With my birthday and Christmas coming up I thougt I`d show you what I have on my wish list.
You never get too old for birthdays and Christmas in my world ;)
The stuff are in random order and the images are linked to places you can buy the items. Maybe you can get some ideas of what to buy someone or wish for youself.
Sugarpills cold Chemistry palette. I just love the colors in this one.
Matte black spine heels. I love my other spine heels and want them in black too just because!
This way to expensive necklace from Blood Milk
This lace dream from Banned
The art of Tim Burton book
The movie Frankenweenie♥

Burnt velvet leggings! These are from Black milk.
Addams Family complete series DVD box
Another necklace, this one by Vivienne Westwood. Actually cheaper than the one from Blood Milk!
Vegetarian cook books would come in handy. I am so tired of most of the food we cook and I need some new inputs. These look intersting, espesially the one with the guy from the tv series River Cottage that I used to watch!
The poison apple print shop has amazing patches! I would love to get my hands on any of them so I can sow them on something and wear!
Illamasqua`s perfumes Freak sounds absolutely delicious. I have no idea how they smell or if any of them fits me, but I still want them!
And how cute is the snail!!!


I want it all!!:/

2013-11-22 @ 01:35:44

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