will cry when the pay check comes though.
Later I will try to get an hour on my cross trainer., change a connector in my new old Nintendo 8-bit console, vacuum and clear up some mess before putting on some gorgeous clothing, makeup and jewelry for a night filled with red wine and hopefully some fun people. Maybe I can manage to snap an outfit pic this time.
This week I had planned to buy some fresh cut roses for the weekend but I ended up buying this beauty instead. It`s a Gardenia. It has dark green glossy leafes and  velvety white flowers that smells divine. Kind of dark mossy woods with jasmine blended in. It`s just pure magic. Run to your nearest flower shop and sniff it!
Hope you all will make sure to have a great weekend.


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