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My mind is set on summer and because of that I have become a bit lazy. Turning on a computer and stare at the screen haven't been a priority to say it mildly. But today I woke up to a grey sky and suddenly a retreat to it`s world seemed quite alright. My days have been filled with sun worshiping and easy laid back activities such as reading in the shade of my parasol, taking looong walks with my love, eating ice cream and be with good friends ♥
This week we where supposed to go to Stockholm for 6 days but it did not turn out that way. But happy news is that we have booked a another cozy hotel in Stockholm and we are going anyways!!! We are so happy about that and can`t wait to arrive. I really didn`t think we where going anywhere this vacation.
I thought I would post a few summery pictures here just to set the mood.
And if the bad weather are here to stay you will soon have a post with pictures of some treasures I found my last trip to Gothenburg.
I even have a dark but beautiful picture stored for you from a photoshoot Ninni and I did about a week ago.


Kose kos :-)

2013-07-27 @ 20:53:01

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