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I was out on a search for Christmas gifts when I stumbled upon something wonderful.
Pretty lingerie is usually hard to find in the big chain stores in our little town but today I hit the jackpot!
I was not supposed to get myself anything but could not resist and used coins from my savings.
I think this set is so cute with the polka dot ruffle and the perfect color for this holiday.
The stripes was what initially made me look over at the lingerie part of the store!
And the back of the bottoms was the part that won me over!! Look at these cute hearts♥
I get a kind of 50`s reto feeling when I look at them.
The suspenders are detatchable.
If you like them Lindex was the store I found them in and the best part is that they are affordable!
Where do you buy your lingerie? And do you more often go for comfort or looks?


Apropå snygga under! Det kommer en ny butik i nordstan om jag fattat det rätt, om två veckor. Heter hunkemoller. Har massor av snyggt till överkomligt pris! Nu vet jag inte om det var så retro men snyggt är det iaf :)
Finns en butik i Nacka, Stockholm också.

Svar: Googlade det! Ser ut som om dom har jättesnygga grejer :) Får försöka dra med mig gubben dit nästa gång vi åker till götet haha. Tack för tipset.
Miss Anthropia

2013-12-08 @ 22:35:31

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