I have in the passed 6 months or so grown a love for kimonos. I really want a burnt velvet one I have found to be too expensive. Maybe it will be mine if I save my coins for a while. But a girl can`t wait for an eternity so I found a replacement to wear instead (or until the pretty will be mine...) This I find much more simple but also pretty with a lace back and sheer chiffon. I wore it out this Friday with a pencil skirt, lace stockings and a simple camisole with buttons in the front. To tie the whole thing together I used a broad waist belt. I felt lovely and out of place everywhere we went as usual in this small town♥
As usual I am forgetful and didn`t ask my love to take a outfit photo of me. These pictures I just snapped this morning in the little light we have in our apartment. They will have to do for now even if I really despise how blurry they are.


Snygging! :)

Svar: Aww :) Tack Älskling :-*
Miss Anthropia

2014-04-29 @ 03:36:18

I love kimonos too :) Where have you bought yours?

Svar: I bought mine at H&M :)
Miss Anthropia

2014-05-04 @ 19:28:49

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