I am back

Hi everyone. I am back from the adventures away from home. I had so much fun and now I feel totally satisfied but also tired hehe. I have no pictures to show you at the moment but I will share as soon as possible. We had some troubles with the weather. It was not cooperating well with us so we gave up the outside pictures and went to the studio instead. We did get a ton of amazing pictures and with a bit of editing they will be out of this world.
As always it was super nice to stay with Rasmus and his lovely girlfriend and cats. Hope it won`t be so long until next time.
I also got a few audio books I will listen to. Three of them is by Neil Gaiman so I know I will love them. I started one of them last night but after just 10 minutes I was about to pass out so you know I was tired.
This is the one I am starting with.
Is there any of my reader that love Neil Gaiman too? I first dicovered him when I still was in school. And the Sandman comic is a huge favorite of mine.


Jag älskar Neil Gaiman!! Har lite böcker du kan låna om du vill ^^
Och jättesnygg design, blev görbra :)

Svar: Ja, dock har jag så svårt att läsa riktiga böcker på vinter halvåret!. Så jag testar ljud böcker först :) Men tack för erbjudandet <3 Och tack. Tycker den blev rätt så bra själv :)
Miss Anthropia

2013-11-12 @ 17:12:08

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