Just utterly happiness

After a long and uninspired and slightly melancholic winter I am so glad summer is here. I call it summer because I already have worn summer dresses, sandals and shorts several times already. In my mind this is not possible in a Scandinavian spring!
My love and I had such a lovely weekend too. We had a lot of treats like macrons, ice cream, alcoholic beverages, sushi, grilled halloumi and such. Getting back to everyday food was very heavy. We also had a lot of fun. We visited almost all the local pubs with another couple on Friday, had a lovely walk on Saturday and went on a mini road trip this Sunday.
I had to lie amongst the anemones! They were in full bloom and the landscape where like a dream. Got a couple of glares from the all the families with small children that happend to walk past at that very moment...
Oh well


Så kjempefint det var der :-) Lovely :-)

Svar: Veldig fint der ja :)
Miss Anthropia

2014-05-02 @ 16:19:25

Where have you bought your belt? :)

Svar: The belt is a part of the dress. I bought it a couple of years ago when I was on a vacation in Austria :)
Miss Anthropia

2014-05-10 @ 17:10:33

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