I really love this time of year. Tons of cozy lights everywhere, cold and crisp air outside, saffron buns and mulled wine, dark dark days and nights. Even the shops are filling up with my kind of clothes in dark colors and fabrics like lace and velvet with a luxurious feeling. Now I am only awaiting the perfect amount of white snow to fall.
On the other hand I am soon off to something completely different but just as lovely. I only have two more work days before I am going on a little vacation and flying to a hopefully sunny and warm Furteventura. It has been planned for so long I almost didn`t think it ever was going to happen! It feels a bit weird to dig out the bikini and sunscreen again. But oh how lovely it wil be with some sand between my toes and sun on my nose. I haven`t been on a "sun vacation" since I was eighteen so I will enjoy this a LOT!


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