Dark dreams and black soil.

I thought I would start with some really good news. My love and I have gotten a loan from the bank and are now finally on the look out for a house.
I am so exited my stomach turns into a whirelvind every time I think about it. I will finally get my garden, can you believe that! I am more and more obsessively looking for black flowers to plant and I am planning a garden without even knowing how the garden will look like. Suddenly our life looks so much brighter and I feel a lot happier these days. Dreaming of the future is way more fun now.
So far no house in our price range or liking have turned up. But I am looking for it several times a day on different sites. Hopefully it will turn up sooner rather than later.
As you can imagine my Pinterest page is more or less dedicated to dark interior and gardening ideas and inspiration. Some are already prepared and planted in big pots out on my balcony.
Like this amazing Dahlia called Arabian nights.
At the moment it looks like just a pot with soil... But hopefully it will soon grow big and lush with dark velvety  flowers.
I also have a couple of passionflowers in my window sill. They are quite small and boring at the moment but some sunlight and fertilizer I will have looong pretty branches full with exotic flowers.
This year I am going for red and white ones.
The white is called avalanche
And the red one is called Alata.
I hope we can find a house with a big and private garden. We also will have to look for a space where my Christian can scream his heart out and produce more music.
I also dream about having a black kitchen and a bathroom with a bathtub♥ *sigh*
Here is some inspiration pictures from my Pinterest. You can find so many beautiful images there.


How is your living situation, are you happy with it? Or any tips for what to look out for when house shopping other then the usual important stuff?


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