Devil in daylight

How I love being on vacation♥ I think it is really necessary to have a break from all boring everyday stuff. So far I have been hanging out with my Christian, been a hair model and a been on a little trip to Gothenburg.
I was a hair model for a hair dresser who is building up a portfolio so she can start applying for work.
Her idea for me and the other girl was angel vs. devil.
The poor hair dresser had troubles with my thick, long hair even though she had been warned bout it.
I was supposed to have my hair made into devil horns but they sadly turned out more like a pair of antlers >.<
Despite that I had a great time and I am glad I could help.
Hair, make up, trident & idea: Sara Hammar
Photos: Ninni Sjölund
Angel: Louise Hovbjer


åiii så tøffe bilder :-)

2013-07-27 @ 20:54:02

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