Everything that is casts a shadow

Oh my what wonderful weather we have. With every chance I got I run to our balcony and get myself comfy under the parasol with a book in my hands. I don`t ever seem to get as relaxed as I do in the summer when I can sit between all my flowers just emerging myself in another world. Sadly work does take up almost all my time. I usually start working at 11 so I sleep away most of my free time. When I get home in the evening its food, some working out and other household projects before I dive back to bed. Oh well. It`s just 18 days until vacation now. I will survive.
Reading and edmirering my newly painted glitternails.
Some of my flowers. Love the velvety look on the Osteospermum.
My new cat eye glasses are super cute <3 A bit big on my face but I don`t care.


Så fina blommor! :)

Svar: tack :)
Miss Anthropia

2014-06-11 @ 12:30:52

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